Veteran McKinney Gets New Home Without Mortgage



This 4th of July weekend has a special meaning for veteran McKinney in Vietnam.

A debt of gratitude is paid to a disabled veteran who was injured in the war. Soon he will have a new home, which he will call his home.

As it rained on South Greer Street, people with umbrellas lined up to celebrate patriotism and pour out their love for Vietnam veteran J.A. Recker.

“I appreciate everything that everyone has done for us,” he said. “It’s really cool”.

Drafted into the U.S. Army after graduating from McKinney High School, the private first class went to Pleiku, Vietnam.

The mortar shells were expensive for JA, he lost his left eye and went blind in his right. For his sacrifice, he received the Purple Heart, the Vietnam Campaign, and the National Defense Service Medals.

“Jay ever complained when he was shot in 68,” said his wife, Allison. “We raised our family and lived well, but God continues to bless us.”

“We got married in 67th. I got injured in ’68, ”explained JA. “We’ve been married for 54 years.”

But their 40-year-old home has fallen into disrepair.

“We worked on the house ourselves, and I and my brother were,” said daughter Peggy Lipsy. “And we called Huntington Homes and it’s a huge blessing.”

“We put a team at Huntington Remodeling together to come up with a plan that would allow us to demolish the house and build a completely new home from it that would meet their needs,” said Dan Miller of Huntington Remodeling.

The company is working with Highland Homes to replace the existing home.

Under Operation Finally Home, which provides wounded veterinarians or the families of dead warriors with homes without mortgages, Recers mortgages are paid.

“Most of our projects involve Iraqi and Afghan veterans,” said Ronnie Lyles in Operation Finally Home. “But when we can lend a helping hand and help someone like the Recker family who are part of that Vietnam era, that’s great.”

“It means everything to my family that they care about them,” said son Jason Reser. “This is amazing”.

“We thank everyone who participated in this,” said JA. “God bless them, as God blessed us.”

In six months, a new home for the Racer family will appear here.

Those who have participated in this say that it is a great honor for me to pay my debt to someone who gave so much.


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