Why premium property prices in San Miguel de Allende



The view of the Mexican San Miguel de Allende dictates high prices, which buyers of luxury real estate are happy to pay. The scenic views of San Miguel de Allende are really important to luxury buyers, according to Joseph W. Lown, Lead Agent for a leading luxury brokerage. CDR San Miguel… “Because of the topography, views are the number one criterion for people who want to live in San Miguel de Allende.”

San Miguel de Allende is located in the eastern part of Guanajuato, about 170 miles from Mexico City. America’s favorite retirement destination… These expats strive for a mild climate, five-star cuisine, accessible art and culture, baroque / neoclassical colonial architecture, and a reasonable cost of living. History and culture in San Miguel de Allende are deeply rooted; UNESCO recognizes part of the old colonial city as a prestigious World Heritage Site.

San Miguel de Allende is famous for one attraction. “All eyes revolve around Parroquia,” says Lown. The towering Parroquia de San Miquel Arcangel is a pink, 17th-century neo-Gothic church with high spiers. You will see this in all guides and videos dedicated to exploring the city. Its castle architecture is synonymous with San Miguel de Allende. “There are some views on Parroquia that really make some people happy. Panoramic views, though, are what luxury home buyers want, ”adds Lown.

To the east of the central square, you start up a hill for views. “There are only a few geographic areas with great views,” Lown said. One property called Casa del SolThe Hacienda Spanish Colony-style home, currently worth $ 2,495,000, has great views of the Parrochia and more to come. “It has an unusual living room, bedroom, garden, terrace, pool, terrace and rooftop view. There is a great view from the sofa in the living room, ”said Lown.

The house has six bedrooms, four with bathrooms. There is also a separate house with two bedrooms and a separate entrance. Casa de Sol is located in the closed (24/7) enclave of Privada del Sol and is located in the prestigious Centro area on a hill, about ten minutes walk from Parroquia.

Lown, a former Texan and longtime resident of San Miguel de Allende, warns shoppers about the importance of timeless species. “Not all species are forever. When choosing a property because you love the views, you need to explore what is below and near you, ”advises Lown. “The look you thought would always be there could easily disappear with a new building below or even next to you.” Lown believes that all views in Casa del Sol are timeless. “For many shoppers, San Miguel is their happy place. They like to have houses with wonderful views. They will remain in Casa del Sol forever, because nothing will be built under it or next to it to obscure the view. “

Other properties with sought-after views of the Parish include a five-bedroom apartment. Casa Barranca… It sells for $ 2,600,000. It is also “very suitable for converting into a boutique hotel with about 10 rooms.” Guests will undoubtedly enjoy cocktails and 360-degree views from the multi-level terraces.

Houses with great views naturally demand higher prices. “We rate this property with a 30% mark-up when the view and home are overwhelming,” Lown admits.

Given the current US market, where home prices in Southern California have risen six-digit year on year, views of San Miguel are more expensive.

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