Why did Sean Payton offer to lend Alvin Camara his mariachi band?



IN New Orleans Saints endured a funny social media crossover last weekend when Saints coach Sean Payton married his fiancée Skilen Montgomery at a resort in Mexico (wearing Air Jordan 1 sneakers that matched his white tuxedo, which may have been given to him, and possibly was not presented to him). by Jordan Brand Ambassador Michael Thomas).

This followed the news that Camara had been hired by NASCAR as the organization’s first development and engagement advisor, making the four-time Pro Bowl a bit like two sports stars. Kamara became a fan of Bubba Wallace’s driver as well as even sponsored his car in Daytona, driving Ryan Vargas. He has been a regular feature at their events ever since it got on his radar last summer.

So when Kamara joked with Payton on Twitter about his commitment to his new job, his coach was quick to congratulate him, suggesting that they send a mariachi group serenading their wedding guests to Kamara to celebrate. Of course, the peace and quiet Payton could enjoy on her honeymoon would be nothing more than a pleasant side effect.

The off-season is a little quiet, but the Saints are doing well in their various pursuits. Payton is about to start his second marriage, Kamara is making a splash at her new second gig, and the Saints front office is busy renewing All-Pro tackle Ryan Ramchik (which should be a blockbuster). It’s at the top of the team best vaccination rate in the NFL its employees and players against COVID-19. Let’s see if there are more positives as we get closer to training camp.


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