Your Daily Real Estate Investing Digest, 21.07.21


A condominium collapse signals the possibility of a tragedy, condescension, and collapse in mortgage applications in a market that is still hot, Millionacres contributors share their experiences in home rental and REIT investing.

In today’s news

Surfside Condo Collapse Could Change Miami’s Real Estate Market

“Now you’re going to see what we call condominium closings, where developers buy out old buildings, demolish them and install new ones,” said one real estate agent. NBC News

Conclusion “Millionacres”: The long-term repercussions of the Surfside tragedy are just beginning to manifest as the grim task of recovery draws near.

From the housing market

Black Knight Reports Significant Improvement in Active Tolerance

Black Knight reported today that the number of tolerant homeowners fell below 2 million for the first time since early April 2020.

Conclusion “Millionacres”: The decline is caused by the expiration of 15 month abstinence plans, and now we will start to see if this is accompanied by any significant spike foreclosure

Mortgage Applications to Pre-Pandemic Levels: Is the Shopping Frenzy Over?

The Mortgage Bankers’ Association this week reported a slowdown in bidding activity. mortgage and refinancing.

Conclusion “Millionacres”: Our Liz Brumer thinks it’s a flash, not trend, and explains why she thinks that market will remain so, at least in the near future.

Investment Firms Are Buying Homes In These Markets: Are You Worth It?

Our Laura Agadoni says she has never lost deals to mega buyers like Home Invitation (NYSE: INVH), but other family homeowners like her and for the first time home buyers, is in the metro Atlanta market.

Conclusion “Millionacres”A: Interestingly, Laura notes that potential tenants regularly ask her if she owns the place because they don’t want to deal with troubled institutional landlords. She also explains why you should look where these large dogs hunt.

Also at Millionacres

How many REITs do I need to have?

It’s a return to school with former high school teacher Matt Frankel, a seasoned investor and CFP who loves real estate. Here he explains the reasons for owning more or more, real estate investment funds (REIT) in your portfolio.

Conclusion “Millionacres”: Matt says there really aren’t any wrong answers if it makes sense given your level of risk tolerance and your personal investment goals.

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