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Jasmine Mohajer never planned to buy a building to start her new medical practice. It just happened.

“I couldn’t find anything that didn’t need a major overhaul,” said Mohajer, an ophthalmic cosmetic and reconstructive surgeon who spent months looking for rental space in St. Petersburg.

It was then that Michael Heretic and Montana Massa, Mohajer’s team of agents with Commercial real estate vector – The oldest commercial brokerage firm in St. Petersburg – decided to be creative.

“This has been a neat evolution of our value proposition for our customers,” said Massa, who contacted Mohager on customer recommendation. “When we realized that there was nothing in the rental that matched her needs, we decided to look at what was available in terms of sales.”

After searching listings for bids, Heretic and Massa stumbled upon a property at 8855 Dr. Martin Luther King Street. The space that once housed Envision’s lighting systems was much larger than Mohajer’s need. However, Heretic and Massa acknowledged that this property can be more than just a great place for Mohajer to start a business – it can also be a safe investment for her and her husband. In addition, when Heretic and Massa pointed to good interest rates and a business-friendly climate in St. Petersburg, Mohajer knew the purchase was the right decision.

“Now, instead of paying someone’s rent, she pays rent to herself and has the property as an asset,” Massa said.

Mohajer closed in the building in November 2019, but her relationship with Vector didn’t end there. Massa and Heretik continued to work with her, teaching her what to expect from a property owner in terms of a job vacancy and sharing strategies to make the property more attractive to tenants.

“This is what sets us apart from other firms. We have a lot of experience besides the transactional side of real estate search, ”said Massa. “We also invest ourselves, which gives us a unique perspective because we know what it takes to own an investment property and we can help people feel comfortable in the whole process.”

Working with Vector in marketing and leasing, Mohajer was able to create a wellness center by leasing her vacant space to the St. Petersburg Center for Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine and the Western Center for Chiropractic and Neuropathy, which will operate in parallel with her practice. Tampa Bay eyelid surgeons

“I am very glad that we have free practices in our building,” she said. “I think it gives patients and clients a real sense that we are all here to solve their problems.”

In addition, Mohajer is happy to raise capital by improving properties in the St. Petersburg area, and she knows she could not have done this without the leadership of her team at Vector.

“Mike and Montana were great to work with,” she said. “We really appreciate their understanding and guidance throughout the entire process.”

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