Was Donald Trump able to sell his property after leaving office?



According to New york postTrump’s property sales have skyrocketed since former President Donald Trump left office in January. However, while sales of about two dozen properties listed on the Trump Organization’s website rose 72%, their prices have plummeted. Since Trump began his presidency in early 2017, property prices have dropped 24%. Matthew Quint, director of the Center for Global Brand Leadership at Columbia Business School, gave his views on why Trump’s real estate sales were hit (via Realtor). “Of course Trump’s brand has taken a hit [since his presidency]… Now he is a controversial character. When he made the decision to run for president, by nature he was going to change the perception of Trump’s business brand, ”Quint said.

The keeper also reports that the fall in prices for Trump’s buildings can be attributed to a combination of his polarizing image and the economic losses caused by the coronavirus pandemic. The publication spoke to Gary Gabriel, who owns an apartment in Trump’s palace on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Gabriel told reporters that he would be happy if Trump’s name was removed from the building, calling it “embarrassing.” For those who don’t mind the name, however, the move to Trump’s property was a fantastic opportunity. Earlier this year, Niloufar Kabir bought an apartment in Trump’s Chicago condo for a fifth of what the seller paid, and calls the deal a “bargain.”


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