Windermere Real Estate Ocean Shores Explains How A Booming Industry Has Changed North Beach



TThe hot real estate market in Washington state has been on the rise for quite some time and has officially hit Grace Harbor. When the market is at an all-time high Windermere Real Estate, Ocean Shores felt the influence of this small coastal town, and branch manager Jim Donahue discusses how this has changed Ocean Shores.

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Windermere Real Estate Ocean Shores can help you better understand the bustling market in North Beach and beyond. Photo courtesy of: Windermere Real Estate Ocean Shores

At Windermere Ocean Shores, brokers are experienced and ready to help not only the city, but the entire North Beach area, and also serve Ocean Shores, Ocean City, Copalis Beach, Seabrook, Pacific Beach and Moclips. Whether you are looking for residential properties, condos, apartment buildings, land, farms, woodlands or commercial properties, our team has the experience to help you find the property you were looking for.

Jim recalls: “Our family moved to the beach in 1962 and owned and operated Alexander’s By the Sea Resort in Ocean City. My father opened his own real estate office in 1964. He passed away in 1976, and my mother and I decided to continue the business and received individual licenses. Since then I have been specializing in commercial real estate ”.

The Windermere Ocean Shores office was first opened in 1991 by Tom Quigg, who then also owned subsidiaries in Westport and Aberdeen Windermere. At that time Jim became the appointed broker and ran the office. Tom eventually sold the Aberdeen and Ocean Shores offices to current owner Travis Elovich.

Jim left Windermere in 2001 to run his own resort development consulting business in the United States and Western Mexico. Returning in 2014, he became the director of the branch office. In 1996, he achieved the level of Certified Member for Commercial Investment (CCIM). “I’ve been in the industry for many years and have done a lot of development work,” says Jim. “I had a great time working in this position in our community. Today I can only describe the current market as “fast and furious.”

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Windermere Real Estate Ocean Shores is ready to help you with all your real estate needs. Photo courtesy of: Windermere Real Estate Ocean Shores

Jim goes on to explain that he has never really seen a local market as hot as this one. In Ocean Shores, nearly 200 homes have been built annually over the past two years. While this trend was previously reflected mainly by snowbirds using their holdings in this part of Grace Harbor during the summer months, as well as by retirees, the working world has changed and many more people are now able to work remotely. This gives more opportunities to build life on the beach and outside the big cities.

Jim is worried about the persistence of ever-increasing prices. Recently, however, there have been signs of some correction. “We’re starting to see sellers who value their properties too highly come back to the ground a bit,” explains Jim. “Although the change is minor, it deserves attention. A small correction is much better than a bursting bubble. ” On the commercial side, Jim explains that he believes the Ocean Shores area is approaching the point where regional retail brands are starting to show interest in locating the area as it has a more permanent population.

Working in these market conditions requires a lot of energy and patience. Jim knows that his office, with eight active brokers and three employees, is well prepared for the job. “Recently,” says Jim, “I walked around and asked our agents,“ Why do you work here? Over and over they mentioned that it was because of the Windermere Way. We are truly proud to maintain high standards of ethics, mutual respect and create a great company that people enjoy working for. Another component is entertainment … which is very important when choosing any career. “

While the market continues to change every day, Windermere Real Estate Ocean Shores is ready to assist you with all your real estate needs and guide you to the perfect solution. To find out more visit Windermere Real Estate Ocean Shores website


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