US news throws the bone to pet insurers



Known for ranking homeowner insurers for colleges and universities, as well as mattresses and washing machines, US News and World Report tackles a “relatively new form of insurance” and a “not-so-well-researched market” on its latest list: Best Pet Insurance Companies. 2021 year.

While the list is dominated by smaller and lesser-known insurance companies, some of the larger players offer their products and services to pet owners.

First place goes to Healthy Paws, created in partnership with global insurance broker Aon PLC and signed by the Chubb Group. Other big names on the list include the # 5 insurance product of the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, which is operated by Crum & Forster Holdings Corp.

In 7th place is Petplan, a subscription to which XL Specialty Insurance Co. and AGCS Marine Insurance Co.

Nationwide Mutual Insurance Co., ranked by the magazine as the first insurance company in the United States to offer pet insurance, came in at No. 10.


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