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Overdue book fines have been lifted, easing the ultimate burden on Nebraska students.
Overdue book fines have been lifted, easing the ultimate burden on Nebraska students.

UNL Libraries have radically changed the length of time a student can read a book and removed the financial burden on students – late fines for checking books. For students, the loan period was extended from 30 days to the entire semester, which is identical to the loan term for faculty and graduate students. All books are due at the end of each academic semester, regardless of the date the book was received during the semester.

“Over the past several years, libraries have been striving to reduce costs for students, and minimizing fines is one of the ways we can contribute. By extending the loan period, we are meeting the needs of students for the semester and continue to make education more accessible and fair. ” Charlene Maxi-Harris, Associate Dean of University Libraries.

Libraries implemented these policy changes based on national research data, experiences from other academic and public libraries across the country to align with other University of Nebraska libraries, and as part of a new directory system, explained Michael Straatmann, Access Services Coordinator.

In fact, in the process of introducing the new system of library catalogs, libraries have written off more than 235,000 accumulated fines from students, staff and teachers.

Fines do not affect the speed at which books are returned; in fact, libraries save time for employees who are focused on billing, collecting, processing and handling cash. Straatmann says they hope to see the same cost savings.

Some loan rates, fines and fees remain the same, including the lack of circulation of reference, archival, and special collection materials. Media equipment and course reserves will continue to be subject to late payment. Interlibrary loan materials may have shorter payment terms and fees. If the book is not returned at the end of the semester or is lost, the user will be charged a replacement fee. More information can be found at: https://libraries.unl.edu/overdue-fines-fees

Details on the website: http://libraries.unl.edu/


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