Zeppelin Receives Winter Park Loan and Prepares for Ski Season – The Denver Post


The promotion of Zeppelin Development to high-altitude countries is gaining momentum.

A Denver-based development company led by Kyle Zeppelin last week closed a $ 5 million building loan through FirstBank, allowing the company to begin construction on an A-shaped village just one shuttle stop from the Winter Park Resort base.

According to vice president of development Justin Croft, 31 buildings, each 460 square feet, will be operated as a hotel, likely renting out for “high $ 200” a night.

“We expect to open by mid-December,” Croft said.

The A-Frame Club, as the hotel will be called, is being built at 1008 Winter Park Drive, a wooded area leading to the Fraser River. Zeppelin acquired the 2-acre site in February 2020 for $ 1.5 million.

The goal, Croft said, is to build a property that stands out from antiquated ski condos and boring hotel buildings.

“There is no reason why the quality of design should not match the quality of outdoor recreation,” he said.

The purchase also included one building that Zeppelin had already renovated. The ski shop that operated there remains a tenant, and the rest will consist of a hotel bar and restaurant with cedar panels, globes, leather cabins and fireplaces – “a return to the heyday of the 1970s Colorado ski scene,” Croft said.

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