Your Daily Real Estate Investing Digest, 24.06.21



Florida Building Collapse, Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal, CDC Extends Eviction Moratorium, REIT, which looks like a slow get-rich scheme, buying more than one second home.

In today’s news

Miami-Dade Building Collapse Kills 1.51 Missing People

Dozens of rescuers in Surfside, Florida are looking for survivors today after an apartment building partially collapsed, leaving at least one person dead and about 51 left, authorities said. Fox News

Conclusion “Millionacres”: This is an oceanfront two-bedroom apartment building recently listed for sale at prices ranging from $ 600,000 to $ 700,000. How did it happen? Was it built for programming? Who made sure what it was? How can you avoid this? It’s too early for researchers to tell, but the answers may well have ramifications in real estate that go beyond this single tragedy.

Biden and Senators Forge $ 579 Billion Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal

President Joe Biden said today that he has reached a tentative agreement with a group of Democratic and Republican senators on a $ 579 billion bipartisan five-year infrastructure plan that will fulfill one of his top priorities, Bloomberg reported. [subscription required]…

Conclusion “Millionacres”: This deal does not include the large “human infrastructure” spending that the administration wants – they said it would be a different approach. But it really looks like the long-promised spending on logistical infrastructure – bridges, roads, airports, etc. – can now come to pass. This is what sustains and empowers real estate investment of all kinds.

CDC extends eviction moratorium by one month

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is extending the eviction moratorium by one month, which means it will now last until July. Keeping people in their homes and away from crowded or crowded places – such as homeless shelters – by preventing evictions is a key step in helping to prevent the spread of COVID-19, the CDC said in a report. Hill

Conclusion “Millionacres”: This can be confusing again and this is one of the problems for owners property lease which depend on rental income. The eviction ban has also been challenged on numerous occasions in court, with mixed results. The drama continues here.

Today by a million acres

Is Camden Property Trust REIT a Millionaire Creator?

With this enriching potential in mind, our Matthew Dilallo looks, apartment REIT (real estate investment fund) Camden Properties Trust (NYSE: CPT) can turn a relatively small investment into a $ 1 million future salary.

Conclusion “Millionacres”: Matthew explains how the strategies and properties of this company provide an opportunity to get rich slowly, which is still very good.

Can you have more than 1 second at home?

Despite the word “second”, you can think of the third, fourth, or fifth house as “second house“for tax or financing goals if it meets the relevant criteria.

Conclusion “Millionacres”: Our Matt Frankel, a seasoned investor in exactly this kind of thing, lays out some tax and borrowing considerations for anyone considering spending some of their own coin on a new residential / rental property or two.


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