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The congressional group wants a few big landlords to explain, it’s time to think about higher rent for apartments, a sharp drop in sales of existing homes, industrial renewable energy in the construction boom, three low-risk REITs.

Today at the Dwelling House News

Congressional team targets 4 major landlords due to pandemic evictions

A House commission is asking four corporate landlords to explain why 5,000 tenants were allegedly forced to leave during the pandemic when a federal moratorium on evictions was in effect. Washington Post reports [subscription required]…

Conclusion “Millionacres”: Pretium Partners, Ventron Management, Siegel Group and Home Invitation, the main residential REIT, or a real estate investment fund, was called in to file 5,000 evictions that took place during the CDC restrictions. A congressional commission accuses some companies of refusing to accept rental aid funds, and some have agreed to bailout and eviction anyway. Stay up to date.

Tenants Are Richer Than Ever: Is It Worth Raising Rent?

It may be time to reconsider rent – at least for apartment buildings. According to new report Based on the list of apartments, today’s apartment hunters have serious money. In fact, the average income is about 5% higher than it was before pandemic

Conclusion “Millionacres”: Pandemic conditions lead to richer breed tenants, and for the right landlord, this could mean increase in rent in cards. Our Ali Yale follows these conditions.

Home sales in the secondary market fell sharply in 4 months

Sales of existing homes increased in June, breaking a four-month straight decline, and sales across the country are now continuing at double-digit rates from last year, according to the National Association of Realtors (NAR).

Conclusion “Millionacres”: NAR reports that new home construction is increasing and owners are selling market contributed to a 1.4% increase in June compared to May, and that slower price increases can be expected for the remainder of the year.

Industrial real estate news today

3 REITs for Low Risk Investors

“Safety first” is a conservative mantra investors should constantly repeat to ourselves right now, when the market is hovering around the historic high. But if you have money to make it work and you can’t keep cash, what should you do?

Conclusion “Millionacres”: Our Reuben Gregg Brewer is one of the largest in the world industrial REITPrologis (NYSE: PLD) – As one of three answers to the question above.

Rapidly growing demand for industrial space is fueling a construction boom

As reports, the growing demand for industrial premises is driving a boom in speculative construction in the sector by investors and developers across the board.

Conclusion “Millionacres”: Large logistics customers love Amazon, FedEx, and UPS are among those whose need for space is driving the creation of record volumes of new industrial space. Individual investors wishing to participate may consider using an industrial REIT.

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