Why am I paying for a heating and cooling contract



As a homeowner, I am well aware that my housing costs are in no way limited to my monthly mortgage payments. I also have a property tax insurance; and home maintenance and repairs.

Job taxes on real estate and insurance premiums in my family budget simple enough, since these costs are planned for me annually. At this point, I’ve been in my home long enough that I can reasonably predict how much my maintenance costs will be.

Home repairshowever, it is a big wild card. Repairs can appear not only unexpectedly, but also at a very high price.

Over the years, we’ve had unexpected repairs that only cost us a few hundred dollars, but others that cost us thousands. And as long as I have emergency fund for unplanned expenses like renovations, I prefer to raid this account as little as possible.

It is for this reason that many years ago I decided to purchase a maintenance contract for my heating and cooling system. And that’s why you might want to think about it too.

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Positive aspects of a service contract

Your heating and cooling system cannot be overlooked. Rather, it needs to be maintained in order for it to function optimally.

This is why we service our heating and cooling system every year. A professional comes in and checks all the components to make sure they are working correctly. This person will also occasionally make small fixes that prevent more serious problems that are more expensive to fix.

Instead of just paying once a year for maintenance, I pay a little more (about $ 80) for a full service contract. This contract covers the cost of one heating system check and one cooling system check per year, but it does much more – it also entitles me to emergency assistance in the event of any major problems.

For example, a few years ago, our heating system stopped working on one of the coldest nights of the year. It usually costs $ 250 to call emergency services at home just for a technician to show up at 9:00 pm, in addition to any necessary repair costs. But since we had a service contract, we were not only pushed to the fore so that the contractor arrived within a couple of hours of our call, but they didn’t charge us that $ 250 fee. Most likely, we were only billed for the repair itself. Based on this incident alone, the additional service plan fee more than paid off.

Heating and cooling companies often offer service plans, and since we all rely heavily on air conditioning and heating, subscribing to one of them can be very beneficial. Our service contract entitles us to a discount on standard support calls, even in non-emergency situations. When, for example, our air conditioner recently required additional coolant, we did not pay the full price to get the job done.

As a homeowner, you probably know all too well that unexpected renovations can wreak havoc on your finances. Getting a heating and cooling service contract has saved me money over the years, and you might want to consider it for the same reason.


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