Virtuhouse announces strategic move with Greystar Real Estate Partners



VirtuHouse is now expanding into the Colorado rental market with Greystar properties.

Florida, USA, July 26, 2021 / – Huge Thing officially launches. A new way to rent an apartment in Colorado. Virthouse We offer new and modern properties suitable for those interested in quality living. For the next 60 days, VirtuHouse will focus on growing and working with the field team to deliver the best experience. This collaboration will change the rules of the game in moving!

Moving has become commonplace in modern life, making it much more difficult to move to an unfamiliar area.
VirtuHouse provides tools to simplify the user experience with real-time video tour and an AI-powered training machine that will recommend locations based on personal needs and lifestyle. This allows buyers or renters to make a virtual visit to the property, saving buyers time and travel costs.

Founder Ben Z Hasidim said: “Only the best for our customers, Greystar unquestionably responds to this by offering apartments of a high standard. “

Virtuhouse, new technology in real estate, which uses artificial intelligence, simplifies the interaction with the buyer and attracts the attention of sellers.

The technology allows clients to view thousands of properties in various areas and sizes for purchase as well as for rent. Viewers are provided with a virtual tour of real estate from the comfort of their own home.

Virtuhouse uses a simple process that allows buyers and tenants to quickly find thousands of properties. They then contact the agent via live chat and discuss any problems they may have. They schedule the time and date from

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