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SAN FRANCISCO, August 24, 2021 / PRNewswire-PRWeb / – Vivre Real Estate today announced its partnership with Side, the only real estate technology company that exclusively partners with high performing agents, teams and independent brokerage firms to transform them into market leading boutique brands and businesses. The alliance ensures that Vivre Real Estate, a family life improvement firm, operates on the most advanced platform in the industry.

Vivre Real Estate was founded by innovative, San Franciscoreal estate agent Daniel Lazier, who also founded one of the first real estate blogs in the country,… Nearly 800 clients relied on her market knowledge, experienced consultants and technical savvy, and she achieved a high profitability to clientele ratio. Lazy is always one step ahead San Francisco rapidly developing market; its buyers are often given first-time purchase rights to the desired listing, and its sellers have access to a group of the most qualified individuals to buy. Lazier’s latest venture, Vivre Real Estate, aims to improve family life for San Francisco buyers and sellers and serves the entire Bay Area.

The partnership with Side ensures that Vivre Real Estate remains at the forefront of the emerging real estate market while continuing to provide premium services to its clients. Side works behind the scenes supporting Vivre Real Estate with a unique brokerage platform that includes proprietary technology, transaction management, branding and marketing services, public relations, legal support, lead generation, supplier management, infrastructure solutions and more. In addition, Vivre Real Estate will join an exclusive group of third-party partners, connecting to an extensive coast-to-coast network.

“My partnership with Side allows Vivre Real Estate to focus on the human dimension and provide our clients with the highest level of service,” said Lazier. “We can combine the best of my established brand, Daniel Lazier + Partners with technological and administrative efficiency and an unrivaled network of agents and resources. Especially in San Francisco Bay AreaToday’s buyers and sellers want an impeccable real estate experience built on the latest technology. They also need the patient and expert guidance of a trusted advisor when navigating complex markets and making deeply personal decisions. Partnering with Side means our Vivre Real Estate clients don’t have to choose – they get the best of both worlds. ”

Side is led by experienced industry professionals and world-class engineers who develop technologies designed to improve agent productivity and customer service. Building on its conviction that home ownership is a fundamental human right, Side strives to improve the public good by providing high performing real estate agents, teams and indie brokers with the best system, support, service, expertise and results.

About Vivre Real Estate

Vivre Real Estate is about improving family life. Since 2002, his agents have advised nearly 800 Bay Area buyers and sellers on one of the most important financial and personal decisions of their lives: if, when, and how to buy or sell property. Their proprietary consulting is based on real-time market knowledge, identified by genuine connections and backed by the latest technology. Along with a streamlined process, they offer authenticity, strategic thinking and negotiation skills. Vivre Real Estate is headquartered in San Francisco… To find out more visit

About Side

Side transforms high performing agents, teams and independent brokerage firms into successful 100% agent-owned businesses and boutique brands. Side exclusively works with the best agents, providing them with proprietary technology and a top-notch support team so they can be more productive, grow their business and focus on serving their customers. Side is headquartered in San Francisco… For more information visit

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