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The chart for the last month shows us a continuous and slow decline in stocks with tiny volatility. For example, on July 21, the price was 1.2400, on August 10 – 1.0400, and today it is 0.8200. The total volume of the company is 306,542 pieces, while the average volume is 3,373,671 pieces. On Aug. 18, the Federal Home Mortgage Corporation evaluated a state of the art ad for structure transfer certificates that includes lessons on floating rate bonds paid at the Secured Overnight Financing Rate (SOFR). Approximately $ 799 million in certifications (K-F119 certifications) are expected to be paid on the 2021 Admirable 31 or so.

K-F119 certificates are sponsored by multi-family 10-year floating rate contracts that are based on SOFR. K-F119 certificates will not be assessed and will include one central and interesting senior lesson and one percent course, which is also eligible for inactive prepayment.

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