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Marko Vrzic, a self-employed multimillionaire and founder of Vrzic, is known for his dislike of the old take-your-own-home-and-your-home interpretation of the American dream. In fact, he doesn’t like it so much that he felt a clear need to replace it with something that could create wealth … and he continued to write his last name on it.

Across VrzicMarko, his real estate investment firm, often notes that most homeowners always lose money under this motto, even if the value of real estate rises. This is due to a combination of macroeconomic and microeconomic factors that make loans and repayment schedules prevent homeowners (ever!) From making a profit on the sale of their homes.

However, despite growing difficulties in making a profit from real estate, the scarcity and perceived importance of property still makes it desirable for homeowners. In short, disinformation encourages people to play against them.

Did COVID make a bad real estate investment in 2021?

The COVID-19 pandemic has meant a shift in real estate investment business. Suddenly, millions of people began to question the wisdom of renting real estate in expensive cities and crowded areas.

Home offices and teleworking have made it possible to live in a specific area for commuting. excess… This forced them to reconsider their approach and the idea of ​​what constitutes a “quality home”.

The tides are changing markedly, especially in large MSA cities with an abundance of luxury and A-class apartments. Inflation and the loss of self-serving power among Americans are forcing people to either cut their living expenses, or move with others, or return to their parents. Realizing that in difficult times people may need to save money, Vrzic exclusively buys class B and C apartment buildings (which rarely experience downturns in demand), creating additional protection for himself.

Enter Vrziks

Marko is not the only one in the Vrzic clan. The family got their start in the real estate market not long ago when they were redeveloping properties in Brooklyn, New York. The family stood out for selling luxury properties at a price much lower than market prices in order to quickly turn their business around. And they did it by increasing sales and churn, breaking the recession bubble and creating a win-win situation.

Marco says: “We didn’t come here to get rich overnight. Prosperity should be available to everyone, and it was this mentality that led us to create an unorthodox system that could benefit not only us, but also communities and everyone who wanted to join us. ”

While learning to rebuild high-value homes for more speed, Wrzicky learned of many misconceptions in American culture about housing and the importance of investor education. As Marco says:

“Being rich doesn’t mean being rich. To be rich means to have many assets with the same amount of liabilities, while being rich means to benefit from the liabilities associated with those assets. Our main mission is to inform as many investors as possible about this difference and help them overcome these barriers. “

Multi-family family firm

So why does Vrzic focus on apartment buildings?

V Vrzic website Using simple mathematics, he demonstrates why multi-family properties are generally a better investment vehicle than single-family properties. Vrzic buys such real estate in landlord-friendly countries and does not associate investors with obtaining a loan. The multiple security systems that apartment buildings provide are ideal for Vrzic customers and are especially attractive during recessions and pandemics. During difficult times, these properties tend to pull their weight and help their wearers find long-awaited stability.

Vrzic conducts methodical and thorough research on every property they acquire. In doing so, they calculate the possible profit from the operation of the unit and how it can operate in favorable or unfavorable market conditions.

Another key component to their success is that all of their property is located in states where legislation protects homeowners from undisciplined tenants. This helps the firm keep its premises in the hands of responsible, high quality tenants and protects Vrzic in the event of legal action, reducing potential risk.

The last component? It’s all trust

There is nothing new under the sun, and as long as people need places to live, building infrastructure for living will remain a worthy pursuit for those who do it well … or is it a goal, like Vrzic, to find solutions that make them … the best in the world.

The pandemic has accelerated the development of many industries, and we can witness a resurgence in real estate thanks to the innovations being introduced into this sector. Entrepreneurs like Vrzic are part of a growing and increasingly important group of pioneers driving innovation, democratization and improved access to these assets, benefiting anyone who has access to them. Driven by honesty and demonstrating that investment firms can think and act like families, Vrzich hopes to set an example.

As you may have gathered from this article or as the Vin Diesel meme says … it all comes down to family.

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