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Featured property in Great Barrington this week offered by Douglas Goody of Wheeler & Taylor Real Estate.

Here’s what we have for you this week in The Edge Real Estate section:

  • Property of the week – Douglas Goody of Wheeler & Taylor Real Estate offers an idyllic private retreat in a fabulous location with breathtaking views.
  • What is on the market – An expanded collection of ready-to-build plots for sale in Berkshire awaiting your vision.
  • Transformations – Kerry Bartini, an architect at Berkshire Design, Inc., in Pittsfield, shows how easy it is to change living space when a structure has good bones.
  • Weekly real estate transactions for Berkshire and North Lichfield County
  • Market perspective –January – April 2021 Berkshire Real Estate Board Report: Sales Growth. Higher prices.
  • Self-taught gardener – Oh, oh. Our self-taught gardener, Lee Buttala, has fallen prey to “poor productivity” and is determined to defeat him.
  • Gardener checklist“It’s mid-August now, and business in Berkshire Gardens is busy right now. Ron has some good advice.


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