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Watertown Council handles business loans and fees at the fair, Italiano fest



WATERTOWN, NY (WWNY) – The small business loan program and repayment negotiations were among the highlights of the Watertown City Council meeting on Monday.

Board members have made ends meet to make small businesses a little easier.

The group voted in favor of amendments to last year’s Community Development Grant Action Plan regarding the spending of federal funds from the CARES Act.

Now $ 450,000 of this money will go to the Small Business Emergency Assistance Program.

Commercial businesses in Watertown will have access to the app on the city’s website.

“I know that many of them have had to face difficulties, and some have even closed for good,” said councilor Sarah Pearce. “I think that for those who, fortunately, survived, this help is very necessary.”

The council also approved an agreement between the city and the Watertown Local Development Corporation, which will collect and review applications.

Councilors also considered a request by the Jefferson County Agricultural Society to lower fees for the county fair.

The organization’s president, Bob Simpson, says they want to cut the bill by $ 8,200 because there was no fair last year.

Council members did not dare to agree to the reduction, but offered a compromise. This would allow the organizers of the fair to pay a portion in advance and wait until the end to pay for the remainder.

“We may be able to tie the second half of the payment to their number,” said Mayor Jeff Smith. “If they had a very low season, below average, we could give them a break, but if they have a middle or better year, then we should get full pay.”

This would give the city some wiggle room when it comes to cutting prices.

There is good news for the Bravo Italiano festival too.

The City Council has approved a reduced fee for the Watertown Municipal Arena Festival.

The council approved a $ 1,000 rent reduction. The festival will now pay $ 2,500 to use the arena.

The event takes place at the end of August.

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