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The Virginia Tech Real Estate Program, an innovative degree that has grown from four students to over 350 in seven years, is named after the Blackwood family.

The name recognizes $ 10 million for a real estate program from one of the university’s most generous and engaged families, which includes a pair of Willis Blackwood ’72 and Mary Nolen Blackwood ’73 alumni, as well as their children, Morgan Blackwood Patel ’02 and Nolen Blackwood. ‘ten.

“We are deeply grateful to Willis, Mary, Morgan and Nolen for such diverse support of the university over the years, and we are proud to name the Blackwood real estate program in recognition of their extraordinary generosity and commitment,” he said. President of the Virginia Institute of Technology Tim Sands. “A program whose reputation and rankings are growing rapidly, it will continue to evolve as a national leader with the support of this great Hawkeye family.”

The program, now named after the Blackwood family, recently took third place ranked in the Top 25 National Real Estate Programs by Great Business Schools. College fact took fourth place in the program among the most popular real estate schools.

Willis Blackwood, who holds a BA in Business Administration from what is now Pamplin College of Business, is the founder and president of Blackwood Development Company Inc., a privately held real estate firm in Richmond, Virginia.

He said he hopes his family’s donations will help promote Blackwood’s real estate program to be the best student in the country and will inspire additional alumni to stay and help his university.

“Real estate has been my profession for 48 years,” said Willis Blackwood. “It was a great industry to work with, with personal and financial benefits.”

“The generosity of the Blackwood family will help generations of students to pursue successful careers in real estate,” said Kevin Boyle, program manager. Based at Pamplin College of Business, program is an interdisciplinary curriculum that includes courses for students from several Virginia colleges of technology.

“Willis has worked with us since the beginning of the program,” Boyle said. “He has provided financial and personal support since it was just a startup idea. He participates in classes, chairs an industry advisory board, and supports student scholarships. He was as active as the graduate could be in enhancing student achievement and increasing the acceptance of the program. Simply put, without his support, we would not be where we are today. “

Looking ahead, this latest donation from the Blackwood family will open up great new opportunities for the program, Boyle said.

“Some well-known uses of Blackwood Foundation proceeds are to increase resources with two additional resident faculty members to improve teaching, support experiential student learning, send students on trips to view properties, and attend professional conferences to invite experts to a campus for advanced learning and for diversity scholarships, ”added Boyle.

Resources from the Blackwood family’s donations can also be used to help promote the real estate program, increase the number of participants, and strengthen the program’s reputation, Boyle said.


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