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As technology and data continues to transform the real estate industry and stimulate competition, some concierge programs for brokerage concierges have been developed to provide support to their agents. Concierge programs help agents compete by improving the quality of service for sellers. They also make more money for clients, their agents, and of course, brokerage companies. Renovated homes do cost more, but buyers are happy with the results because the vast majority want homes that are ready to move in.

A win-win scenario makes people ask, “What’s the catch?”

Most concierge programs are designed for specific projects – mostly minor renovations, painting, flooring and staging. These projects have a lot of influence and agents have been offering them for decades, but some homes need more.

Nearly 80% of US homes are at least 20 years old, and 40% are at least 50 years old. Very few buyers are looking to buy fixed-top outerwear, which means that many homes are in need of extensive renovation to meet the demand of today’s buyers. … Because most concierge programs have maximum project costs associated with their deferred payment plans, the programs only cover a subset of the market.

Agent Stress
Most concierge programs build on existing home improvement systems, leaving this to the discretion of agents and their clients to supplier contractors. The same old systems have the same old problems: lack of transparency, uncertainty about quality, frequent delays, poor communications, and additional costs.

All of these factors pose risks to transactions. To avoid these risks, many agents do not recommend upgrades that are not 100% necessary to sell homes.

Not all inclusive
In addition to not eliminating the stress that brokers’ concierge programs cause, these programs only address one side of the transaction. Upfront home improvements are critical, as is a timely home inspection, as this is the contractor’s strong recommendation for upgrades before buyers formally move.

Agents need a concierge program specifically designed for them
Imagine a world in which you feel comfortable offering the renovations or refurbishments needed to sell a home quickly and at your clients’ target list price, address refurbishments with a home inspection without delaying until closing time, and help your shoppers decide pre-move-in upgrades – all without sacrificing much of your time chasing contractors and worrying about quality (or whether your contractors are licensed and insured).

This is the world that Curbio creates. Using technology, we have built an optimized home improvement process for REALTORS®. We take on projects of any size and our in-house project managers handle every aspect of the job. Your project manager will keep you and your clients updated with the Curbio app, giving you the peace of mind you need. Finally, as with concierge programs, we defer payment on all projects and do not charge any fees or interest.

Olivia Mariani is Curbio’s Chief Marketing Officer. To learn more about Curbio’s Pre-Listing Home Improvement Solution and how it can help you grow your business, visit curbio.com


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