Wait, Calvin Klein just sold another $ 85 million home?



The house in Southampton that Klein built, filled with white couch after white couch.
Photo: Doug Koontz / The New York Times / Redux

A few days ago, it was reported that Calvin Klein sold his Hampton estate for $ 85 million. This was an excuse for a double glance for anyone familiar with the social life of a fashion designer, because last summer Klein sold out Another House in the Hamptons for $ 85 million. Klein is known to be a bit of a real estate fanatic – before he bought a three-level penthouse in one of Richard Meyer’s buildings on Perry Street, he took the architect by helicopter to hover where his apartment was supposed to be. built so that he can see the views, according to Vanity Fair – but owning and then selling two estates for $ 85 million is already a bit too much.

Again, Klein never held back when it came to his real estate. The Southampton estate that Klein sold to billionaire Ken Griffin last year was a minimalist palace he built to replace the maximalist palace that was on a 10-acre oceanfront plot when he bought it in 2003. Klein overhauled the existing house and, dissatisfied with the result, tore it down and started over. “He talks about home without interruption” New York Once reported in 2013, when Klein was finishing this place. “He personally tested and approved every floorboard and object inside, even designed most of the furniture himself when he thought there was nothing that fully met his exacting design standards.” Even Peggy Segal, the once ubiquitous celebrity publicist, admitted to cycling past to catch a glimpse of it. Unlike most of the Hampton estates, Klein did not have hedge… It would ruin the aesthetics.

Klein paid just under $ 30 million for this Southampton mansion in 2003, which he completely renovated. Unsatisfied with the result, he dumped it and started over.
Photo: John Roca / Shutterstock

Klein was so demanding that he built a life-size model of the house out of plywood before construction began. Once – the project is so significant that it required its own building permit, and it cost about $ 350,000. When completed, the house had all the hallmarks of Klein: a cinema room, a water feature (in this case, an infinity pool), a laconic minimalist style and, most importantly, a “white sofa behind a white sofa.”

He was no less picky about his other assets. In the West Village, Klein hired British minimalist architect John Pawson to decorate his triplex, for which he paid $ 14 million in early August (discounted price because developers reportedly wanted him in the building; Nicole Kidman also lowered the price). Klein asked Pawson to construct life-size models of the interiors “from muslin stretched over two-by-four wooden planks … every tabletop, every chair, every lamp, even a bed,” says Klein. Vanity Fair… It was the first apartment Klein owned in the city since he sold his penthouse at 55 Central Park West in 1999. He spent the past years on loan (to be honest, it’s hard to imagine). He was so obsessed with the 55 Central Park West penthouse that he bought it twice: first in the early 80s when he painted it white and installed an illegal hot tub on the terrace, and then again in the 1990s when he bought it with neighboring block. Here he also demolished everything except the supporting walls, and “built a gorgeous model – real temporary rooms, framed by two by four” walls “of white paper”, according to New York… “Reflective tape showed where the mirrored surfaces would be.” Apparently dissatisfied with all the possibilities, he sold it again.

Klein’s other real estate properties include a home in Miami Beach, which he owned for about ten years, and “overhauled“With, yes,” an all-white color palette “plus infinity pool and waterfront views. It sold for $ 13 million in 2017. He also owns a similarly equipped $ 25 million Los Angeles home, bought brand new in 2015. “It doesn’t require significant repairs,” Klein said. said when I bought it… Of course, he was still planning on making some changes.

As for the second Hampton estate? Everyone thought the historic pebble-style mansion in East Hampton belonged to Klein’s ex-wife, Kelly. It had her initials on it “KK” at the front gate. But although Kelly, a secular photographer, lived there for about 15 years after the couple’s divorce was completed, the document was still in Kelvin’s name. He also owned a parcel of land next to his daughter from an earlier marriage, which together sold for $ 85 million. This spring, Kelly Klein, who shares with her ex-husband love for white sofas and construction projects, bought a fishing cottage for $ 16 million on 1.69 acres in North Haven. “I love my new project! Seaside life! Can’t wait to show you when I’m done, ”she wrote. post on instagram in June.


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