United Wholesale Mortgage cuts lending costs



The wholesale channel will continue to grow as more retail senders and borrowers learn about the benefits of working with a mortgage broker. United Wholesale Mortgage (UWM) is solely focused on developing wholesale channels and helping independent brokers.

“At UWM, we focus on customer service, operational efficiency, and speed at closing loans. With this unwavering focus, we help brokers close loans quickly, get referrals and grow their business, ”said Chief Operating Officer Melinda Wilner.

UWM has a build versus buy mentality that takes into account the scale of their growth. By writing and maintaining all of the code, and investing heavily in building a modern, world-class IT infrastructure that leverages a combination of modern technologies such as public cloud and API-based software architectures, UWM was able to save a penny and stay well ahead of the market. technologies.

UWM recently converted its original LOS Blink to Blink +, a versatile package that includes LOS, POS, and CRM. Blink + is a borrower-focused digital app tool. The free solution allows brokers to submit applications, evaluate loans, process documents for electronic signature, and helps make the work more convenient for borrowers and real estate agents.

“UWM has invested heavily in our technology team and technology stack, offering professionally oriented learning and development that has helped expand this feature to over 1,100 team members,” said CTO Jason Bressler. “This allows UWM to build our own technologies and deploy them faster without relying on other vendors, and continues to create a level playing field for mortgage brokers.”

UWM brokers are supported by a team of nearly 9,000 people they can count on every step of the way. The company also offers both onsite and virtual Success Tracking training for loan officers, processors and broker owners. Whether the person is new to the mortgage lending industry, moving to wholesale lending, or looking for a resource to quickly get their new hires up and running, Success Track offers training options for every level.

UWM provides marketing support to brokers with a customizable Brand 360 client management tool that offers borrower management, post-close alerts and monitoring, and fully customizable marketing materials – all for free. Brand 360’s Client Connect tool helps brokers stay in touch with previous clients and forge new relationships with potential clients by designing and automating communications with borrowers using simple, easy-to-use technology.

UWM technologies and resources are determined by the needs of the brokerage community and are aimed at accelerating, simplifying and reducing the cost of the lending process for borrowers.

“We support our partners with all the tools, technology and protection they need to succeed, grow their business, and close loans quickly and efficiently so that they are in the mood for future business success,” said President and CEO Mat Ishbia … “Instead of competing with mortgage brokers, but protecting them, UWM can remain focused on developing the next big project as we continue to catapult the growth of brokerage channels together.”


Mat Ishbia, President and CEO

Mat Ishbia is President and CEO of United Wholesale Mortgage and has helped UWM become the # 1 wholesale mortgage lender in the country for six consecutive years.


Melinda Wilner, Chief Operating Officer

Melinda Wilner oversees all UWM operations, underwriting and IT teams where she sets quality standards with a focus on efficiency, availability and service.


Jason Bressler, CTO

Jason Bressler is an industry veteran who excels at creating tools and technologies to meet the needs of UWM customers, and leads a team of over 1,000 IT professionals dedicated to delivering unmatched customer experience.


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