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Even as Ontario takes a step forward in its re-discovery, the verdict is clear: Tele-, virtual and physically remote activities are not going anywhere anytime soon.

Perhaps your office closed at the onset of the pandemic and – more than a year later – decided to remain closed and introduce permanent work from home.

Or maybe you missed out on the town of Tovonno in search of greener pastures and realized that the more time you spend at home with loved ones, the better.

In any case, some degree of remoteness is here to stay … But these are the duties that have always been decided personally until now. Some of them – for example, legal issues – are too important to be left to the discretion of the Google search bar.

Fortunately, you don’t have to rely on an algorithm. Instead, you can count on a team of lawyers to deliberately make their services available in the virtual realm: Falcon Law PC

Falcon Law PC’s team of practicing Ontario real estate lawyers simplify online real estate transactions. The firm operates virtually, making commuting, office waiting times, and physically signing legal documents not only unnecessary but obsolete.

For whom? To me?

Moreover, Falcon Law PC lawyers are not limited to assisting buyers or sellers in real estate, but equally, and not only. Well versed in home buying, refinancing and selling, anyone looking for support and understanding of their real estate transaction can turn to Falcon Law PC’s services, no matter which side of the transaction they are on.

For example, first-time buyers may face a variety of challenges as they prepare to sign their first home. Between raising funds, attending tradeshows, and trying to stay on top (or ahead of) other applications (mind you, all in the pandemic, mind you!), There is little time left to attend law firm meetings around town.

Thanks to Falcon Law PC, legal services remain accessible, but even easier. This way, novice shoppers can rest easy knowing that even if they’ve never made such a big purchase before, they are guided by experts who won’t fool them.

(Your) Time is above all

If you have any concerns about accessing legal services through the virtual realm, take heart: while there is no handshake between you and your lawyer, Falcon Law PC’s way of working ensures that you feel supported every step of the way.

In fact, thanks to digital connections such as video and teleconferencing, Falcon Law PC lawyers can meet at your convenience. you

It is through this virtual operation – along with a value system that understands clients as individuals beyond their unique transaction – that the Falcon Law PC can be special available to customers. Inquiries will be answered within 24 hours, if not sooner, and the connection will be stable.

And although, as mentioned above, signing IRL documents is not on the menu, all the necessary documents are still carried out. Dotted line signing can be done with digital documents in a few simple clicks, making the process even more efficient than traditional methods allow.

Cost is a benefit

On the cost side, customers can count on flat fees and bundled packages wherever possible, and they will certainly benefit from Falcon Law PC’s belief that “billable hours are ineffective.” There are no charges for general and administrative tasks such as email, phone calls, and quick questions. Basically, the company says, its billable-hour pricing system pushes offices away from optimizing efficiency alongside efficiency in legal services.

In fact, if you’re hoping to get an idea of ​​whether Falcon Law PC can support you in a real estate transaction, the team offers 15 and 30 minute consulting calls for free. (Click here book yours.)

Recently, the Falcon Law PC team advised small businesses on NDA breaches, sued an independent contractor removed without notice or payment, defended a real estate seller facing dereliction of duty lawsuits, and more.

Whether you are a buyer, seller, real estate agent, mortgage agent or investor, Falcon Law PC can support you navigating your real estate transaction … and you don’t even have to get off your couch for it to happen.

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STOREYS Custom Studio

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STOREYS Custom Studio

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