Wolves beat off a loan offer to Tottenham Adam Traore



Place the baby oil on the shelf. According to the Telegraph, Tottenham Hotspur the proposal for Adam Traor was turned down on the last day.

Spurs were working on a deal for Traore, a player Nuno Espiritu Santo loved working with last week as the Wolves coach. A £ 40 million transfer fee has been discussed, which seems like a lot for a monstrous dribbler with an unproven finish record.

However, Telegraph reports that Tottenham’s rejected offer was not a permanent signing this summer, but a one-year loan. with a commitment to buy Traore next summer. This is similar to the deal that brought Christian Romero to Spurs this summer, and it was approved by Football’s managing director Fabio Paratici.

Traore is obviously a handful of defenders and there have been suggestions that he would like to reunite with Nuno in Spurs, but he is considered a key player in the Wolves under Bruno Lage and they are not particularly keen on letting go, especially after losing the others. key players like Diego Jota in the last couple of seasons.

So what does this mean for the future? Unclear. Less than a week left until transmission window is closing, which means that if Traore is Nuno’s boyfriend, Paratici will need to make a significantly better offer to get him. I don’t know if this means that Tottenham will move on to other goals or not, but I just want to kindly point out to Paratici and Nuno that Husem Auar right there and will likely be available for less money than it takes to get Traore in a spur t-shirt. (If you can put a spur t-shirt on him at all, this dude jaded.)


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