What Real Estate Agents Need to Know About Artificial Turf


Synthetic grass is a quick, easy, maintenance-free way to improve your yard, deck or roof. Agents who are knowledgeable about its benefits can help their clients increase their attractiveness.

For most of us, the hum of lawn mowers and the smell of freshly cut grass often herald the beginning of summer.

The lush green lawn is a symbol of status and luxury in many communities and the entire industry. landscape designersFertilization and irrigation systems for lawns, both above ground and below ground, have been designed to support and improve lawn care.

Commercial properties will do their best to present rich green lawns and carefully manicured landscapes as part of their public image. Golf courses, country clubs, and golf lawns all require pristine lawns for a lot of money, which in turn is passed on to their members.

Imagine a lawn that is always green, requires a one-time investment, minimal maintenance, and minimal maintenance throughout the year. The lawn is not affected by the weather, bright green without watering and fertilization, and consistently healthy looking – even if yard does not receive enough or any sunlight.

The chemicals needed to keep the lawn green, such as fertilizers that can enter the water system through rain runoff, will not be a problem. Turbid conditions due to drainage problems will be non-existent. Moreover, insects might not thrive on this ideal lawn, which eliminates another problem, especially if children are playing.

As global warming continues around the world, lawn innovations are emerging.

Synthetic turf, also known as artificial turf or simply “artificial turf”, is quickly becoming a selling point in residential real estate, replacing all the work and care that live grass requires. (In fact, synthetic fibers are being developed in all areas, from clothing to insulation and medical use, and have moved on to artificial turf.)

There are many sources and prices for synthetic turf with a 10-year warranty. Synthetic turf firms offer a full range of services from design to installation and maintenance. These companies begin the installation process by removing the top layer of vegetation and leveling the surface of the area to be covered.

Crushed stone, which is sometimes called a “crusher”, is laid on the leveled surface, after which the lawn is laid. Various layering methods of stone and other crushed materials allow for drainage and prevent water accumulation, mold or insect formation.

If planting or shrubs are required, areas of the yard are left open to provide access to soil. The roots of trees and shrubs will not interfere with the artificial turf. Plantings can be easily watered or sprinkler systems installed for easy maintenance.

Patios, terraces and city roofs are ideal locations for artificial turf as the surface below is flat with no plumbing, roots or obstructions underneath. Pool decks are another good place for artificial turf as chlorine will not damage the material and dirty areas are avoided.

It also makes maintenance easier. If you need to make repairs, such as the playground, you can simply roll back the artificial turf to access the area below.

While artificial turf has been proven to be safe for children as it contains fewer chemicals and insects, many pet owners have concerns and doubts about its use. A special kind of pet friendly turf has been developed that is porous and can be rinsed with a hose to prevent odors and maintain hygiene. Will your pet know the difference? However, you, the pet owner, will enjoy the ease of care and low maintenance.

Additional types of synthetic turf have been developed for lawn, landscaping and even rugs. There is a type of lawn for each specific need, and many companies offer different offers and options.

The best advertisement for this emerging product is a lush, bright green lawn in the middle of winter when other yards are faded or brown.

Synthetic grass is a quick, easy, maintenance-free way to improve your yard, deck or roof. Growing grass from seeds is a laborious process that can delay the sale of property. Planting turf with a landscape designer is expensive and requires maintenance.

An efficient and economical artificial turf can help your sellers improve their properties, make them attractive, or improve a roof or terrace that may never receive sunlight.

Gerard Splendor is a Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker with Warburg Real Estate in New York… Contact him at LinkedIn

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