Vatican accuses 9 people of real estate deal in London – The Durango Herald



The Vatican Criminal Tribunal has indicted nine people and four companies, including extortion, malpractice and fraud, in connection with the State Secretariat’s investment in a London real estate business worth 350 million euros.

On Saturday, a Vatican Criminal Tribunal indicted nine people and four companies on charges including extortion, malpractice and fraud in connection with a € 350 million investment by the Secretariat of State in a London real estate business.

According to a statement from the Vatican on Saturday, the president of the tribunal, Judge Giuseppe Pinnatone, set July 27 as the date for the trial.

The charges were brought against four former Vatican officials, including two officials from the State Secretariat, and Italian businessmen who were investing in London. An Italian intelligence expert was also charged with embezzlement.

The Vatican prosecutor’s office accuses the suspects of ransoming millions of euros from the Holy See in fees and other damages related to other financial transactions. The suspects denied wrongdoing.


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