What to expect from the real estate market after the pandemic



With house prices rising, investors are wondering if this is a good time to shop.

Jul 30, 2021

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The Covid-19 pandemic has caused incredible shocks in the real estate industry. From the rise in downtown rental vacancies and the consequent fall in prices to the growing pressure on housing prices in rural and suburban areas, there are several areas in real estate that have not been affected by Covid.

When the world starts to recover from severe economic turmoil caused by the pandemic, many real estate investors want to know what comes next. While we cannot make specific predictions, we can track the trends that have led us to this point and trace them to their logical conclusion.

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Impact of Covid on office real estate

One of the major impacts that Covid has had on the business world has been the shift from office work to telecommuting. Companies have found that their employees can work productively from home, in some cases better than they did before the pandemic. However, most executives expressed a desire see their teams in person… As the number of vaccinations rises, many companies, such as Morgan Stanley, are demanding a return to full-time jobs, provided their employees are fully vaccinated.

What does this mean for office investors? Many companies may wish to reduce their office space to less than one desk per person. This compensates for the many hybrid work patterns that may take effect after a pandemic. Companies looking for office space may need small divisions in buildings. They may avoid higher-end office space in favor of more affordable space.

The outlook for office space is mixed, but as the pandemic continues to subside, this could change. This will depend on whether certain parts of the country can change their low vaccination rates and whether employees feel safe returning to work.

Commercial real estate investors it is recommended to pay attention to the displacement of the desired locations, especially when it comes to office real estate. Many professionals have left the country’s urban centers in favor of the suburbs. It is possible that many of these professionals will not return to the city despite recent events. Office real estate in suburban and suburban areas may become more attractive for investment.

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Commercial real estate after Covid

The pandemic has negatively impacted many types of commercial real estate. Around the world, the demand for some types of commercial real estate has decreased, especially office, retail and hotel properties. The effect of the downturn in commercial property sales put pressure on sales prices and lowered the amount that owners could expect from selling their property. This can lead to a decrease in the credit rating of borrowers and lead to loss of money by lenders. On the other hand, industrial real estate, data centers, cell towers and healthcare facilities had a positive impact on price and demand.

Residential real estate investors

The residential real estate market experienced a boom during the pandemic. Many people have decided that if they are going to be walled up at home during a pandemic, they want a more spacious and practical space to work from home and study. As mentioned above, many professionals moved to the suburbs when their jobs closed to in-person and moved to online jobs.

In a post-pandemic, rents are starting to return to normal in urban areas, which means now is a good time to invest in this property.

Residential real estate in the USA prices increased by 17% March 2020 to March 2021, according to the National Association of Realtors. In all regions of the country, the rise in prices during this period was expressed in double-digit numbers.

The market was incredibly tight, there weren’t enough houses to meet demand, so prices were constantly rising. Many millennials and first-time homebuyers have been excluded from the market value.

Signs point to a possible correction in the housing market, and investors should be wary of buying homes at significantly inflated prices. Trying to track the market and catch the last stages of price increases can be extremely risky and lead to financial losses.

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A cautious but optimistic look

Investors should be aware that low vaccination rates in some parts of the country, such as the Midwest and South, could lead to further restrictions and blockages in the future. Investing in these areas needs to be done carefully. Also, caution should be exercised in the residential real estate sector, where there may be a correction on the horizon.

As always, real estate investors need to understand that they need to be careful when investing in certain properties.


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