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Many mortgage-backed stocks look like money holes at the moment, but investors scrolling through the list might find something good.

New Residential Investment Corp. is a type of real estate investment fund that invests in mortgage assets rather than real estate. He also owns mortgage lending and services company Newrez and has just completed the acquisition of another Caliber. New Residential is the largest non-bank Mortgage Service Rights (MSR) holder, which grants rights to a set of fees collected to collect monthly mortgage payments and distribute them to investors. This is one of.

One of the ills of mortgage originator stocks is that many have fallen more than 10% in the past six months, but the refinancing wave that sparked the United States pandemic is weakening. It worries me. According to mortgage technology and data provider Black Knight, even if benchmark 30-year mortgage rates fall in July, mortgage prepayment rates will generally decline. Many eligible borrowers who can repay their mortgages early through refinancing have already done so.

Further slowdown in growth rates will negatively affect the amount of mortgage loans, but good for the MSR values. These values ​​declined as refinancing volumes increased, as mortgage loan prepayments reduced the cost of future services. Increases in rates and decreases in prepaid rates increase these values. Jeffreys analyst Ryan Kerr estimates that the rise in MSR New Residential “more than offset” the decline in origin amid rising rates. Going back to MSR’s 2019 value, it could add over $ 1 billion to the MSR New Residential portfolio, or more than $ 2.50 to its book value per share at the end of the second quarter. It was $ 11.27.

Upgradeable Mortgage Shares

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