Which firm is the best in satisfying mortgage clients?



Meanwhile, service companies affiliated with banks that have historically significantly outnumbered non-banks received just four satisfaction points this year.

The study also found that another key driver of customer satisfaction this year is the high-risk customer category. Overall satisfaction in this segment increased 15 points from a year ago, while the satisfaction score for low-risk customers declined by one point.

Likewise, JD Power found that the greatest satisfaction was among those clients who participated in abstinence programs.

“The satisfaction of mortgage servants has been bolstered by the industry response to the pandemic, with some of the greatest gains in customer satisfaction coming from high-risk and moderate-risk clients who participated in tolerance programs,” said Jim Houston, director of consumer finance analytics. … in JD Power. “However, looking at the behavior of customers after the pandemic and the response of low-risk customers, we can see that the increase in satisfaction can be short-lived. In fact, despite the focus on assistance programs, nearly a fifth of current mortgage customers have not interacted with their service staff over the past year. As the market stabilizes, mortgage companies will really need to step up their customer acquisition games. ”

Rocket Mortgage Tops Satisfaction Ranking

In addition, the study found Rocket Mortgage (which includes Quicken Loans) ranked # 1 in mortgage services for the eighth consecutive year with 860 points on a 1,000-point scale.


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