Why Female Leadership Is Critical To The Mortgage Industry



Women are not common in brokerage operations, but Rocket Pro TPO aims to change that. By integrating programs that increase inclusiveness, the company encourages female leadership. HousingWire recently spoke with Keri Stihler, VP of Rocket Pro TPO, about why women’s leadership is critical in the mortgage industry and how companies can advocate for inclusion.

HousingWire: How Common are Women Leaders in the Industry? Why do you think this is so?

Keri Stihler: Female leadership is rare. The biggest reason is that some women may be frustrated by the “mens club” atmosphere that has reigned in the industry for many years. Not turning on for a long time can be disheartening.

I am proud to work for Rocket Pro TPO and Rocket Companies because we advocate for greater diversity, fairness and inclusion both within our business and across the industry. In our organization, you are valued for your skills and experience, as well as for the success you can bring to our partners.

HW: Why is female leadership vital to the mortgage industry?

KS: Different origins – whether gender, race, ethnicity, or whatever – gives a variety of thoughts. It brings new perspectives and new perspectives on things. This different view often leads to innovation and disruption of traditional ways of doing business.

It also encourages women in other industries and young professionals who decide their own path to pursue careers in mortgage lending if they feel it is right for them. Observing women in the industry gives them confidence that they are suitable for any role.

HW: What steps can lenders take to encourage and enhance women’s leadership?

KS: The first step is awareness. Nothing can be done without talking about it. From here, you can find the best ways to empower women – and all diverse groups.

At Rocket Companies, we have made leadership positions available to everyone in the organization so they can be interviewed for an open position. This process ensures that the most qualified person gets the role, regardless of their current role and regardless of their background.

I think all companies should look at what they are doing currently – from recruiting to networking to promotions – and find what works best for them.

HW: How does Rocket Pro TPO empower women to lead the industry?

KS: Rocket Pro TPO created the “Rocket Accelerator” program designed to reward and attract the attention of our company’s team members and other women who excel in their industry.

We do this in a variety of ways, such as adding value through educational programs, expanding mentoring opportunities, and forging high-profile government partnerships such as our sponsorship of Paretta Autosport in Indianapolis 500. Chevrolet No. 16 Rocket Pro TPO was owned and operated by women. and is supported by a mostly female pit crew.

There is still a lot to be done in Rocket Accelerator and I am delighted to continue this important mission.

Diversity is the key to a company’s success. That’s why Rocket Pro TPO increases women’s leadership in the mortgage industry and empowers women.


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