What you need to know before buying an FSBO home



Don’t get into an FSBO trade unprepared.

Buying a home can be a tricky process in the best circumstances. To find your dream home, you will need to go through several steps, including:

In most cases, you will have real estate agent to help you complete these steps – and the salesperson too. But this is not always the case. Some people don’t work with a real estate professional to sell their property. Instead, they list the property as Sale by owner (FSBO)

If you are considering making a home offer with the FSBO, there are a few things you need to know before moving on.

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1. You will deal with the seller directly.

A seller who lists their properties on the FSBO does not have an agent. This means that there is no professional between you and the seller to act as a buffer. This most likely means:

  • You will need to ask questions directly to the seller.
  • Homeowners are likely to be the ones to show you the property
  • You will send the offer directly to the homeowner.

There are good and bad sides to this. Obviously, the seller knows the details of the house better than anyone. But they will also have an emotional attachment to the property that a real estate agent would not have. This makes it harder to view a purchase as a direct business transaction.

Sellers who are not advised by an agent may be more offended by low bids or criticism of their home. They may also be unaware of the steps involved in closing the house

Your real estate agent may be the first to deal with the implications of this. This is because they will work with the seller on your behalf. However, the lack of a listing agent can still affect your sales process.

2. Sellers can opt for FSBO because they have a limited budget.

Listing a home FSBO can be a time consuming and daunting process. People may choose this approach not because they want to, but because they cannot afford to pay the standard commission to a real estate agent.

If you are dealing with a penniless home seller, you should be aware that he will not be able to negotiate a lot on the price or pay for repairs if problems arise during the checkout. If they have had cash flow problems for a while, there may also be problems with deferred service.

On the other hand, if they need to sell quickly due to financial difficulties, you can get a house at a bargain price.

3. You need to do more due diligence.

If your state has disclosure laws requiring sellers to report concerns, those laws still apply even if the landlord does not have a real estate agent. However, sellers may not always be fully aware of the laws if they do not have an agent to advise them. Therefore, it is especially important to insist on a comprehensive home examination

FSBO homes also usually have the wrong price, so you should also make sure you check for comparable sales. This way, it is hoped that you can avoid overpaying.

Keeping these pitfalls in mind can help you successfully buy a home sold by its owner. You just need to get into the deal knowing that dealing directly with the owner is a whole different matter so that you can protect your interests during the process.


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