When it comes to luxury real estate, marketing is important.



Since in the current real estate environment of Dallas and Fort Worth, home contracts are often concluded in a matter of days, marketing is critical to attracting the best buyers. It all comes down to targeting, which is especially important when it comes to listing and selling luxury homes. In a competitive region like Dallas, customer service requires experience, advanced technology and resources. And behind every successful sale comes a powerful marketing plan that helps you connect with potential buyers. From March 2020 to March 2021, Allie Beth Allman & Associates listings were viewed over 62 million times on DFW as well as in the US. Wall Street Magazine publications for California and Texas, dallasnews.com , PaperCity digital and print, Dallas Morning News , Dallas Business Magazine , Southlake Style other. These marketing efforts have met potential luxury buyers wherever they live and work. Targeted social media campaigns and direct mail have expanded the impact, attracting shoppers from California, Texas, and New York. The company’s innovation and commitment to marketing have made Allie Beth Allman & Associates the leading local brokerage company when it comes to luxury home sales year after year. A luxury brokerage’s marketing strategies set the right direction with established measurable metrics, delivering amazing results when listing and selling a client’s home at a premium. “We could see our home everywhere,” a recent client said. “Our agent’s marketing plan ensured we found the right buyer.”


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