Worcester County real estate transfers, Sunday, Aug. 8




$480,000, 20 E Rindge Rd, Sabo, Christopher M, and Dupre, Janine A, to Silcox, Kathleen A, and Silcox, Charles R.

$465,000, 2 Dalbeck Ln, Richardson, David V, to Reilly, Dennis, and Reilly, Mary.

$449,000, 136 Rindge Tpke, Paige, Carol, to Michaud, Matthew, and Sampieri, Gabriella.

$258,000, 96 Ashby Rd, Charon, Crystal V, to Miller, Scott A, and Miller, Staci L.

$90,000, Ferin Rd, Tallage Davis LLC, to Elisa M Sartori T, and Sartori, Elisa.

$80,000, Jewell Hill Rd, Leblanc, Thomas G, to Sanford-Brown, Paul, and Brown, Laura D.


$325,000, 900 Turnpike Rd, Rekos, Paul E, to Liu, Zhen T.

$208,000, 44 Telephone Rd, Wilmington Svgs Fund Soc, to Maloney, Lauri J, and Maloney, Adam A.


$375,000, 440 Exchange St, Kenneway RT, and Kenneway, Steven, to Awungjia, Khumbah F, and Nwetbefua, Denis T.

$320,000, 275 High Knob Rd, Couture, Ryan P, and Couture, Tiffanee, to Godfrey, Judith L, and Godfrey, Richard A.

$320,000, 302 Old Keene Rd, Billiel, Jessica A, and Hause, Benjamin, to Foshay, Mark A, and Hough, Jessica.

$265,000, 26 Highland St, Glover, Jonathan R, and Glover, Michelle A, to Hines, Annmarie.

$230,000, 354 Vine St, Danowitz, Steven G, and Danowitz, Rozlyn, to Colon, Jesus J, and Colon, Nataly.

$195,000, 83 Sanders St, A Grace LLC, to Cotto-Rosario, Edwin.

$152,000, 867 Lenox St, Deutsche Bk Natl T Co Tr, to Monsalve-Puerta, Fanny.

$128,000, 742 Daniel Shays Hwy #3F, Davis, Walter W, to Holden, Diane.


$501,000, 352 Pakachoag St, Johnson, Ehmil, and Deroche, Lani, to Alvarez, Roger F.

$460,000, 25 Pakachoag St, Tobin, David, and Tobin, Elise, to Skrzek, Joseph, and Skrzek, Susan.

$443,000, 77 Berlin St, Senecal, Kathleen J, and Senecal, Joseph, to Tetreault, Maegan.

$428,000, 6 Saratoga Rd, Boudreau, Scott J, and Boudreau, Christine A, to Cyr, Carisa J, and Cyr, Jeffrey L.

$410,000, 410 Pakachoag St, Beauregard, Paul R, and Beauregard, Doreen A, to Senecal, Suzanne, and Orren-Senecal, Gregory.

$380,000, 30 Meadowbrook Rd, Kulma, Wladyslaw, to Kulma, Michal, and Matysiak-Kulma, Kinga.

$365,000, 3 Rochelle St, Robillard, Roger W, to Gendreau, Brian.


$325,000, 99 Union St, Pobst, Carol B, to Skinner, Garrett, and Skinner, Jessica L.

$268,000, 516-518 Vernon Ave, Le, Hoa T, to Oppong-Frimpong, Nana, and Cooper, Kerry-Ann.

$60,000, Cole Pl, Valardi, Linda J, to Morin, Michael J, and Morin, Carmen C.


$445,000, 77 Dudley Rd #77, J K Schiding 2020 RET, and Mescan, Suzanne E, to Clark, Jay S.


$1,300,000, 1 Lloyd St, Joshua Realty LLC, to DDM Realty LLC.

$425,000, 104 Federal St, Rouse, Gregory S, and Rouse, Karen J, to Conlon, Sinead, and Georgetti, Matthew.

$385,000, 139 Blackstone St, Cora Lane Group LLC, to Cotter, Erin.

$221,000, 18 Rocco Dr #18, Perciaccante, Anthony M, and Costello, Elizabeth A, to Tardif, Ken, and Tardif, Ruth.


$1,200,000, 8 Quail Run, Henderson, Ronald M, and Henderson, Sandra L, to Sheehan, John P, and Sheehan, Amanda L.


$300,000, 21 Woodland Dr, Shrewsbury Homes Inc, to Mcauliffe, Mitchell T.

$276,900, 615 Edgebrook Dr #615, Thurston, Judith, to Coulson, Erin E.


$364,000, 44 Little Alum Rd, Seymour, Herbert F, and Seymour, Kristi L, to Poirier, Katherine E, and Giebel, Kelly V.

$190,000, 29 Prospect Hill Rd, Labonte, Raymond F, and Labonte, Phattiya, to Labonte, Shaina R, and Newton, Timothy.


$62,000, 6 Tupelo Dr, Maneggio, Michael A, and Maury, Janet, to Stolts, Steven, and Stolts, Carol.


$650,000, 37 Oak Ridge Dr, Pamela A Wilson T, and Wilson, Pamela A, to Hendry, David P, and Miller, Nance E.

$527,500, 13 Wamsutta Ridge Rd, Digioia, Gino, and Digioia, Sarah, to Higgins, David M, and Higgins, Sara-Jean.

$412,500, 133 A F Putnam Rd, Sallis, Nicholas J, and Sallis, Amy, to Chaplin, Justin, and Chaplin, Kimberly.

$410,000, 26 Muggett Hill Rd, Beam, Andrew S, and Beam, Rosemarie, to Fitzgerald, Alyssa.

$185,000, 31 Southbridge Rd, K&B Land Holdings LLC, to Mai, Le.

$180,000, T Hall Rd #2, Burlingame, Nelson B, to Lindstrom, Christopher.

$180,000, T Hall Rd #3, Burlingame, Nelson B, to Lindstrom, Christopher.

$100,000, Old Worcester Rd #A, Gunter LLC, to Old Growth Properties LLC.

$100,000, Old Worcester Rd #B, Gunter LLC, to Old Growth Properties LLC.


$550,000, 164-166 West St, Vitoriano, Karina T, and Vitoriano, Julio C, to Elston, Isis C, and Mcculley, Patricia A.

$483,000, 137 Cedar St, Mercado, Albert, and Mercado, Maria, to Miyata, Tristan, and Chen, Sophia.

$415,000, 101 Acorn St, Fitch, Paul W, to Lowe, David M, and Lowe, Tracey M.

$260,000, 47 Grove St #47, Delorey, Shirley, to Demaio, Jennifer A, and Demaio, Francesco.

$180,000, 28 Pearl St, Johnson, Pamela, and Neil, Susan, to Haynes, Elisabeth B.


$509,500, 7 Whitin Hts, NQOW LLC, to Farrar, Jason, and Farrar, Brittany J.

$370,000, 75 Pond St, Westberg, Keith M, and Westberg, Marilyn J, to Foran, Nicole.

$315,000, 93 Cedar St, Gabree, Lisa A, and Cox, Donna L, to Hamilton, Zachary, and Youard, Christina.


$582,000, 49 Flaxfield Rd, Lacroix FT, and Bailey, Melissa A, to Alves, Samya, and Breton, Michael.

$435,000, 24 Budd Dr, Ucher, Piotr, and Ucher, Renata D, to Williams, Eric.

$329,900, 78 New Boston Rd, Diamond, David W, to Carrell, Sean.

$320,000, 11 2nd Ave, Jakobkiewicz, Jaroslaw, and Jakobkiewicz, Beata, to Jakobkiewicz, Karolina, and Jure, Daniel.

$320,000, 2 Ellis Ave, Reno, Robert J, and Reno, Susan R, to Mclaughlin, Steven J, and Mclaughlin, Patricia A.

$310,000, 86 W Main St, Keane, Dermot, and Keane, Lynne, to Kumar, Narinder.

$300,000, 57 New Boston Rd, Norowski, Elaine E, and Gergich, Joyce A, to Quinn, Emily F, and Torrez, Brian H.

$250,000, 8 Sunrise Shrs E, Camille, Barry E, to Rijos, Rafael.

$240,000, 32 Central Ave #32, Galek, Maciej, to Agyekum, Eric.

$85,000, Truman Dr #11, Galaxy Estates LLC, to Howard, Timothy, and Howard, Ariana.

East Brookfield

$215,000, 156 Lashaway Dr, Wadden, Amber, to Robator, Darlene M.


$6,600,000, 1 Oak Hill Rd #A1, Revolutionary Growers LLC, to NLCP 1 Oak Hill Rd MA LLC.

$6,600,000, 1 Oak Hill Rd #A2, Revolutionary Growers LLC, to NLCP 1 Oak Hill Rd MA LLC.

$6,600,000, 1 Oak Hill Rd #A3, Revolutionary Growers LLC, to NLCP 1 Oak Hill Rd MA LLC.

$2,200,000, 1 Oak Hill Rd #A4, Rocket Investments LLC, to NLCP 1 Oak Hill Rd MA LLC.

$630,000, 439 Pearl Hill Rd, Chrisand RT, and Ouellette, Andrea S, to Karman, Taylor C, and Karman, David A.

$475,000, 42 Winter Ter, Martinez, Jose, to Nova-Aguirre, Milton O.

$475,000, 642 River St, Ahlstrom-Munksjo Paper, to CIG Turning Point LLC.

$450,000, 257 Tibbett Cir, Sheridan, John D, and Sheridan, Laura A, to DeOliveira, Joel.

$330,000, 84-88 Lawrence St, Stevquoah, Angelique A, to Preville, Shawn.

$310,000, 291 Marshall St, Cordio, Valerie C, to Correia, Suzanne.

$310,000, 54 Mountain Ave, Hall, Michael A, and Hall, Rachel K, to Burgos, Angel G.

$285,000, 38 Orange St, Augusta, Mark, to Herron, Aysha, and Alouidor, Jethro.

$280,000, 125 Wallace Rd, Charette, Darrell A, and Charette, Vongdara, to Panagopoulos, George T, and Panagopoulos, Suzanne B.

$270,000, 244 Madison St, Epstein, Ralph, and Epstein, Rebecca, to Molina Realty LLC.

$248,000, 199 Harrison Ave, Spagnuolo, Michael A, and Spagnuolo, Kelly A, to Pinto, Michael, and Pinto, Florence.

$235,000, 112 Melrose St, Sawyer, Richard J, and Sawyer, Claudette M, to Jackson Avenue RT, and Pappas, James C.

$225,000, 143 Highland Ave, Halbrooks, Eugene J, and Carter-Halbrooks, J, to Swart, Nicholas, and Swart, Jessica.

$175,000, 107 Charles St, Noonan, Donald L, and Noonan, Patricia A, to Mauro, Dominic.

$145,000, 855 John Fitch Hwy #56, Reed, Christopher L, and Reed, Brenda A, to Torres, Diana.

$105,000, 33 Huron St #3, Sanchez-Gonzalez, F J, to Ingemi, Antonio, and Ingemi, Leslie.

$50,000, 348 Elm St, Flanagan, Scott W, and Swift, Brian E, to Antonio, Nadel.

$35,000, Westminster Hill Rd, High Ground Mgmt LLC, to Platinum Development LLC.

$25,000, Depot St, Ahlstrom-Munksjo Paper, to Zero Depot LLC.

$25,000, Westminster St, Ahlstrom-Munksjo Paper, to Zero Depot LLC.


$364,000, 668 Whitney St, Nyman, Gary L, and Nyman, Paula A, to Halverson, Beau J, and Rocha, Megan M.

$350,000, 123 Century Way, Kallio, Kyle, and Hartwell, Stephanie, to Marion, Mason, and Gagnon, Alisa.

$347,000, 149 West St, Gronowicz, Matthew S, to Reynoso, Mercedes.

$305,000, 199 Main St, H J&J L Rome RT, and Rome, Arlene G, to Mapleleaf Rentals LLC.

$290,000, 4 Clark St, Normandin, Kenneth W, to Dodge, Kyle.

$250,000, 984 Clark St, Murray Sharon R Est, and Lepkowski, Edward, to Byrd, Michael.


$729,000, 119 North St, Deady, Ralph J, to Lyle, Stephen, and Lyle, Nikole.

$430,500, 1 Sampson St, Cadrin, Raymond G, and Cadrin, Cheryl A, to Bonk, Michael.

$422,000, 4 Spanish River Rd, Kleine, Lauren, and Chin, Rachel, to Stillman, Norman.

$415,000, 3 Falmouth Dr, Nabumba, Lydia, and Browne, Brian W, to Kim, Hyejin.

$387,500, 82 Pleasant St, Desmarais, Anna, and Desmarais, Scott, to Orlando, Ross-Philip, and Orlando, Alyssa.

$215,000, 27 Sampson St #27, Corey, Carolyn, to Bonzey, Cavan.


$1,610,000, 180 Prospect Hill Rd, Spinelli, Joseph A, and Spinelli, Jamie L, to Listzwan, Stephen M, and Listzwan, Pamela L.

$212,500, 10 Trail Ridge Way #C, Normandin Grp At Trl Rdg, to Oliveira-Dedeus, Andreia.


$775,000, 41 Lexington Cir, Silver, Rosann, to Wolfendale, Becky, and Wolfendale, William D.

$650,000, 32 Woodhaven Rd, Diliddo, Frederick D, and Diliddo, Carma A, to Dumais, Maureen E, and Dumais, Daniel.

$630,000, 16 Dogwood Cir, Vitalo, Paul E, and Gamba-Vitalo, Christina, to Lacey, Jeffrey R, and Lacey, Heather.

$556,000, 24 Jamieson Rd, Atwell, Michael, and Sleeper-Ames, Alison R, to Krawczyk, Tyler, and Krawczyk, Laura.

$432,000, 1689 Wachusett St, Quercio, Dante, and Quercio, Michelle, to Donnington, Thomas A, and Donnington, Corynne.

$399,900, 90 Fisher Rd #11, Nielsen, Frederick P, and Reardon, Audrey M, to Mcauliffe, Danielle K.

$387,000, 38 Mount View Dr, Regele, Patrick J, and Regele, Connie, to Levine, Russell, and Papia, Mikayla.

$385,000, 22 Laurel Hill Ln, Belli, Joshua J, and Belli, Amy, to Hewson, Brian A, and Vernon, Amy.

$355,000, 77 Powers Rd, Largier, Timothy, and Largier, Joanna, to Mccauley, Dawn F.

$241,000, 10 Nichols St #A, Nichols Street RT, and AR Rental Prop LLC Tr, to Helle, Matthew, and Dewan, Priya.


$260,000, 23 Cherokee Rd, Maple Ledge Assoc Inc, to Ohara, Mollie, and Rathburn, Joshua.

$205,000, 122 Old County Rd, Doyle, Patrick R, to Prescott, Hannah M.


$688,500, 23 Gannett Way, York, William H, and York, Robyn E, to Kwiatkowski, Alexander F, and Kwiatkowski, Megan N.

$580,000, 9 Crockett Cir, Kober, Gregg A, and Kober, Janyce B, to Lamb, Andrew, and Laforce, Heather.

$255,000, 9 Cross St, Seaver, Paul M, to Dozer RT, and Oreilly, Kristina.


$440,000, 9 Elm St, Cordio, Christopher R, to Putelis, Joseph S, and Putelis, Elizabeth A.

$360,000, 44 S Athol Rd, Wheeler, Ian T, and Wheeler, Amanda, to Henning, Pamela H, and Henning, Johanna C.

$200,000, Lombard Rd (WS), East Quabbin Land T Inc, to Massachusetts Comm Of.

$130,000, 39 Williamsville Rd, Johnson, Dean E, to Kenda, Robert L, and Shaughnessy, Cynthia.


$485,000, 60 Causeway St, Byrd, Michael A, and Byrd, Jessica S, to Goodrow, Kelli K, and Stuller, David J.

$450,000, 2 Rotherham Way #D, Virginia Bosio RET, and Glynn, Christine, to Coulson, Jeffery L, and Coulson, Joyce A.

$430,000, 27 Ontario Dr, Mederios, Paul S, and Mederios, Kimberly B, to Oliveira, Nicholas D.

$339,000, 89-91 Main St, 196 Washington Street LLC, to 91 Main LLC.

$255,000, 48 Washington St #1, Boutwell, Gregory D, and Swett, Brandi N, to Byrd, Jessica.

$195,000, 200 Manning St #16C, Chaves, Sandra, to Escobar, Carlos.


$800,000, 40 7 Bridge Rd, Byrne, Patrick M, and Byrne, Melissa, to Zirker, Erik G, and Zirker, Jaime.

$775,000, 59 Brockelman Rd, Wing, Jonathan A, and Wing, Amal O, to Cacciapaglia, Michelle, and Cacciapaglia, Ralph.

$680,000, 128 Settlers Path, Perkins, Edward, and Perkins, Elaine, to Leblanc, Reynaldo, and Leblanc, Jenna A.

$615,000, 45 Grant Way, Dray, Timothy J, and Dray, Patricia J, to Scharf, Emily J, and Rist, Aaron M.

$515,000, 37 Nicholas Dr, Lord, Jonathan D, and Lord, Cathy L, to Colson, Frederick A, and Turcotte, Suzanne M.

$500,000, 220 High Street Ext, Miller, Scott, and Miller, Daunne, to Kaulbach, Samuel A, and Kaulbach, Bridget.

$450,000, 637 Sterling Rd, Krawczyk, Tyler, and Krawczyk, Laura, to Hennessy, Brandon S, and Noonan, Kirsten N.

$300,000, 26 Shirley Rd, Buteau, Sylvia, to Kersey, Shawn.


$280,000, 4 Virginia Dr, Mekelski Leonard J Est, and Mekelski, Leonard J, to Heguys-Martin, Jose A, and Heguys, Jenna M.

$174,000, 320 Marshall St, Oxford Deleading Inc, to Ellis, Carol A.

$87,500, 208 Rawson St, Sparhawk Realty LLC, to Olin, Gordon.


$471,000, 160 Harvard St, Murray, Susan E, and Murray, James P, to Pacheco, Thomas P.

$420,000, 59 Cumberland Rd, Donnelly, Richard W, to Roche, Samantha.

$405,000, 45 Sharimar Dr, Lagoy, Robert C, and Lagoy, Darlene M, to Bradley, Paul F, and Jankun, Katherine A.

$400,000, 12 Saint Jean Ave, Masone, Joseph A, and Masone, Julie A, to Abene-Benewah, Dorcas, and Owusu-Ansah, Kwadwo.

$365,000, 5 Prospect Ave, Shea, Jamieson C, to Goodale, Zachary, and Goodale, Gabrielle.

$285,000, 54 Green St #115, Hynes, Francis X, and Hynes, Carol A, to Silva, Ana C.

$260,000, 22 Lorchris St, Zwicker, Audrey E, to Robles-Feliciano, Juan.

$255,000, 8 Chapman Pl #8, Bashaw, Kristina M, to Fors, Raymond, and Sommer, Lynn M.

$240,000, 33 Chapman Pl #33, Giadone-Poirier D A Est, and Massoni, Sandra A, to Leger, Norman G, and Leger, Janis M.

$137,000, 10 Abbey Rd #305, Viana RE Investments LLC, to Kash Group LLC.

$130,000, Wachusett St #1A, Vachon, Dennis, to Pothier, Daniel J, and Pothier, Jeannine.

$75,000, 30 Marcello Ave #1, 24 Kings LLC, to 30 Marcello Ave Porp LLC.


$925,000, 54 Gilchrest St, Demming, Glenn I, and Demming, Laura L, to Sheridan, Laura A, and Sheridan, John D.

$600,900, 22 Boucher Rd, Barrile, Christopher, and Barrile, Dana, to Jackson, Gary, and Quarrick, Matthew.

$550,000, 83 Oak Ave, James, Jerry, and James, Melissa A, to Whitney, Joshua L, and Whitney, Stephanie F.

$350,000, 273 Whalom Rd, Blair, Daniel, to Kaba, Mohamed.


$722,000, 78 E Main St, Lafreniere, Bruce, to Graziani, Bruno.

$685,000, 147 Ewald Ave, Bryant, Bethany E, to Messier, Rebeccah, and Poulin, Daniel.

$612,500, 204 Raymond Rd, Fung-A-Fat, Mark, to Sibrian, Aneth A, and Kellaway, Brian A.

$570,000, 99 Howe St, Christensen, Eric, and Christensen, Jessie, to Klein, Alan, and Klein, Barbara B.

$500,000, 2 S Bolton St, John Cotting RT, and Aykanian, Sem, to Johnny T Farrey LLC.

$400,000, 19 Belmont St, Walgreen, James, and Walgreen, Omaira V, to Jones, Jason.

$380,000, 58 Prospect St, Kirkland, Jennifer, and Daigle, Michael J, to Decuevas, Annette M, and Cuevas-Pena, Anily R.

$370,000, 109 Crystal Brook Way #H, Crystal Brook, Moar, Kathleen P, to Piselli, Mark.

$342,000, 28 Broad St #204, White, Katherine A, to Desantis, Matthew.

$280,000, 39 Foley Rd, Ashley, Gwendolyn R, to Constitution Prop LLC.

$192,000, 188 Boston Post Rd E #5, Berrera, Elisa, to Orange RT, and Galperin, Boris.

$190,000, 760 Farm Rd #36, Leisz, Jon, to Jin, Lu.


$700,000, 7 Davenport Rd, Bliss, Mark S, and Bliss, Annette S, to Hatch, Jared.

$489,000, 200 Providence St, Henning, Diane, and Stevens, Diane, to Burbidge, Steven R, and Burbidge, Wendy A.

$432,785, 30 Brookview Ln #11, Brookview LLC, to Kolli, Naren V, and Koganti, Renuka S.

$430,200, 31 Brookview Ln #12, Brookview LLC, to Fair, Mikaela.

$370,000, 128 Uxbridge Rd, 128 Uxbridge Road LLC, to Keeper-Mendon LLC.


$650,000, 190 E Main St, J&M RT, and Braza, Jose G, to Darn Properties LLC.

$535,000, 6 Oak Ter, Sheedy, Colin P, and Sheedy, April E, to Mccormack, Kaitlyn E, and Obrien, Stephen M.

$520,000, 82 School St, Lisovskis, Marina, and Lisovskis, Vitalijus, to Stickney, Adrienne, and Stickney, Christopher B.

$485,625, 4 Naples Ct, Rodriguez-Rivera, Moises, to Carranza, Maria E.

$475,000, 6 South Ter, Boulos, Charles A, and Boulos, Lori J, to Albanese, Domenic, and Ciampa-Albanese, Susan A.

$450,000, 55 Jionzo Rd, Compagnone, Ann, to Tarolli, Zachary J, and Stanas, Lillian B.

$440,000, 67 Pine St, Towle, Christopher, to Sinchi-Sanches, Sandra Y.

$390,000, 26 Leonard St, Dossantos, Alessandro, and Santos, Walex E, to Vicuna, Gladys.

$325,000, 36 Country Club Ln #D, Ayala, Zuriel, and Ayala, Yerania, to Huda, Yasmin S.

$215,000, 4 Shadowbrook Ln #7, M&D Tawadros RET, and Tawadros, Magdy A, to Goes-Pinto, Danielle N, and Pinto, Raphael C.

$162,000, 23 Shadowbrook Ln #30, Deoliveira, Robert F, to Cahill, Joseph.

$115,000, 14 Lawrence St, Giampietro, Michael A, and Giampietro, Joseph P, to Giampietro, Joseph P.

$60,000, 15 Fairview Ave, Milford Town Of, to Bregani, Michael.


$369,000, 135 Main St #135, Kachoria, Jay S, and Kachoria, Aparna G, to Fields, Jason P.

$350,000, 5 Knollwood Cir, Driver, Jason S, to Benoit, Jodi M.

$256,200, 8 Millbury Ter, Barrows Elaine E Est, and Blom, Eric D, to Cota, Sebastian.

$190,000, 102 Wheelock Ave, US Bank NA Tr, to Lefrancois, Rosemary.

North Brookfield

$275,000, 8 Cider Mill Rd, Southworth, Jeremy M, to Wiewel, Andrew, and Standfield, Catriona H.

$195,400, 24 King St, Caille, Carolyn J, and Caille, Gregory V, to Shea, Christopher, and Shea, Amy.


$865,000, 22 Overlock Dr, Zimmerman, Frank R, and Zimmerman, Margaret, to Prell-Dunberg, Scott, and Downing, Kathryn.

$625,000, 34 Hamilton Rd, Tanriverdi, Kahraman, and Tanriverdi, Sultan, to Wolfe, Keri, and Holt, Robert.

$530,000, 226 Howard St, Goodenow, Carol, to Obrien, Daniel J, and Obrien, Julia E.

$450,000, 35 Leland Dr, Terp-Sheldon, Cynthia, and Sheldon, Robert J, to Amberson, Eric, and Cohen, Nora.

$450,000, 47 Washburn St, Lee, Alexander R, to Chamberlain, Meagan, and Chamberlain, Shauna.

$430,000, 29 Riley Rd, New Home Investments LLC, to Orejola, Max E.

$355,000, 32 Westbrook Rd #32, Wilson, Christina, to Gaffny, Matthew, and Gaffny, Matthew B.


$443,625, 285 Swift Rd, Fay, Gerald F, and Fay, Lisa M, to Rossman, Michael P, and Rossman, Jennifer L.

$401,100, 10 Edmonds Cir #10, Lewis, Susan E, and Simmonds, Norman E, to Flaherty, Pamela.

$300,000, 72 Arthur Dr #72, Noel, Beverly L, to Costa, Austin M, and White, Sarah A.

$275,000, 38 Upton St #38, On The Flip Side LLC, to Paille, Ronald F.

$150,000, 96-98 N Main St, Oikle, Arnold L, and Oikle, Carol L, to Burdick, Jerry L.

$50,000, Hudson St, J&S Caya RT, and Caya, Gerard P, to Fransico Stone Work Inc.

$19,603, Providence Rd, Hoffman, Nicholas, and Hoffman, Sherri, to Brooks, Evan.


$397,500, 344 Mayo Rd, Barszcz, Francis J, to Hume, Scott E, and Hume, Elizabeth A.

$235,000, 174 Pleasant St, Kimball, Olivia A, to Caron, Sydney M, and Patnaude, Brian A.

$196,500, 167 S Main St, Pioneer Vly Inc, to Barden, Scott A.


$393,000, 152 Charlton St, Shepard, Stanley F, and Shepard, Virginia L, to Meadows, Kimberly A, and Keay, Kevin M.

$375,000, 90 Fort Hill Rd, Martin, Lynne, to Hubbard, Dawn M.

$350,000, 55 Ennis Rd, Swiatlowski, Matthew J, to Santiago, Miguel A, and Santiago, Luiz M.

$255,000, 24 Ballard St, Medaglia, John F, and Medaglia, Denise L, to Ferrera, Nicholas T.


$599,900, 1 Major Moore Cir, Balcewicz, Stephen, and Balcewicz, Donna M, to Hagan, Nana K, and Hagan, Elizabeth A.


$500,000, 82 Hardwick Rd, Baker John A Est, and Baker, Dylan A, to Haggard, Richard L, and Haggard, Jayne E.

$328,000, 35 Old Barre Rd, Skowyra, Brianna, and Skowyra, Thomas, to White, Mary E.


$10,000, Grow Ln, Caswell, Jennifer, to Valcovic, David P, and Cornell, Patricia E.


$700,000, 30 Bushy Ln, Nadworniak, Stephen J, and Nadworniak, Rebecca L, to Silva, Robert J.

$490,000, 5 Richards Ave, Shapiro, Susan A, and Shapiro, Ralph V, to Rondeau, Meghan, and Mcmanus, Meghan.

$485,000, 7 Jackson Ave, Miller, Brian J, to Belli, Joshua J, and Belli, Amy S.

$350,000, 38 Bigelow Rd, 38 Bigelow Road LLC, to Oconnor, Matthew J.

$132,000, 176 Maple Ave #7-36, Duclos, Michael, to Proctor, James W.

$115,000, 176 Maple Ave #2-24, FSPM T, and Kruczynski, R S, to Melikova, Yadigar, and Ermakova, Jeannette.


$1,275,000, 7 Ashwood Cir, Tolba, Hatem A, and Tolba, Julie L, to Santoro, Jeffrey E, and Howe-Santoro, Cara A.

$860,000, 600 South St, Dipaola, Christian P, and Dipaola, Cara Y, to Kosaraju, Praveen, and Chittineni, Madhavi.

$661,000, 16 Park St W, Mancini, Christopher J, and Mancini, Michelle A, to Vang, James A, and Vang, Janny.

$660,000, 935 Main St #2, Wyman Farms LLC, to Risedorf, Bruce B, and Risedorf, Denise T.

$650,000, 5 Parmenter Hill Rd, Burke, James G, and Burke, Beth A, to Bondi, Michael, and Bondi, Julie.

$650,000, 8-10 Park St, Quirion, Michael P, to Parker, Kieran P, and Parker, Kymberlee E.

$605,000, 4 Eastern Point Dr #4, Karen Ellen Duffy T, and Duffy, Karen E, to Ardidson, Cathleen, and Ardidson, Dean.

$600,000, 29 Hapgood Way, Fountain, Scott, and Fountain, Cynthia, to Ramirez, Nohora P, and Losada, Jose D.

$492,690, 84 Summer St, Collins, Renee L, to Fox, Brian, and Fox, Amelia.

$445,000, 34 Fyrbeck Ave, Bondi, Michael, and Bondi, Julie P, to Rooney, Ryan, and Rooney, Lisa.

$339,150, 11 Rucliff St, Powers Philip J Est, and Powers, Kevin P, to Bernard, Carl R.

$315,000, 169 Sewall St, Liberty, Paul, and Liberty, Eileen, to Alabd, Ahmad M, and Alaboud, Nofah S.

$183,000, 20 Shrewsbury Green Dr #C, Murtaza, Zubair, to Gauss RT, and Canning, James T.

$125,000, 81 Clinton St, PSJ LLC, to Charlton Road Realty LLC.

$125,000, Boylston St, PSJ LLC, to Charlton Road Realty LLC.

$125,000, Ira Ave, PSJ LLC, to Charlton Road Realty LLC.

$125,000, Mountain Avenue Ter #113, PSJ LLC, to Charlton Road Realty LLC.

$125,000, Mountain Avenue Ter #120, PSJ LLC, to Charlton Road Realty LLC.

$125,000, Verona St #11, PSJ LLC, to Charlton Road Realty LLC.

$125,000, Verona St #114, PSJ LLC, to Charlton Road Realty LLC.

$125,000, Verona St #115, PSJ LLC, to Charlton Road Realty LLC.

$125,000, Verona St #116, PSJ LLC, to Charlton Road Realty LLC.

$125,000, Verona St #117, PSJ LLC, to Charlton Road Realty LLC.

$125,000, Verona St #118, PSJ LLC, to Charlton Road Realty LLC.

$125,000, Verona St #119, PSJ LLC, to Charlton Road Realty LLC.

$125,000, Verona St #12, PSJ LLC, to Charlton Road Realty LLC.

$125,000, Verona St #13, PSJ LLC, to Charlton Road Realty LLC.

$125,000, Verona St #14, PSJ LLC, to Charlton Road Realty LLC.


$2,656,875, 1 Sears Rd, Mannix, Thomas W, and Mannix, Regina M, to 76 Fisher Road LLC.

$2,656,875, 7 Sears Rd, Mannix, Thomas W, and Mannix, Regina M, to 76 Fisher Road LLC.

$1,278,000, 3 Kidder Ln, Verbeek, Gerard H, and Verbeek, Jennifer L, to Thiel, Austin, and Monnolly, Kelli.

$1,200,000, 2 Boswell Ln, Christy, Todd B, and Christy, Trisha S, to Nemtzow, Alexander J, and Oren, Kristine C.

$1,153,000, 26 Ledge Hill Rd, Guha, Subrata, and Fuller-Guha, Laura A, to Awadalla, Michele M, and Necola, Darin.

$975,000, 72 Deerfoot Rd, Mcgovern, Stephen F, and Mcgovern, Bryanne, to M&B PT, and Ika, Ravi.

$870,000, 22 Constitution Dr, Awadalla, Michel M, and Necola, Darin, to Pitney, Mathew R, and Pitney, Anna-Marie.

$575,000, 3 Hammond St, Bishop, Christopher D, and Bishop, Lynn M, to Pharris, Matthew, and Phillips, Elizabeth A.

$492,000, 6 Pearl St, Bradbury, David M, to Green, Melissa A, and Gazarian, Christopher A.

$440,000, 2 Leonard Dr, Ward Jojn James Est, and Christo, Christy M, to Mcgillicuddy, Lawrence P, and Collins, Hannah R.

$375,000, 76 William Onthank Ln #76, Ingham Anne M Est, and Ingham, Brian D, to Dickey, Sherry.

$45,000, 261 Cordaville Rd, Main St Asset Solutions, to Waugh, Faith.


$360,000, 36 Colonial Dr, Fernandes, Camila, to Makani-Mason, Jane.

$353,000, 34 Durfee St, Rivera, Michelle, to John, Ray, and Gayle, Lana.

$353,000, 66 Wall St, Larochelle, David S, and Larochelle, Patricia A, to Rodriguez, Edwin A.

$348,000, 357 South St, Colon, Reynaldo, to Morales, Cindy, and Morales, Edwin.

$327,500, 43 Taft St, Vazquez-Ortiz, Gerardo, to Skordialou, Christina, and Skordialos, Anastasios.

$325,000, 16 Marjorie Ln, Gardner, Jean A, and Gardner, Steven, to Pruitt, Caleb.

$280,000, 24 Roger St, Hudon, Paul R, to Jantuah, John S, and Eaton, Christiana.

$180,000, 223 Mechanic St, Midfirst Bank, to Alpha Home Services Inc.

$137,000, 750 Charlton St, Bashaw, Abraham L, and Cornerstone Bank, to Scribner Properties LLC.

$99,900, Corriveau Ave, Hillcrest Ave Prop LLC, to Gammell, Robert M, and Gammell, Susan E.


$700,000, 45 Oakland Dr, Flannery, Thomas P, and Flannery, Sibilla, to Auger, Mark.

$500,000, 160 Main St, Adel Realty LLC, to Spencer MA 160 Main St.

$273,000, 42 Hastings Rd, Robare, Tabbitha, to Mccann-Crombie, Michelle.


$1,500,000, 2 Spratt Technology Dr, 2 Spratt Tech LLC, to Sterling Warehouse Tech.

$520,000, 4 Karen Dr, Cravedi, David, and Blew, Michelle, to Williams, Alison, and Mclaughlin, Connor M.

$450,000, 19 Honeycrisp Way #19, Rauh, Travis R, to Ford, Timothy J.

$400,000, 39 Tanglewood Rd, Wood, Michael W, and Wood, Kimberly M, to Artinian, Levon, and Artinian, Kerri.

$399,900, 15 Johnson Rd, Hasselquist, Kelly L, and Hasselquist, Leif, to Demesquita, Gentil B, and Borges, Dirlene P.

$270,000, 8 Trinity Ave, Wilkins, Michelle L, and Simms, Ronnie J, to Wilkins, Matthew, and Wilkins, Brittni.

$255,000, 4 Jill Ln #D, Wyman, Patrick, and Wyman, Katherine A, to Turcotte, Thomas J, and Turcotte, Sally J.


$1,500,000, 367 Main St, Karikan Sturbridge Owner, to NMR Realty LLC.

$1,200,000, 171 Charlton Rd, Penney Realty LLC, to Steerage Rock Prop LLC.

$550,000, 14 Woodlawn Dr, Eleanor K Flynn IRT, and Flynn, Daniel B, to Gonzalez-Salinas, Santiag, and Ryan, Melanie M.

$370,000, 134 Cedar St, Coleman, Ronald J, and Coleman, Michael T, to Dunnigan, Ian P, and Dunnigan, Rebecca R.

$360,000, 8 Laflamme Ln, Grenier, Wayne, and Grenier, Carol, to Camas, Amaryllis J, and Leiva, Marta I.

$180,000, 130 Mashapaug Rd, Renaud, Robert J, to Liu, Yuee.


$540,000, 7 Blueberry Meadow Dr, Trujillo, Richard D, and Trujillo, Ellen, to Burroughs, Eve M, and Burroughs, Dylan.

$199,000, 9 Silver Ledge Dr, Terraces RT, and Denittis, Matthew, to Duarte, Wilson, and Duarte, Diana.


$574,600, 128 Turner Ln, Traven Development LLC, to Kim, Sakal M, and Sos, Jendhamuni.

$296,000, 50 Pleasant St, Godfrey, Richard A, and Godfrey, Judith L, to Oliveira, Emily A, and Mackenzie, Erich C.

$225,000, 4 Kennedy Way, Kennedy, Raymond, and Kennedy, Rochelle, to Leonardo, Catherine M.


$100,000, 54 Thicket Rd, Skibski, Raymond M, and Skibski, Ann E, to Houle, Robert, and Houle, Kim.


$424,000, 14 Sycamore Dr, Dagenais, Richard M, to Toledo, Sandro, and Toledo, Josiani G.

$395,100, 1 Walnut St, Miln, Scott P, and Miln, Shelby N, to Post, Stephani.

$275,000, 327 Main St, Donahue, Katherine, to Moore, Thomas L, and Moore, Valerie A.

$249,000, 26 W Meadow Estates Dr #26, Romandini, Russell C, and Romandini, Laurie L, to Leary, Trisha A.

$160,000, 5 Sauna Row Rd, Potsaid, Michael J, and Potsaid, Jane, to Potsaid, Benjamin, and Potsaid, Timothy.


$620,000, 20 Maple Ave, Giombetti-Clue, Diane, and Clue, Kevin A, to Disanto, Richard, and Disanto, Stefanie.

$615,000, 343 Mendon St, Lareau, Michael E, and Lareau, Roxanne P, to Mcfarland, Matthew R.

$475,000, 120 Mechanic St, Foye, Ann J, to Stewart, Colt, and Blaisdell, Talia.

$456,000, 79 Glen Ave, Jones, Eric W, to Bennett, Jeremy R, and Bennett, Nancy E.


$390,000, 2 Jackson Ct #2, RJJ RT, and Nealon, Robert T, to Smith, Emilia.

$388,370, 45 Tea Party Dr #45, Independence Uxbrdge Rlty, to Martins, David, and Martins, Erin.

$290,000, 7 Manor House Ln #7, Blain, Kelly, and Blain, Kelly L, to Tartakoff, Amy S.


$395,000, 17 Westbrook Ave, Moryl FT, and Moryl, Paul A, to Bulut, Ali.

$375,000, 40 Moriarty Rd, Long, Daniel W, to Corriveau, Jordin L, and Ouimette, Brandon A.

$259,000, 121 Bacon Rd, Mejias, Luis A, to Millet, Peter A, and Millet, Samantha R.

$242,000, 48 Pleasant St, Andrews, Mark A, and Andrews, Joyce A, to Batista, Eurides, and Frias, Damaris M.

$240,000, 19-21 Aspen St, Scudder Bay Capital LLC, to Batista, Eurides.

$165,000, 8 Cherry St, Western Mass Realty LLC, to Batista, Eurides, and Frias, Damaris M.

$155,000, 21 Lovewell St, Desantis, Aaron J, to Harold, Deno.

$150,000, 13 Cherry St, Ware Hsng Cooperative Inc, to Abel, Thomas.

$150,000, 65-69 Pleasant St, Breton Realty LLC, to Nallett FT, and Nallett, James.

$53,000, 89 W Main St, Boisvert, Michael J, to Veloz&Associates LLC.


$85,000, 114 Burbank St, Keith, Gary J, and Keith, Sharon L, to Fountain&Sons Const Co.


$425,000, 2 Chestnut Hill Dr, Tau, Eric Y, and Fan, Ashlie, to Lobo-Dias, Fabio, and DeSousa-Alves, Livia.

$380,000, 3 Dominique Dr, Brunnett, Timothy J, to Fiorillo, Kristy.

$360,000, 5 Oakmont St, Leoniak, Krystyna, and Leoniak, Tadeusz, to Cassemiro, Claudio M, and Cassemiro, Maria I.

$315,000, 7 Pine Ridge Rd, Farr, Steven J, to Benker, Autumn.

$289,000, 8 Wyman St, Fiorillo, Kristy, to Korzec, Greg, and Korzec, Daisy.

$285,000, 36 Cudworth Rd, Leboeuf, Ellen T, to Pflum, Benjamin.

$280,000, 39 Brook St, Andrzejewski, Linda N, to Shephard, Ruth M.

$172,000, 48 Lakeside Ave, Cahill, James J, and Cahill, Kristen L, to Fleming, Angela C.

$98,500, 22 Aldrich St, Labonte, Theresa A, to Cozzens, Kenneth P.

$29,000, Goddard St #1, Dibonaventura, Richard, to 73 Willard Rd LLC.

$13,100, N Main St, Cruz, Jose L, to Rahman, Syed A, and Kalanzi, Ismail.

West Boylston

$538,000, 22 Townsend Dr, Wildt, Samuel L, and Murray-Wildt, Jill J, to Johnson, Ehmil.

West Brookfield

$40,000, 123 Wigwam Rd, Benson Gordon L Est, and Benson, Thomas M, to Tetreault, Ethan.


$1,020,000, 29 Butterfield Dr, Lin, Kuo L, and Yuwen-Fuh, Angela, to Chaluvegowda-Kovi, Ramesh, and Srinivasaiah, Ranjini.

$1,015,000, 5 Lydias Path, Tigas, Emil L, and Torres, Mira S, to Botrous, Samir, and Makkary, Taghred.

$920,000, 68 Warren St, Eastwood, Matthew J, and Eastwood, Lynann, to Antil-Patwardhan, Kedar, and Patwardhan, Amruta K.

$720,000, 8 Denfeld Dr, Fotos, William N, and Fotos, Lauren A, to Dasilva, Filipe, and Dasilva, Mariann.

$575,000, 146 Milk St, Lisita, Katia N, to Snyder, Catharine L.

$494,745, 11213 Peters Farm Way #11213, Pulte Hm Of New Eng LLC, to Geshwiler, Joseph E, and Geshwiler, Mildred E.

$351,400, 11212 Peters Farm Way #11212, Pulte Hm Of New Eng LLC, to Macomber, Suzanne P.

$300,000, 65 South St #3, Bubba RT, and Fitzgibbons, Sterling, to Cruz-Moguel, Marisela, and Gonzalez-Garza, Juan J.

$214,900, 149 Milk St #5, Goswamy, Gaurav, and Goswamy, Pooja G, to Alalaei, Haidar, and Elkoubaydi, Meryem.

$200,000, 16-B Mayberry Dr #5, Harvey, Steven, to Kathiresan, Kannan, and Sethuraman, Mangalam.

$198,000, 54 Treetop Park #54, Ventriglia, Giuseppe, to Ventriglia, Mark A.

$173,000, 145 Milk St #8, Sylvester, Michael N, and Sylvester, Melissa, to Mckelvey, Edym R.

$169,000, 147 Milk St #2, Alalaei, Haidar J, and Meryeme, Elkoubaydi, to Kuruvilla, Ashok G, and Thomas, Honey E.


$570,000, 140 Bean Porridge Hill Rd, Marcello, Scott, and Marcello, Rachel A, to Thompson, Otis, and Brown, Deana.

$135,000, Davis Rd #1, Best FT, and Best, Douglas E, to Normandin Group LLC.


$16,165,000, 14 George St, Worcester Health Grp LLC, to Lutheran Hsng Corp.

$16,165,000, 26 Harvard St, Worcester Health Grp LLC, to Lutheran Hsng Corp.

$710,000, 2 Davis Way, Pearson FT, and Pearson, Linda A, to Fontecchio, Michael J, and Fontecchio, Sally A.

$710,000, 6 Davis Way, Pearson FT, and Pearson, Linda A, to Fontecchio, Michael J, and Fontecchio, Sally A.

$620,000, 166 Belmont St, Whitsle Hill Holdings LLC, to Baez, Leonard.

$599,000, 27 Hancock Hill Dr, Fitzpatrick, Thomas L, to Ord, Michelle E.

$565,000, 378 Bridle Path, Bergevin, Paul F, and Emery, Roberta G, to Parvin Homes LLC.

$550,000, 518 Grafton St, Limark Realty LLC, to White, James E, and White, Michelle.

$544,900, 505 Salisbury St, Sarfo, Emmanuel, and Badu, Evelyn, to Dheri, Klodiana, and Dheri, Genci.

$529,000, 1341 Main St, Mccullough, James F, and Mccullough, Christine, to Girard, Eric M.

$510,000, 81 Forest St, Tower, Katheryn E, to Andrews, Christina, and Andrews, Hughroy H.

$505,000, 22 Plantation St, Ackerman, Robert V, to Alptekin, Ayse.

$500,000, 2 Spurr St, Galkowski Dorothy M Est, and Kroll, Frances J, to Hattar, Elias M.

$485,000, 10 Germain St, Mulder, Carel, to Cruz, Juan.

$485,000, 29 Euclid Ave, Swenson, Joel, to Cordero, Nikolas M.

$485,000, 57 Fox St, Rivera, William, to Dowd, Marguerite D.

$480,000, 16 Harlow St, Ansong, Agnes A, and Ansong, Raymond, to Gallant, Amy.

$480,000, 5 Dartmouth St, Cipro, Angelo V, to Rasheed, Ashfaq, and Javeed, Sheema.

$460,000, 9 Roseland Rd, Mandell, Daniel T, and Mclean, Riley E, to Ciolfi, Kasey, and Wojtanowski, Philip G.

$456,500, 1 Envelope Ter #311, Heifetz, Heidi L, and Shelley, Marc V, to Macpherson, Derek J, and Mills, Caitlyn L.

$450,000, 17 Dolly Dr, Nguyen, Tuong V, and Nguyen, Duc M, to Franco, Sergio A.

$450,000, 17 Reeves St, Premier Rental Prop LLC, to Hughes, Michael P, and Hughes, Jennifer.

$440,000, 45 Mary Ann Dr, Regele, Mary E, and Huber-Regele, Christina M, to Zavaleta, Edith L, and Aragon, Otilia.

$433,000, 21 Woodward St, Twahir, Salim, and Twahir, Indra, to Zheng, Quan Z.

$426,500, 29 Strasburg Rd, Conte, Anthony J, and Conte, Francesca L, to Darcy, Daniel J, and Darcy, Audra J.

$426,000, 1 Tatnuck Ter, Aboody, Blake T, to Barrera, Elise, and Barrera, Kemberlin.

$400,000, 20 Acushnet Ave, Oetman, Brian C, and Oetman, Crystal D, to Keefe, Shane R, and Brohin, Maria.

$400,000, 404 Cambridge St, Gyasi, Kwadjo, and Gyasi, Diane, to Cobos, Alex R.

$390,000, 42 Meola Ave, Lidonde, Patrick, and Lidonde, Janet, to Kwakye, Daniel P.

$385,000, 401 May St, Khadka, Chandra B, and Gajurel, Kamali, to Tran, Khanh V, and Le, Tuyet M.

$370,000, 75 Deerfield St, Donington, Thomas, and Donington, Corynne, to Schube, Thomas F, and Schube, Denise D.

$356,000, 82 Beaconsfield Rd, Conroy, Craig M, and Conroy, Virginia, to Webley-Roberts, Nicole A.

$355,000, 15 Scandinavia Ave, Lauzon, Jason L, and Lauzon, Jaime, to Connery, Amy, and Plisinski, Joshua.

$350,000, 12 George St, 12 George Street LLC, to Lutheran Hsng Corp.

$350,000, 91 Ararat St, Ord, Michelle E, to Connell, Orrin, and Connell, Ellen.

$345,000, 27 Uncatena Ave, Connolly, Amanda K, to Champlin, Jeremy C, and Champlin, Sherry L.

$340,000, 207 Hamilton St, Araujo, Rafael P, and Araujo, Flavia K, to Diaz, Norma I.

$340,000, 69 Progressive St, Lopriore, Eve M, and Burroughs, Dylan, to Chen, John M.

$340,000, 7 Assabet Ln, Isak, Ardjana, to Palmer, Christopher M.

$340,000, 8 Hillsboro Rd, 8 Hlsboro Rd Worcester RT, and Claprood, Mark L, to Le, Hong, and Nguyen, Lisa.

$340,000, 92 Prouty Ln, Eldridge, Jessica M, and Hamel, Nicholas J, to George, Brian, and John, Stephanie.

$335,500, 234 Saint Nicholas Ave, Corbosiero, Michelle A, to Downs, Geoffrey S, and Downs, William.

$310,000, 121 Warner Ave, Fitzgerald, Alyssa A, to Leslie, Sara.

$305,950, 32 Huntington Ave, Carroll, Walter J, and Carroll, Nancy P, to Voka, Fabjon, and Kajtazi, Mirsada.

$305,000, 1 Envelope Ter #309, Marc D Alongi RET, and Alongi, Marc D, to Madden, Mark, and Madden, Denise.

$295,000, 4 Lebanon St, Renfrew St LLC, to Hanley, Matthew.

$285,000, 1 Goulding St, Price, Nicole G, and Price, Emmett G, to 677lez LLC.

$285,000, 11 Tatnuck Gdns, Kopiec Sandra J Est, and Liddy, Wendy A, to Petmezis, Joanne.

$285,000, 25 Keen St, Fournier, John T, and Leufstedt, Patricia M, to Culkeen, Meaghan A, and Fisher, Michael S.

$275,000, 17 Granite St, Judy Cheng RET, and Cheng, Brian, to Lin, Helen X.

$273,500, 21 Patch Reservoir Dr, Morana, Nicholas J, and Fournier, Beverly, to Xavier, Albert, and Paulraj, Antony M.

$260,000, 1 Envelope Ter #308, Steinberg, Robert, and Steinberg, Beatrice, to Swanstrom, Steven E.

$260,000, 76 Barnard Rd, Kniskern, Sheila, to V&J LLC.

$230,000, 29 Amesbury St, Arpin, David M, to Rent King Boston LLC.

$225,000, 14 Lyndale Rd, Knorr, Sallie A, and Knorr, David E, to Knorr, Andrew D.

$222,000, 270 Sunderland Rd #38, S Zagoren RT, and Zagoren, Donald R, to Krouner, Alexander, and Caetano-Krouner, Leticia.

$220,000, 160 Fremont St #315, Pacific Premier Bank, to Bonczyk, Nicholas.

$200,000, 21 Indiana St, Frissora, Annette M, to Alaghatta, Akshay.

$165,000, 2 Apricot St #23, Stevens, Thomas G, and Stevens, Nemia, to Rocha, Angell G.

$155,000, 56 Elm St #9, Cruz, Alex A, and Cruz, Karyn E, to Karustis, Charles, and Hincks, John.

$150,000, 154 Greenwood St #2, Mcgarry, Jason E, to Peloquin, Matthew J, and Bao, Ying.

$119,000, 3 Fielding St, Germain, Todd A, and Germain, Brenda M, to Germain, Brenda M.

$97,621, 10 Rutledge St #3G, 10 Rutledge Street IRT, and Dauderis, Peter P, to DLP Realty LLC.

$20,000, 32 Cleveland Ave, Elrifai, Imad A, and El-Refaei, Leila, to Elrifai, Imad A.


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