Who is funding Chesy Buden’s recall? Republicans, real estate and tech money. Plus why real decriminalization of psychoactive plants and mushrooms is needed



Chesa Buden

San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin is facing right-funded recall attempt. Photo: screenshot from the site @chesaboudin

On this show:

0:08 – The largest, least regulated drug trade in the United States that you are probably involved in this morning is the caffeine industry. Murray Carpenter dedicated an entire book to a substance that also provided much of the stamina needed to write it: it’s called Caffeinated: How Our Daily Habit Helps, Harms, and Engages Us.

0:34 – Governor Gavin Newsom filed a lawsuit after his legal team made a mistake that prevented him from being listed as a Democrat – and a judge just ruled that the word “Democrat” can no longer appear next to his name. We’re talking about the lawsuit and other news in the Governor’s pending recall from Laurel Rosenhall (@LaurelRosenhall), which covers politics and government in the state capital for CalMatters.

0:40 – Watch out for money for trying to recall San Francisco D.A. Chesa Budin and you’ll find GOP donors, real estate and tech moneyTim Redmond joins us – he has been in politics and investigations in San Francisco for over 30 years and is also a founder and editor 48hills.org

1:08 – Arturo Lopez Levi Associate Professor in the Department of Politics and International Relations at the University of the Holy Names and was once a political analyst for the Cuban government. He joins us to discuss the protests in Cuba and the current Cuban government.

1:34 AM – The California Health Committee is expected to vote today on SB 519, Senator Scott Wiener’s bill to decriminalize psychedelics for adults 21 and older, including psilocybin mushrooms, DMT, LSD and MDMA. But lawyers say critics have softened the bill in a backroom deal, and now it will limit the amount of plants and fungi that people can own – so they ask to postpone this until the next session.

We talk with two guests:

  • Carlos Plazola is the chairman of the board of the organization Decriminalize Nature (@DecrimNature), an education campaign in Auckland that aims to educate people about the value of entheogenic psychoactive plants and fungi.
  • Solana Booth enrolled in the Nooksack Nation of the family of Chieftain Dan George and the Mohawks of Bay Quinte, where the Peacemaker, Home of the White Owl of the Wolf Clan, was born. She is the custodian of the traditional medicine of the Pacific Northwest region, promoting the lifestyles and traditional teachings of Native Americans and Alaska Natives.


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