Worcester County real estate transfers, Sunday, July 18



$530,000, 54 Winding Cove Rd, Perry, Michael A, and Perry, Kathleen M, to Cohen, Judith M, and Cohen, Edward S.

$440,000, 116 Lakeshore Dr, Pelletier FT, and Pelletier, Susanne M, to Un, Vanthan R, and Un, Chanchetha K.

$440,000, 172 Jewell Hill Rd, Leblanc, Thomas G, to Randall, Patrick, and Randall, Melissa.

$440,000, 42 Juniper Rd, MN 122 Main LLC, to VanEck, William, and VanEck, Heather.

$120,000, 9 Massasoit Dr, Allen, David J, to 42 Winnecowett Shores RT, and Schofield, Timothy.


$340,000, 2126 W State Rd, Ogilvie, Carson J, and Battersby, Emily J, to Jmaii LLC.


$359,000, 25 Bellevue Dr E, Farnsworth, Laura J, to Cottis, Debra J, and Fitton, Mary A.

$219,500, 158 Walnut St, Burgess, Nicole M, to Correia, Antonio, and Chevere, Siomarie.

$150,000, 517 Pequoig Ave, AG Dream Flip LLC, to Ochoa, Jose, and Landaverde, Ernesto.


$570,000, 94 Tinkerhill Rd, Modern Structures Inc, to Odame, Ashley, and Odame, Yaw Y.

$490,000, 2 Old Common Rd, Old Common Realty Corp, to Plumbers Inc.

$390,000, 158 Hampton St, Agrawal Sisters LLC, to Sandstrom, Ryan G, and Johnson, Kayla M.

$375,000, 3 Silver St, Megna, Michael J, and Megna, Kelly, to Jackowski, Brian, and Perry, Madelyn.

$310,000, 31 Meadow St, RLR 31 NT, and Robertson, Richard H, to Napoli, Chanel, and Gooch, Daquan.

$275,000, 6 Tuck Farm Rd #8, Rafferty, James P, to Cariglio, Steven L, and Cariglio, Cindy L.

$255,000, 236 Prospect St, Brown, Donald W, to Brown, Christopher.


$1,275,000, 135 Sawyerhill Rd, SanClemente, Andrew, to Donfro, Ronald.

$465,000, 54 South St, Minnich, Donna, and Minnich, Dennis, to Gostanian Davis Road RT, and Phipps, Susan C.

$207,000, 65 Walnut St, Tolman, Richard, to Dueck, Evelyn, and Porter, Mary E.

$50,000, Marlboro Rd, G J Zisler Marital T, and Peltak, Korina, to Greystone Const&Dev Corp.


$600,000, 14 Meadow Ln, Prester, Ashley C, and Prester, Jacqueline M, to Zagaglia, Ryan, and Zagaglia, Anne M.

$500,000, 9 Susan Dr, Ortiz, Guillermo, to Beretta, Stephanie L, and Beretta, Nicholas W.

$435,000, 134-R Summer St, Margaret L Lee FT, and Lee, Terrence M, to Gillis, Kelly L.

$360,000, 4 David Dr, Adamz, Elizabeth M, to Livingston, Lindsey.

$213,000, 28 Power St, Maher, Ronald P, and US Bank NA Tr, to Pioneer Investments LLC.

$25,000, Milk St (rear), Robinson John R Sr Est, and Robinson, John R, to Big Z Realty LLC.


$855,000, 50 Drumlin Hill Rd, Klausner, Glenn S, and Klausner, Laurie A, to Libby, Elissa, and Libby, Jesse.

$810,000, 36 Nashaway Rd, Maitland, Brooks M, to Brown, Harry, and Dicianni, Nancy.

$780,000, 189 Still River Rd, Wells Meininger FT, and Meininger, David K, to Nihan, Patrick, and Nihan, Flora.

$659,000, 33 Burnham Rd, Webb, David P, and Webb, Alison M, to Hartvigsen, Nathan E, and Hartvigsen, Kimberly H.

$529,000, 42 Pondside Dr #42, Holden, Keith A, and Holden, Patricia R, to Egan, Michael J, and Egan, Karen L.


$545,000, 257 Mile Hill Rd, Beliveau, Elizabeth A, to Rebelo, Andre M, and Rebelo, Lane.

$516,500, 142 Stiles Rd, Kovago, Peter F, and Kovago, Cathleen A, to Pradella, Gabriele B, and Smith, Rachel M.

$449,900, 28 Morgan Cir #28, Sewell Gravel Pit LLC, to Stokes, Eileen M.

$385,000, 11 Orient St, Ares, James P, and Ares, Emily H, to Novikov, Sergei A, and Novikov, Ekaterina O.


$450,000, 140 Paige Hill Rd, Grassy, Adams B, and Grassy, Jennifer A, to Chen, Huijuan.

$220,000, 25 Brookfield Rd, Shelton, Lois J, to Artruc, Tanzy, and Moser, Robert H.


$405,000, 108 Town Farm Rd, Talbot, Nicholas, and Talbot, Maryann, to Pond, Dylan M.


$411,000, 64 Cranberry Meadow Rd, Richardson, Christopher M, to Rovinski, Michael J.

$399,900, 18 Buffum Ln, Newbury, Christopher J, and Newbury, Jennifer, to Davis, Michael.

$380,000, 92 Stevens Park Rd, Hauge, Peter, to Mayer, Sandra B.


$590,000, 129 Walnut St, BPD 129 Walnut Street RT, and Donnarumma, Benjamin P, to CC Homes LLC.

$515,000, 28 Bufton Farm Rd, Garland, David F, and Garland, Kathleen M, to Agmi, Christian O.

$475,700, 837 Ledgewood Way #837, BBK T, and Lepine, Betsy, to Martinez-Luna, Carlos H, and Finelli, Michael.

$335,000, 95 Forest St, Sousa, Jose E, to Veliz-Rodas, Omar J, and Aguilar-Ramirez, Londy X.

$172,000, 236 Beacon St, Berg, Taylor, to Anju Realty LLC.

$160,000, 236 Beacon St, Alcantara, Jean, to Berg, Taylor, and Arenas Investments LLC.

$131,000, 29 Berlin St #114, MTGLQ Investors LP, to Valanzola, Brian.

$95,000, 386 Main St, Lucht Kathryn A Est, and Lucht, Michael P, to Mia RT, and Testa, Gina M.


$675,000, 16 Cottage Colony, Morin, Robert L, to Wnukowski, David J, and Wnukowski, Elaine A.

$550,000, 141 Monroe St, Malone, William T, and Malone, Rebecca, to Lesane, Cornell B, and Lesane, Annitra.

$545,000, 90 Yew St, Banner, Lynne D, and Johnson, Linda E, to Tomaso, Alan J, and Santoro, Darlene.

$375,000, 295 South St, Picard, George, and Picard, Deborah B, to Bracci, Jonathan R, and Farley, Taylor N.

$30,000, 60 Chestnut St, Tallage Davis LLC, to Haskell, Scott.

$30,000, 64 Chestnut St, Tallage Davis LLC, to Haskell, Scott.


$8,300,000, 25-29 W Main St, Dudley Investments LLC, to Sagma Realty Inc.

$461,000, 92 Klondike Rd, Jolee RT, and Olson, Karen, to Boutin, Adam, and Quast, Kathleen.

$258,000, 109 W Dudley Rd, Rivera, Jose, to Cartagena, Loredana.

East Brookfield

$355,000, 142 North St, Collette, Gerald N, and Laboeuf, Kevin B, to Sullivan, Conni M.

$316,000, 377 E Main St, Alonzo, Ernest, and Alonzo, Alice M, to Maldonado, Deborah D, and Ortiz, Januel.


$487,000, 82-84 Columbus St, Hagar, Phillip H, and Hagar, Emma E, to Maciulis, Mindaugas.

$435,000, 21 Flicker Dr, Bede, Stephane F, and Bede, N Mon, to Amin, Taufique, and Nalujja, Sheila.

$400,000, 77 Farmer Ave, Gray, Christopher L, and Merriam, Michael T, to Berry, Shante D, and Brown, Taneka D.

$363,000, 50 Putnam Park, Landrey, Gabrielle A, to Rice, Leslie.

$360,000, 58 Forest St, Wirkkala, Patricia, to Cordero, Jimmy J, and Cordero, Maria E.

$335,000, 115 Sanborn St, Lopez, Ernesto A, to Ardrey, Keith, and Ardrey, Shirley A.

$310,000, 526 Shea St, Leblanc Leo J Est, and Doucet, Jo-Ann, to Sears, Shawn R, and Sears, Rita-Jean.

$300,000, 211 Summer St, Petrosino, Patrick A, and Petrosino, Linda L, to Brassard, Leonard M, and Brassard, Brenda J.

$300,000, 30 Lawrence St, Colman, Rodolfo, and Colman, Ana M, to Fortin, Donald.

$297,000, 161 Ashby State Rd, Swerzenski IRT, and Swerzenski, Jared, to Normandin, Ross, and Cuccovia, Dolores.

$275,000, 35 Pearl St, Brazilian Dream LLC, to Jean-Baptiste, Romel.

$262,000, 43 Maple St, Jakubiak, Marla, and Jakubiak, Bryan W, to Ramos, Marisol.

$227,500, 85 Loiselle Ave, Newrez LLC, to 43 Ocean Street LLC.

$155,000, 426 River St, Bergeron, Kenneth J, to Jarco LLC.

$139,900, 116 Culley St, Santander Bank NA, to Hernadez, Danny.

$85,500, Mount Elam Rd, R Robert Bouchard RET, and Bouchard, Paula R, to Legere, Michael.


$370,000, 29 Oak St, Morse, Amanda L, to Aguasvivas, Jonathan B.

$359,500, 53 Blanchard St, Wells, Jon A, and Wells, Pamela M, to Kennedy, Michael, and Kennedy, Dominque.

$345,000, 1331 Green St, Gray, Dayong, and Gray, Michael S, to Allen, Joseph.

$305,000, 797 Pearl St, Biron, Gerard, and Ortiz-Barrera, Yomara C, to Vissapragada, Bhavana L, and Parsons, Eric J.

$215,000, 47 Water St, Martin, Cindy L, to Babas, Christopher E, and Vieyra, Gabriela.


$2,300,000, 109 Creeper Hill Rd, Steven Weiss T, and Weiss, Steven, to Feedback Earth Inc.

$749,900, 65 Magill Dr, Singh, Rajinder, and Kaur, Mandeep, to Forester, Kristin A.

$480,000, 30 Carroll Rd, Sarmento-Silva, Joseph, and Bilodeau, Ashley V, to Dawson, Ashley E, and Dawson, Robert J.

$470,000, 5 Millennium Dr #G28, Worcester Bus Dev Corp, to Lep Centech LLC.

$470,000, 7 Waterville Cir, Deranian Jeanine Est, and Copeland, Jeffrey, to Smith, Matthew A, and Smith, Julie W.

$420,000, 38 Tulip Cir #38, Kandukuri, Koteswara R, and Kandukuri, Padmavathi, to Nune, Karthick.

$410,000, 252 Magill Dr #252, Douglas May 2019 RET, and May, Douglas D, to Nash, William G.

$385,000, 9 Amherst St, Goldovitz, Jason I, and Goldovitz, Karen A, to Lind, Sarah M.

$375,000, 168 Providence Rd #168, Dowd, Thomas, and Dowd, Suzanne, to Givens-Mandryk, Deirdre, and Mandryk, Shawnese C.

$270,000, 15 John Dr #15, Forester, Kristin A, and Mccarthy, Timothy M, to Ryan, Nolan.


$365,000, 1513 Barre Rd, Carlson, Robert K, and Carlson, Kimberly R, to Taylor, Corey L, and Taylor, Alicia M.

$275,000, 1315 Barre Rd, Checheta, Benjamin, to Evans, Joshua R.

$226,000, 24 Pine St, Verratti, Kathleen J, to Laub, William E, and Laub, Thobekile P.

$58,000, 661 North St, Ribeiro, Gilson, to Petracone, John M, and Matos, Patricia S.


$10,500,000, Littleton County Rd, Cisco Systems Inc, to Campanelli-Trigate Boxbro.

$910,000, 94 Tahanto Trl, Soussou, Nada V, and Calenda, Daniel A, to Howland, David M, and Yannakakis, Grace.

$880,000, 19 Blanchard Rd, Cote, Michael P, and Cote, Sabrina A, to Dempster, Joshua M, and Dempster, Sara E.

$800,000, 14 Blanchard Rd, Baird, Linee, and Baird, Lynwood, to Seward, Graham, and Seward, Mabel.

$697,000, 108 Littleton Rd, Kenney, Ian W, and Carmody, Holly J, to Das, Kaushik, and Sur, Pujareene.

$525,000, 12 Trail Ridge Way #B, Normandin Grp Trl Rdg LLC, to Otoole, Michael, and Otoole, Luisa.

$499,900, 27 Shaker Rd, Shaker NT, and Aho, Daniel, to Athmuri, Bhanu P, and Modala, Venkata S.

$499,900, 27 Shaker Rd, Shaker NT, and Aho, Daniel, to Athmuri, Bhanu P, and Modala, Venkata S.


$708,000, 67 Summer Ln, Bowler, Peter C, and Bowler, Carrie A, to Nguy, May, and Chiou, Shin W.

$636,500, 85 Jennifer Dr, Mavricos, John A, and Mavricos, Patrice J, to Mummadi, Kranthi K, and Devireddy, Laxmi V.

$440,000, 642 Salisbury St, Rivera, Jovan S, and Rivera, Thalia M, to Forbes, Dwayne C, and Forbes, Susan L.

$435,000, 515 Shrewsbury St, V&J LLC, to Warzybok, Karin M.

$395,000, 44 Reservoir St, Scola, Anthony, to Mellen, Jeffrey.

$375,000, 234-236 Princeton St, Visnjic, Jadranko, and Visnjic, Seherzada, to Smith, Jamie, and Smith, Lawren.

$360,000, 10 Birch Ave, Swenson, John E, and Swenson, Zenaide, to Romero, Jose A.

$325,000, 218 Bullard St, Teachout, Michael D, and Hibbard-Teachout, Alison, to Paradis, Sarah M.

$310,000, 26 Anthony Dr, Wiggins, David R, and Wiggins, Amy M, to Alcantara, Magtirsa.

$295,000, 313 Highland St, Nu Life Homes LLC, to Nurmenniemi, Erika M.

$292,571, 120 Doyle Rd, Danko, James M, and Danko, Judith E, to Nimtz, Samantha M.


$235,000, 5 Sunset Ln, Neumann, Albert R, and Neumann, Cynthia M, to Hayden, Laura B.

$29,900, Blodgett Rd, Coolong, Allan M, to Anvilreal RT, and Cao, Qing.


$560,000, 12 Tammie Rd, M&K Leblanc RT, and Leblanc, Karen A, to Tramboulakis, Dimitrios, and Tramboulakis, Francesca.

$545,000, 1 Union St, Burns, Amy J, to Araujos Properties LLC.

$385,000, 63 Laurelwood Dr #63, Hoffman, Walter O, to Clement, Nelson C, and Clement, Valerie L.

$240,000, 126 Freedom St #126, Alex RT, and Patel, Apurvakumar N, to Dimartino, Andrea.


$465,000, 60 Grimes Rd, Cooper, Robin D, and Cooper, Rhonda A, to Muck, Alicia M, and Oconnor, Edward K.

$360,959, 6 Worcester Rd, Oconnor, Edward K, and Muck, Alicia M, to Dagbjartsson, Kristofer D, and Monahan, Miranda.

$234,900, 1 S Cove Rd #1, Siciliano, Brian A, and Siciliano, Tracy A, to Belliveau, Lori G.

$90,000, Barre Rd, Mary E Hubbard LT, and Hubbard, Mary E, to Beaulieu, Anthony J.


$1,375,000, 78 Parmenter Rd, Audrey Morse Garcia FT, and Morse-Garcia, Audrey, to Moreira-Deaguiar, Ronie, and Aguiar, Andreia S.

$685,000, 2 Field Stream Ln, Elizabeth F Bennett LT, and Bennett, Elizabeth F, to Mulvehill, Brian A, and Mulvehill, Nicole A.

$610,000, 113 Central St, Walton, Clint N, to Ciumacenco, Eric.

$495,000, 46 Pine St, Howard, Robert, and Stark, Diane M, to Akerib, Andrea N.

$463,000, 9 Bradford Rd, Diglio, Melissa, and Miller, Katherine, to Omiccioli, Cameron E, and Akhmetov, Nikolay.

$445,000, 3 Alan Rd, David H Marsh T, and Marsh, David H, to Bresnahan, Michael, and Bruso, Mina.

$440,000, 2 Avon Dr, Williams, Joseph E, and Williams, Amy E, to DeMorais, Valdete B, and Nascimento, Marilza M.

$435,000, 1 Bonazzoli Ave #2, Worthmore Prop Mgmt LLC, to HMF Realty LLC.

$420,000, 6 Strawberry Ln #G, Mary&John Mcgrath NT, and Mcgrath, Mary E, to Puia, Nancy D.

$370,000, 143 Broad St #29, Barcock, Sarah J, to Lewis, Elizabeth, and Maffeo, Nicholas.

$225,000, Parmenter Rd #3, Audrey Morse Garcia FT, and Morse-Garcia, Audrey, to Deaguiar, Ronie M, and Aguiar, Andreia S.

$124,171, 42-44 Felton St, Chaves, Robert J, and Chaes, Kerri A, to Kapopoulos, Kerri.


$1,200,000, 629 George Hill Rd, Grajales, Benjamin, and Grajales, Olga L, to Jones-Greige, Nicole A, and Greige, Simon A.

$715,400, 51 Hawthorne Ln, Lancaster Homes LLC, to Hafeez, Farooq.

$423,000, 256 Bolton Rd, Defaria, Daniel, and Faria, Gabrielly L, to Whitney, Jon R.

$406,500, 51 Kelly Dr, Panosky, Jeffrey, and Panosky, Christina N, to Hartman, Sarah.


$601,000, 15 Hyland Ave, Brennan, Matthew M, and Brennan, Deborah A, to Koshi, Gerald, and Koshi, Abedin.

$425,000, 398 Stafford St, PMVW 7 LLC, to Hourglass Prop Solutions.

$410,004, 4 Wendy Pl, Zack Robert J Est, and Zack, Michael, to Andre, Farrell, and Andre, Katelyn.

$285,000, 12 Denny Pl, Clem, Jennifer A, to Byrnes, Brandon P, and Zervins, Katherine A.

$29,000, Hyland Ave (rear), Leveillee, Timothy, and Leveillee, Lisa A, to Greater Worcstr Lnd T Inc.


$627,000, 72 Independence Dr, Kelly, Troy, and Kelly, Sara, to Alonso, Grecco, and Alonso, Lindsay A.

$515,000, 88 Weathervane Dr, Cormier, Stephen T, and Cornier, Kimberly S, to Dejordy, Jennifer, and Lescard, David.

$401,000, 143 4th St, Huerta-Serratos, Guillerm, to Martinez, Juan A.

$335,000, 4 Phillips St #4, 4 Phillips Street LLC, to Delany, Alanna K, and Zelic, Roko.

$328,000, 72 Vine St, Mayhew, Peter R, and Mayhew, Susan, to Buissereth-Lemoine, Marie.

$320,000, 280 Spruce St, Soto, Crystal, to Duarte, Elmo O.

$315,000, 38 Webber St, Benincasa, Catherine M, to Shaw, Scott.

$255,000, 220 Florence St, Ronald D Greenwood RET, and Feroci, Anthony V, to Hastings, Wayne R.

$230,000, 179 Berrington Rd #179, Mitchell, Jason, and Mitchell, Laura J, to Miranda, Milton M.

$225,000, 54 Green St #311, Murray, Penny A, to Maiocchi, Domenic, and Gerardi, Hannah.

$215,000, 70 Daley St, Allen, Austin T, to Tracy, Kurtis J.

$167,000, 104 Litchfield Pines Dr #B, Orne, Lawrence E, and Orne, Diane L, to Zhou, Avril.

$78,231, 740 Central St #C5, Assist Realty Group LLC, to Ogunsemore, Joseph.

$35,001, Pleasant St #1, Michael T Cupo RET, and Cupo, Michael T, to Morrissey, Jamie L.


$701,003, 283 Cross Rd, Marshall, Steven E, and Marshall, Michelle A, to Graffam, Erin, and Robichaud, Greg.

$600,000, 1255 Lancaster Ave, Harris, Paul D, to Lattanzi, James, and Lattanzi, Allison.

$410,900, 37 Woodland Dr, King&All The Kings Men, to Light, David.

$365,000, 9 W Street Ter, Prata, Antonio, to Scott, Denise.

$350,000, 17 W Street Ter, Luoma Thomas J Est, and Trudeau, Jane A, to Houston, Daniel.

$316,600, 27 The Clearing St, Dobi, Christopher, to Moran, Amy L.

$275,000, 1281 Lancaster Ave, Wheeler FT, and Wheeler, Dwight J, to Stillman, John M, and Stillman, Jennifer L.

$225,000, 127 Pleasant St, Halbedel, Paula L, to Domurat, Catherine A.


$635,000, 5 Mccabe Dr, Nisbet, Michael J, and Nisbet, Jeanne E, to Smith, Thor, and Haas, Margot.

$570,000, 33 Neil St, Milhomme, Amy, and Morcone, William, to Penney, Liza A, and Penney, Jessica L.

$530,000, 64 Azalea Ln #64, Violet Woods, Aguiar, Andreia S, and DeAguiar, Ronie M, to Teixeira-Neto, Paulo, and Alves-Campos, Maythana T.

$525,000, 46 Susan Rd, Wolkin, Scott, and Wolkin, Kathryn C, to Oliff, Alison, and Sanchez, Stephen.

$500,000, 196 Lincoln St, Holland, Gwendolyn G, to 196 Lincoln Street RT, and Estes, Charles L.

$500,000, 45 Hillcrest Rd, Evers Dorothy J Est, and Johnson, Cathleen A, to Medeiros, Matthew, and Homer, Jason L.

$482,000, 70 Raymond Rd, Meireles, Leonardo, to Dumas, Larry.

$480,000, 18 Naugler Ave, Biddy, Donald C, and Biddy, Jayne M, to Bouchard, Aaron, and Scrivens, Molly C.

$460,000, 24 Clarke Dr, Richardson, Fay A, to Patino-Cardona, Juan D, and Jota-Junior, Rosinaldo M.

$441,000, 69 Tremont St, Thompson, Paulina, and Lynch, Sean M, to 69 Tremont Street RT, and Ferrecchia, Stefanie R.

$420,000, 204 Church St, Shifman, Neal A, and Galland, Charles R, to Doherty, Anthony, and Doherty, Colleen.

$400,000, 849 Boston Post Rd E #5E, Village Hager Meadws, Mirken, Nancy E, to Rani, Diviya.

$195,000, 688 Boston Post Rd E #226, Mcgaughey, Tanya, to Menezes, Marcelo, and Menezes, Fabiana F.

$176,000, 20 Robin Dr #2, Karpenko, Alexandr G, to 20 Robin Dr Unit C-2 RT, and Chang, Willy.


$1,000,000, 7 Hastings St, Haywood House LLC, to Mccutchen, Philip L, and Mccutchen, Cheryl.

$755,000, 72 Blackstone St, Reid, Douglas S, and Mathieu-Reid, Michele A, to Groth, Scott C, and Groth, Andrea L.

$610,000, 25 Crestview Dr, Fahye, Amy M, and Kibbee, John H, to Vallan, Barry S.

$575,000, 75 Mowry St, Mehmann, Bryan A, and Mehmann, Sheri L, to Tenaglia, Ralph, and Tenaglia, Regina.

$499,900, 29 Hartford Ave W, Route 85 Realty Corp, to Dunn, Robbin, and Dunn, Duane.

$425,000, 12 Brookview Ln #12, Brookview LLC, to Orrell, Timothy.

$345,000, 6 Stymast Dr, Alexandra Campbell RET, and Campbell, Alexandra, to Coukos, Christopher R, and Coukos, Cherie L.

$310,000, 49 Kinsley Ln, White, Nicole E, to Mcateer, John W, and Mcguirk, Jennifer A.


$900,000, Howard St, Milford Town Of, to OA Homes LLC.

$677,000, 181 Highland St, Kingkade, Kenneth W, and Kingkade, Holly A, to Karp, Brian A, and Karp, Nichole.

$549,250, 11 Kate Ln #11, Snowflake LLC, to Tonkonogy, Julie A.

$538,000, 5 Fox Ln, Budin, Itamar A, and Algom-Budin, Efrat, to Wohler, Alexandra.

$525,000, 27 Beaver Pond Rd #27, Picard, Jonathan R, and Picard, Melissa M, to Greene, Peter, and Greene, Nancy.

$515,000, 3 Joan Cir, Konvalinka, Linda C, to Farrell, John B.

$485,000, 20 Beaver Pond Rd #20, Mccausland, Kelly A, and Lecourt, Anne M, to Pruyn, Keneth, and Mcgillicuddy, Olga.

$479,000, 2 Carven Rd, Halloran, James J, and Halloran, Linda M, to Pereira, Thiago A, and Santos, Lorena C.

$370,000, 2 Wildwood Dr, Giallonardo, Anthony, and Bouvier, Patricia C, to Deoliveira-Sa, Luiz.

$350,000, 27 Farese Rd, Bishop, Fady, to Clare, Edwin E.

$350,000, 60 Mount Pleasant St, Niro, Antonio, and Niro, Nancy L, to Jackson, Kyle, and Jackson, Kennya M.

$330,000, 12 Country Club Ln #A, White, Ronald C, to Rielly, Kaitlyn, and Breault, Albert.

$170,000, 142 Purchase St, Milford Town Of, to Vaz, Roy P.


$4,500,000, 1537 Grafton Rd, Wyman-Gordon Co, to F&D Properties LLC.

$582,000, 11 Skyview Dr, Mahoud, Mohamed, and Ahmed, Wiaam, to Chekuri, Rajesh K, and Koritala, Bhargavi.

$349,900, 8 Leslie Ln, Novak, Aubree, and Novak, Anthony, to Heitz, Mateus, and Heitz, Daniellea A.

$314,000, 184-A Wheelock Ave, FNMA, to Rosario-Borges, Geralis, and Briones-Morales, Paul.

New Braintree

$16,000, Adams Rd #B, Vasalotsky, James, to Fay, Christopher.

North Brookfield

$250,000, 22 Gilbert St, Sullivan, Thomas E, and Sullivan, Amanda J, to Blake, Triciamae.

$212,000, 21 Edna Cir #21, Leth-Steensen, Johan, and Leth-Steensen, Ashley, to Rossi, Kyla, and Bitz, Carol.

$59,700, 150 Summer St, Brote, Dennis N, and Brote, Marie, to Losurdo, Peter J, and Losurdo, Lynne M.


$104,000,000, 6102-9102 Shops Way, Equity 1 JV Sub LLC, to RPT Northborough LLC.

$2,600,000, 77 Main St, River View RT, and Gallagher, Paul, to Northborough Harvey Hldg.

$950,000, 48 Little Pond Rd, Okeefe, Lawrence J, and Okeefe, Renee Y, to Frangos, Jennifer.

$675,000, 17 Lydias Way #17, Gilligan, Paul F, and Fitzpatrick, Joyce K, to Lewis, Debra N.

$505,000, 163 West St, Ahern, Sara E, and Bell, Jason D, to Newton, Douglas G, and Newton, Laura J.

$475,000, 6 Wilson Rd, Chapdelaine, Michele J, to Aragao, Bruno V, and Siqueira-Aragao, Isabela.

$450,000, 48 W Main St, Sandz-E LLC, to 48 West Main LLC.

$351,000, 125 Main St #125, Tholen, William, to Alamkhan, Mohammad S, and Khatun, Aklima.

$23,478, 39 Pleasant St #C9, Ziegler, Spencer, and Campbell, Daniel R, to Campbell, Daniel R.


$784,000, Riverdale St, James M Knott Sr 2014 RET, and Miller, Warren G, to Riverdale Mills Corp.

$575,000, 515 Carpenter Rd, Tetreault, Holly P, and Tetreault, Thomas, to Cornman, Deborah, and Homonoff, Edward.

$540,000, 141 Moon Hill Rd, Bourgelas, Richard, and Bourgelas, Cynthia, to Simpson, Zathan, and Simpson, Alex-Marie.

$450,000, 56 Edmonds Cir #56, C A Vanderbaan T, and Vanderbaan, Melissa L, to Back 9 RET, and Wiegers, Calvin.

$410,000, 86 Quarry Rd #86, William A Condon IRT, and Condon, William A, to Cavallieri, Ralph P.

$385,000, 191 Swift Rd, Ducharme, Stephen M, and Ducharme, Paula M, to Skarmeas, Peter, and Skarmeas, Shannon.


$422,500, 86 Forest Hills Dr, Amidio Bros Inc, to Howe, Andrew, and Howe, Elizabeth.


$92,000, 28 Wheeler Ave, Speedwagon Investors LLC, to Mcglaughlin, Brien.

$82,000, 22 S Main St, C&C RET, and Cutter, Ralph E, to Arsenault, Jason.

$10,000, Wheeler Ave, Davis, Linda M, to Rowe, William R, and Rowe, Darlene L.


$410,000, 14 Pine Ridge Dr, Baraklilis, Demetrios, and Baraklilis, Susan E, to Dumas, Richard R, and Stodolski, Ashley M.

$310,000, 22 Quobaug Ave, Ravelli, Antonio, and Ravelli, Maria, to Wheeler, Nathen J, and Kimmens, Veronica.

$276,000, 1 George St, 1 George Street NT, and Conner Land T LLC Tr, to Nordstrom, John E, and Gauther, Wendy J.

$270,000, 26 Ballard St, Stom Maria Est, and Stom, Paraskeve, to Merrill, Timothy J, and Stuczko, Stephanie L.

$268,000, 43 Fairlawn Ave, Napieralski, Paul N, and Wawiernia, Jill M, to Zalneraitis, Ray.

$255,900, 19 Thayer Pond Dr #4, Worthen, April L, to Freeland, Donna M.

$248,000, 21 Thayer Pond Dr #4, Hidenfelter, Alan P, to Gonynor, Eric M.

$135,000, 6 Thayer Pond Dr #10, Levasseur, Jeanne E, to Cox, David M, and Cox, Jacqueline M.

$60,000, 76 Dana Rd, Phyllis Cullinan T, and Cullinan, Phyllis L, to Cullinan, Joseph.

$60,000, 80-R Dana Rd, Phyllis Cullinan T, and Cullinan, Phyllis L, to Cullinan, Joseph.


$628,000, 23 Brigham Rd, Morrison, Emily R, and Zitek, Steve, to Cude, Craig J.


$170,000, 41 Nichewaug Rd, SRH T, and Russell, Ellen, to Ramme, Tina M.


$666,500, 7 Clearings Way, Traylor, Elizabeth, and Traylor, Anthony, to Young, Taylor, and Young, Kathryn.

$450,000, 77 Main St, Samoda, Mohamed, and Barbosa-Samoda, Elsa, to Brown Brook RT, and Brown, Nathan.

$395,000, 266 Hubbardston Rd, Dlugasz, Timothy, and Dlugasz, Christina, to Gordon, Lawrence W, and Gordon, Diana L.

$162,750, 28 Merriam Rd, Robert G Mason T, and Mason, Russell H, to Brown House RT, and Mason, Russell H.

$75,000, Gates Rd, Robert G Mason T, and Mason, Russell H, to Russells Corner RT, and Mason, Russell H.

$75,000, Sterling Rd, Beaman Road RT, and Mason, Russell H, to Magee Lane RT, and Mason, Russell H.

$40,000, Calamint Hill Rd N, Mcgann RT 2019, and Mcgann, Kellie-Ann M, to Peura, Robert A, and Peura, Carol L.

$37,500, Worcester Rd, Post Office Place RT, and Mason, Russell H, to Princeton-Cutty RT, and Mason, Russell H.


$675,000, 45 Michael Dr, M Emery-Le Retirement T, and Emery-Le, Myai, to Wollman, Joseph, and Chin, Courtney.

$310,000, 24 Inwood Rd, Penza, Michael S, and Penza, Kaylyn, to Jones, Malvina S.

$107,500, 176 Maple Ave #2-28, Velji Zarina Est, and Velji, Azim, to Tweneboa, Exta, and Tweneboa, Kwabena.


$935,000, 8-A Heywood St, Nippani, Rama K, and Nippani, Sangeeta, to Venkataraman, Sugosh, and Santhanam, Padmini.

$850,000, 8 Stone Meadow Farm Dr, Hoffman, Dean, and Hoffman, Debra M, to Conicella, Albert, and Conicella, Molly.

$730,000, 16 Thistle Hill Dr, Tang, Qian, and Deng, Nina, to Soni, Mitesh, and Dey, Padmini.

$700,000, 4 Thistle Hill Dr, Backstrom, Timothy O, and Backstrom, Jennifer A, to Basa, Sushma K.

$615,000, 37 Wachusett Ave, King, John P, and King, Susan W, to Pegg, Samantha M, and Hayes, Christopher W.

$591,500, 57 Odonnell Ave, Irwin, David R, and Irwin, Daina M, to Langevin, Meagan.

$518,000, 7 Fruit St, Iocolano, Fabian R, and Iocolano, Aloma B, to Shafiq, Yassal.

$510,000, 7 Eastwood Rd, Macissac, Jonathan, and Macisaac, Melissa, to Backstrom, Timothy, and Backstrom, Jennifer.

$477,500, 67 Sajda Dr #67, Subramanyam, Vinayakam, and Subramanyam, Rajeshwari R, to Nikosey, Karen E.

$469,900, 2 Blossom Tree Dr #2, Ellsworth, Ronald F, and Ellsworth, Joan I, to Kimberley, Thomas J, and Kimberley, Nancy E.

$440,000, 9 Maury Ln, Levesque, Daniel P, and Levesque, Alexandra N, to Katte, Punarva, and Dixith, Akshatha C.

$438,500, 237 South St #7, Achanta, Sai S, and Achanta, Sudha, to Nikhade, Prashant.

$425,500, 50 Maury Ln, Cox, David M, and Cox, Jacqueline M, to Jean, Lounely.

$421,000, 8 Florence St, Sooy, Matthew H, and Sooy, Lauren, to Errera, Stephanie, and Hubert, Keith.

$400,000, 190 S Quinsigamond Ave #205, Qureshi, Afroze, and Rizwana-Qureshi, Nasrat, to Mascanfroni, Ivan D, and Hernandez, Silvia F.

$389,900, 3 Oxford Dr #3, Pelletier Mary M Est, and Tarpey, Debra B, to Page, Evan C, and Page, Martha R.

$365,000, 242 Boston Tpke, Guibin LLC, to BBSE Circle Pt Rlty LLC.

$275,000, 65 Commons Dr #102, Robertson, Randy S, to Vaillancourt, Heather L.

$250,000, 30 Oakland Ave, Kozlowski, Albert S, and Kozlowski, Carol A, to Kozlowski, Nathan A.

$65,000, 87 Elm St, Hatcher, John M, and Hatcher, Jeanne M, to Hatcher, Jeanne M, and Sullivan, Paul.


$555,000, 193 Cordaville Rd, B P Peterson 2016 T, and Smith, Elisabeth P, to Zimmer, Jaime, and Zimmer, Bianca Z.

$450,000, 94 Southville Rd, Culley FT, and Culley, Christian P, to Silva, Pablo L.


$385,900, 529 Dennison Dr, Lapierre, Keith R, to Hernandez, Victor J, and Reynolds, Brittney L.

$380,000, 146 Charlton St, Giron, Bryon J, and Giron, Carmen G, to Celestin, Ronald.

$330,000, 167 Elm St, Dembowski, Henry W, and Vovolakis, Mary E, to Naghe, Melvin, and Rosario, Caroline.

$299,900, Pleasant Hl E #6, Geldbaum LLC, to Almestica, Jacqueline.

$275,000, 36 Hamilton St, Calcutt, Tracy E, to 36 Hamilton RT, and Trodella, Angelo.

$274,900, 60 Taft St, Manbeck, Justin, and Manbeck, Katerine, to White, Danielle.

$230,000, 237 Marcy St, Canales, Venelba C, to Bonin, Jessica.

$228,000, 957 Guelphwood Rd, Beshai, Linda A, and Wells Fargo Bank NA, to Holdcraft, John.

$226,800, 24 Marjorie Ln, Rosa, Evelyn, and Rosa, Ana, to Rivera, Jacksael, and Ruiz, Brenda.

$210,000, 48 Cohasse St, Tkmmk RT, and Leblanc, Kenneth J, to Khan, Syed I.

$165,000, 31 Beaudry Way, Blair, Dana T, to Morales, Erica.

$125,000, 111 Chapin St, Cox, Kathleen A, to JK Everett Properties LLC.

$60,000, 23 Olney Ave, Stanhope FT, and Lamica, Barbara H, to AMC Properties LLC.

$20,000, 14 Curtis St, Mannion, Susan D, to Hartz, David.


$525,000, 12 Linden St, Mitchell, Bernadette Y, to Nivar, Armando J.

$407,000, 1 1st St, Freedman, Martin D, to Robin, Ann.

$212,000, 64 Brooks Pond Rd, Qualey, Anthony J, to Hussar, Mason F.


$370,000, 2 Patriots Way #E, Campobasso, Vincent J, to Biddy, Donald C, and Biddy, Jayne M.


$620,000, 9 Brook Hill Rd, Middleton, Joshua, and Dragoiescu, Ana, to Carey, Edward M, and Carey, Christine A.

$550,000, 26 Tannery Rd, Joy, David M, and Joy, Desiree D, to Valente, Michael A, and Valente, Jessica.

$510,000, 174 New Boston Rd, Creamer, Thomas R, and Creamer, Jeannine S, to Geeze, Matthew, and Geeze, Kendyl.

$344,000, 15 Blueberry Ln, Lamparth, Christian, and Lamparth, Elizabeth, to Macgregor, Alec W.


$425,000, 5 Maple St, PMVW 7 LLC, to Hourglass Prop Solutions.

$115,000, Jones Rd #2R, Schotanus RT, and Schotanus, Peter B, to Schotanus, Peter M.


$540,000, 132 Turner Ln, Traven Development LLC, to Olmos, Anderson.

$429,900, 114 Turner Ln, Traven Development LLC, to Horton, Lyjill, and Michel, Emmanuela.

$65,000, Phillipston Rd, Sergi, Peter J, and Martinez, Tammy A, to Lupaczyk, Matthew P, and Lupaczyk, Shannon L.


$638,000, 18 Shirley Rd, Borneman, Alan H, and Borneman, Penny L, to Wirkkala, Matthew L, and Wirkkala, Patricia A.

$575,000, 18 Alyssa Dr, Leone, Matthew M, and Campbell, Alyssa, to Harrington, Daniel, and Harrington, Rose.

$570,000, 8 Jonathan Ln, Rice, W Jeffrey, and Rice, Leslie, to Burk, Katheryn, and Geraldo, Miguel.

$520,000, 34 Haynes Rd, Marshall, Steven D, and Marshall, Rebekah J, to Pinney, Shawn.


$685,000, 17 Josiah Dr, Burke, Andrew S, and Burke, Dana D, to Erdman, Justin L, and Erdman, Rebecca.

$650,000, 70 South St, Reardon, Darrin L, and Reardon, Colleen E, to Roberge, Douglas, and Roberge, Hillary.

$620,000, 17 Jonathans Way, Miklavic, Brent F, and Miklavic, Karen L, to Seiter, Luke J, and Walpole, Leah K.

$455,000, 57 Knowlton Cir #57, Pilla, Rhonda, to Palanisamy, Prabhu.

$429,350, 155 Pleasant St, Mele, Michael J, to Morales, Darlin N.

$318,000, 39 Christian Hill Rd, Petrie Brothers LLC, to Monachino, Laura.


$627,500, 280 Williams St, Wassenar FT, and Wassenar, David J, to Dyke, Craig T, and Dyke, Amy J.

$600,000, 319 Quaker Hwy, Morin, Glen R, and Morin, Ethel M, to Dolan, Kevin, and Dolan, Jessica.

$385,000, 63 Hazel St, Lebrun, Colleen R, to Pinciak, Laurie A, and Melchert, Jason.

$377,000, 44 Cross St, Daigle, Justin M, and Daigle, Michelle A, to Anger, Joshua.

$367,000, 74 Henry St, Leary, Thomas P, to Smith, Kason.

$350,000, 137 Carney St, Turning Pt Invs LLC, to Hunt, Christopher, and Barton, Nicole.

$345,000, 176 N Main St, Boucher, Deborah J, to Perozin, Karina, and Reis-Webert, William M.

$300,000, 13 Elizabeth St, Corapi, Xavier, and Fulginiti, Caterina, to Sapphire Homes LLC.

$277,000, 292 Blackstone St, Otoole-Auerbach, Andrea, and Auerbach, Peter J, to Lokal Properties LLC.

$230,000, 11 Manor House Ln #11, Lewis Richard G Est, and Vilkas, Vincent A, to Patten, Nancy.


$335,000, 76 River Rd, Genereux, Paul W, and Genereux, Kimberly A, to Oneill, James, and Oneill, Marcy L.

$252,000, 8 Lovewell St, Singer, Wayne A, and Singer, Barbara A, to Vovolakis, Mary, and Dembowski, Henry.

$200,000, 9 Maple Ave, Michelle L Tyler LLC, to Lugo, Emanuel.

$160,000, 8 Warebrook Vlg, Imbier, Elizabeth A, to Before, Keith R.

$112,613, 29 Prospect St, Diaz, Fermin, and Country Bk For Svgs, to Scribner Properties LLC.

$80,000, 113 Bondsville Rd, Sweet, Norman A, and Sweet, Margaret, to Horrigan, Michael.

$80,000, 22 High St, Carroll, John E, and Carroll, Cheryl L, to Curboy, Brian.


$305,000, 570 Cronin Rd, Kunst, Ryan, and Kunst, Malinda M, to Barrett, Elijah M, and Barrett, Michelle R.

$125,000, 751 Old West Warren Rd, Leroux Louis G Est, and Leroux, Christopher G, to Mitchell, Michelle.


$470,000, 58 Camile Rd, D&F Afonso Builders Inc, to Bourget, Deborah.

$211,500, 32 Brook St, Freedom Mortgage Corp, to All Ideal Homes LLC.

$50,000, 85 Worcester Rd, Marko, Athena, to Hackett, William E.

West Boylston

$753,000, 62 Campground Rd, Vignaly Joseph P Jr Est, and Vignaly, Katherine M, to Duncan, Scott G, and Cropp, Anne M.

$522,500, 7 Stillwater Heights Dr, Page, Evan C, and Page, Martha R, to Caron, Tracy L, and Ward, Robert F.

$349,900, 46 Hillside Village Dr #46, Peters, Donald J, and Obrien, Joan, to Beliveau, Elizabeth A.

West Brookfield

$281,000, 97 Wickaboag Valley Rd, Currie, Nancy E, to Wheeler, Graydon L.

$22,450, 14 Ash St, Frew, Michael H, to Cornell, Matthew E, and Cornell, Rebekah L.

$22,450, 16 Ash St, Frew, Michael H, to Cornell, Matthew E, and Cornell, Rebekah L.

$22,450, 18 Ash St, Frew, Michael H, to Cornell, Matthew E, and Cornell, Rebekah L.


$3,900,000, 164 Milk St, Fafard Howard A Est, and Fafard, Madlyn A, to Smart Retail LLC.

$900,000, 105 Adams St, Bryant, Stephen H, and Bryant, Mary A, to Foster, Walter A, and Gibbs-Foster, Gina.

$690,000, 12 Corning Fairbanks Way #12, Lin, Jing, and Bi, Yi-An, to Shriastava, Anukrati, and Shriastava, Amit.

$620,000, 11 Hillcrest Dr, Morris, John C, and Morris, Amy, to Buonamico, Nicholas T, and Buonamico, Jennifer.

$580,000, 56 Nourse St, Greer Beverly J Est, and Greer, Stuart T, to Harrison, Michael D, and Smyrnios-Harrison, Rachel.

$500,000, 7 Oneil Dr, Cichowski, Richard J, to Ghosh, Arijita, and Ghosh, Dipak K.

$385,000, 25 Cottage St, Macomber, Suzanne P, to Moran, Fredy E, and Ralda, Israel E.

$370,000, 7 Mayberry Dr #C, Wickett, Jennifer L, to Ko, Alan C.

$354,410, 11302 Peters Farm Way #11302, Pulte Hm Of New Eng LLC, to Rush, Glenn F, and Rush, Mary L.

$354,000, 500 Union St #5407, Dickman, David C, and Dickman, Barbara A, to Read, Kyle B.

$300,000, Lackey St, Zane H Arnold RET, and Arnold, Russell B, to Kendall Homes Inc.

$300,000, Spring Rd, Zane H Arnold RET, and Arnold, Russell B, to Kendall Homes Inc.


$777,000, 12 Hy Rd, Parsons, Barbara E, to Lieblich, David, and Vanderspek, Johanna C.

$385,000, 97-99 Dean Hill Rd, 99 Dean Hill Road RT, and Barrett, John R, to Barrett, John R.


$275,000, 517 Central St, Hamblett, Elise, to Darcey, Jared R, and Jennings, Miranda A.

$240,000, 17 Willow St, Lawrence, Peggy L, to Mcguire, Robert J.

$215,000, 32 Cross St, Morin, Edward P, and Morin, Donna M, to Perry, Dominic R.


$1,100,000, 21 Sycamore St, SPG Group LLC, to Foxden Estates LLC.

$795,000, 80 Sever St, Hampton Properties LLC, to ESEW LLC.

$779,000, 7 Einhorn Rd, Hampton Properties LLC, to ESEW LLC.

$767,000, 263 Park Ave, 263 Park Avenue Rlty LLC, to 261 Park Ave LLC.

$767,000, Wendell Ter (NS), 263 Park Avenue Rlty LLC, to 261 Park Ave LLC.

$750,000, 1143 Main St, RAL Realty NT, and Stein, Martin, to ERGE Properties LLC.

$747,000, 95 Elm St, Hampton Properties LLC, to ESEW LLC.

$710,000, 41 Proctor St, Wolfe, Scott, to Hoffman, Nicholas, and Hoffman, Sherri.

$700,000, 61 Houghton St, Watson Barber Houghton, to Ermani Properties LLC.

$589,600, 11 Oak Knls, Bloumis-Vega, Sana K, and Vega, Anthony J, to Rafael-Naab, Benjamin, and Rafael-Naab, Dominique.

$580,000, 14 Benefit Ter, Eleoterio, Sidnei, to Gil-Sanchez, Lissette C.

$565,000, 31 Pattison St, Plasse, John M, and Bernardo-Plasse, Fabiane, to Meireles, Elias.

$550,000, 159 Greenwood St, Phan, Thieu T, and Nguyen, Amanda K, to Garcia, Carlos.

$545,000, 181 Ingleside Ave, Tovmassian, Vicken, to Tekam-Tiako, Cyrille.

$533,000, 261 Park Ave, Jewel On Park LLC, to 261 Park Ave LLC.

$520,000, 47 Sterling St, Salmon, Kimberly M, and Keelin, Courtland T, to Simoncelis, Evaldo.

$510,000, 24 Brantwood Rd, Rochford, John, and Ellis, Kirsten, to Daoust, Matthew, and Clavet, Emma.

$490,000, 175 Perry Ave, Gu, Jin Q, and Han, Mei J, to Irongate Properties Corp.

$480,000, 50 Harlem St, Nguyen, Son, and Nguyen, Trina, to Tran-Vo, Phuong.

$465,000, 120-B Indian Hill Rd, Damla, Ari, to Pietras, John D, and Poizeau, Sophie M.

$455,000, 4 Preston St, Ngo, Duy M, to Martinez, Enny V, and Martinez-Decastro, Cesar.

$450,000, 27 Navajo Rd, Jonay, Jennifer S, and Jonay, Kibwe, to Redfinnow Borrower LLC.

$450,000, 55 Drexel St, Jahnke Construction LLC, to Jubin, Thompson, and Jubin, Joyce.

$443,000, 4010 Brompton Cir #4010, Goodnow, Judson M, and Goodnow, Nikki, to Davis, Mark, and Davis, Janet.

$430,000, 9 Elizabeth St, Rigney, Kevin J, to Chaudhry, Muzaffar, and Chaudhry, Faquiha.

$420,000, 6 Whitman Rd, Young, Taylor R, and Young, Kathryn, to Fillipon, Ellen.

$410,000, 203 Burncoat St, Samal, Janga B, and Samal, Jashu M, to Gurung, Dinesh, and Tiwari, Roma.

$402,500, 944 Pleasant St, Oviatt, Gary E, and Oviatt, Susan M, to Ravelli, Maria, and Ravelli, Antonio.

$390,000, 15 Leslie Rd, Carrigan, Nancy P, to Wazgowska, Irene, and Amid, Hooman.

$390,000, 940 Pleasant St, Depasquale, Mauro, and Depasquale, Maria H, to Bivona, Francesco P.

$380,000, 21 Tiverton Pkwy, Hurley, Morgan C, and Hurley, Faye, to Dipietro, Anthony.

$375,000, 4 Tamar Ave, Sampson, Michael J, and Mathieu, Paul, to Cummings, Nathan T, and Cummings, Amanda D.

$365,000, 3-C Maxwell St, Jaber, Sarah, to Zewdie, Adey-Abrham.

$364,000, 2 Birch Hill Rd, Sarkisian, Thomas J, and Sarkisian, Nicole L, to Oleary, Zachary R.

$355,000, 37 Locust Ave, Valant, John R, and Valant, Valerie J, to Wilson, Kyle, and Reed, Shaun.

$354,000, 96 Acushnet Ave, Alexander, William R, and Alexander, Megan, to Villane, Tanya L.

$352,000, 222 Holden St, Berkshire Prop Buyers LLC, to Kim, Lian, and Te, Huai.

$350,000, 44 Englewood Ave, Gamblin, James W, to Le, Quy V.

$350,000, 7 Oswald St, Palmaccio, Anita, and Mccarthy, Maria S, to Viola LLC.

$347,500, 118 Warner Ave, Courtney Dorothy F Est, and Courtney, William E, to Fuller, Matthew, and Zerbarini-Fuller, Jennife.

$340,000, 6 Bonnybrook Rd, Shusta, Andrew E, and Shusta, Lynda G, to Pierce, Suzanne E.

$339,000, 44 Bristol St, Henrickson, Thomas J, and Henrickson, Kendra, to Coto, Manuel A, and Coto, Xenia A.

$335,000, 28 Spring Valley Rd, Palmaccio, Anita, and Hodes, Marion S, to Benelkour Realty LLC.

$330,000, 8 Hilda St, Aguiar, Mayra, and Aguiar, Ramon, to Labell, Lawrence, and Labell, Paula P.

$312,000, 36-A Milton St, Diaz-Rivera, Luz H, to Higham, Laurel.

$310,000, 36 Wedgewood Rd, Brown June A Est, and Bishop, Lynn M, to Ramirez, Jose V.

$310,000, 410 Mower St, Larievy FT, and Rastad, Donnamarie L, to Arellano, Lisbeth, and Robles, Cecilia.

$305,000, 5 Colby Ave, Duong, Minh T, and Le, Yen, to Aikins, Aaron A.

$301,000, 48 Crest Cir, Hintlian, John L, to Rivas, Hector Y, and Rosales-Cabrera, Dorian Y.

$301,000, 85-B Southgate St, Gurung, Bhim, and Gurung, Sushma, to Boakye, Samuel A.

$300,000, 428 Lake Ave, Monopoli Ann M Est, and Lanza-Vowles, Janie, to Williams, Clayton.

$300,000, 428-A Lake Ave, Monopoli Ann M Est, and Lanza-Vowles, Janie, to Williams, Clayton.

$291,000, 11 Healy Rd, Hewitt, Byron, and MHFA, to All Ideal Homes Inc.

$285,000, 22 Auburn St, Harpie Thomas A Est, and Harpie, Michael P, to Maka, Peter.

$280,000, 3 Viking Ter, Turner, James H, to Angers, Kiana, and Grimes, Eric.

$275,000, 26 Pointe Rok Dr #26, Pointe Rok Dirve RT, and Richard, Margaret R, to Kennedy, Kevin, and Kennedy, Pamela.

$275,000, 6 Ellestuen Rd, Grochmal, Alexander M, and Grochmal, Sarah L, to Small, Cindy M.

$267,000, 74 Botany Bay Rd #74, Deignan IRT, and Deignan, Matthew M, to Caton, Helen.

$260,000, 36 Vincent Ave, Brady Wayne G Est, and Brady, Scott A, to Brady, Susan G, and Lewis, Eric L.

$250,000, 10 E Shelby St, Cappoli, Thomas A, to East Shelby LLC.

$250,000, 44 Scrimgeour Rd, Lyman, Raychelle M, to JSS RT, and Stewart, John S.

$249,000, 75 Whipple St, Granata Felix S Est, and Dombroski, Trina M, to Tape, Ryan A.

$239,900, 7 Sutton Ln, Bourgeois, Janice M, to Lombardo, Kris.

$235,000, 173 Millbrook St, Romero, Jose A, to Wales, Mikayla, and Beliveau, Kyle.

$225,150, 270 Sunderland Rd #101, Blackwell, Dylan, and Scanlon, Lauren, to Cano, Caroline.

$220,000, 160 Fremont St #110, Shindo, Mami, to Gayowski, Christopher M, and Yen, Patricia G.

$217,500, 31 Blithewood Ave #405, Slotnick, Alan, and Slotnick, Sossi, to Lowe, Karen.

$200,000, 1029 Pleasant St #38, White IRT, and Jeffers, Jill A, to Dako, Arion, and Dako, Elena.

$200,000, 21 Maravista Rd, Belhumeur Marjorie M Est, and Belhumeur, Richard J, to Starr, Tyler J.

$190,000, 2 Woodland Pkwy, Nguyen, Quoc, to Le, Lam, and VanNguyen, Thanh.

$175,000, 8 Ashmore Rd, Frimpong, George, to Frimpong, Isaac O, and Comfort, Frimpong.

$152,000, 31 Elizabeth St #G6, Nydam, Henry A, and Vaillancourt, April E, to Alfaro, Lino, and Carmona, Sebastiana.

$150,000, 15 Volkmar Rd, Tripp Wendy Robin Est, and Prostak, Michael S, to Berkshire Prop Buyers LLC.

$135,000, 195 Fairmont Ave, Farah Realty LLC, to Youn Properties LLC.

$130,000, 70 Southbridge St #815, Hardin, Amy, to Northeast Rental Invs LLC.

$130,000, Massasoit Rd #2, Morello, Carol J, and Stambaugh, Jane S, to Vuong, Hung T.

$40,000, 16 Taunton St, Orciuch, Julianna M, to Gold Star Builders Inc.

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