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Sent by Zachary Smigel, owner, Real Estate Licensing Master
SHENANGO VALLEY, PA. “Over the past year, sales of the Real Estate License Wizard program, which offers educational solutions for individuals seeking a real estate license, has skyrocketed,” says owner Zachary Smigel.

In addition to the organic growth gained through search engine optimization and blogging, Smigiel credits 90% of this growth to her YouTube channel.… He says his channel has over 1 million views recently and has over 24,000 subscribers.

When Smigiel appeared in the Business Journal in Real T last August, the channel had just 1,000 subscribers who watched Smigiel’s content, such as webinars and live practice exams. Its reach also expanded to 17 states.

“Last year was the best year we have ever had,” says Smigiel. “Nothing beats the growth that YouTube has shown us.”

What do you think about doing business in the Shenango Valley? Do you notice any positive trends?

Personally, I have noticed that many local online businesses are popping up after COVID. I think people are now more than ever realizing the need for online learning and are moving your business online.

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