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DALLAS, July 30, 2021 (GLOBAL) – United Real Estate Group today announced better than expected results on all KPIs for each of its business units through June 30.th, 2021. In addition, the company has successfully completed the operational integration after the merger and the initial version of Bullseye Implementation of agent and broker productivity platform technology in newly merged companies, resulting in average post-closure growth among these combined companies of 24% (growth in agents), 44% (growth in transactions) and 65% (growth in EBITDA).

Key financial and operating indicators until June 30th, 2021

From the beginning of the year June
Growth rate
Agents 7908 14772 87%
Revenue (in millions) USD 26,810 US $ 153.399 472%
Transactions 18,012 37,017 106%
$ Transactions (billions) US $ 4.032 $ 8,465 110%
Earned agency commissions (in millions) $ 17,726 $ 118,166 567%
  • Agent growth has increased by 87% YTD from 7,908 agents at the end of June 2020 to 14,772 agents at the end of June 2021.
  • Total revenue increased 472% YTD from $ 26.81 million at end-June 2020 to $ 153.40 million at end-June 2021.
  • The number of transactions increased by 106% YTD from 18,012 at the end of June 2020 to 37,017 at the end of June 2021.
  • Transaction volume increased 110% YTD from $ 4.032 billion at end-June 2020 to $ 8.465 billion at end-June 2021.
  • Earned agency commissions increased 567% YTD from $ 17.73 million at end-June 2020 to $ 118.17 million at end-June 2021.

“Our team has spent ten years in the shadows doing the hard work of improving our business model, deploying our proprietary cloud technology stack, and building the operational infrastructure to become An exceptionally fast growing organization… We now recognize the benefits of the efforts of our talented group of dedicated professionals, ”said Dan Duffy, CEO of United Real Estate Group.

“We have achieved incredible scalability and efficiency in United’s technology, technical and operational platform. As our growth accelerates, financial and operating leverage is being realized and profitability increases even as revenue rises. It is great to see how all the hard work pays off in many ways for the benefit of our agents, brokers and their clients. ”

“The scale of our business now allows us to regularly double our investment in innovation and increase our value proposition to our stakeholders. We are adding new resources, tools and core services to our already robust technology-driven business services platform. All of these efforts are made more efficient by moving our technology stack to the cloud. ”

“Through United Real Estate’s unique proprietary marketing and technology platform and our low-commission, full-backed business model, we have generated nearly a quarter billion more in commission income for our affiliates than they would have received from a traditional commission-sharing business. models. This allows our agents to make more for a living, while at the same time responding to consumer requests for cheaper transactions and changes in the industry as they evolve. Empowering our network of brokers and agents to respond quickly to consumer inquiries is a hallmark of our network and our penultimate goal. ”

To learn more about United Real Estate, broker succession planning, brokerage valuation and sale, or franchising opportunities, visit GrowWithUnited.com or call 888-960-0606.

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About United Real Estate

United Real Estate (United) – a division of the United Real Estate Group – was founded with the goal of providing solutions for brokers and real estate agents in the rapidly changing brokerage industry. United provides agents and brokers with the latest training, marketing and technology tools under a transaction-based flat fee model. By leveraging Bullseye ™, its proprietary cloud-based agent and broker productivity platform, United is delivering more profitable results for agents and brokers. United Real Estate operates in 27 states with over 100 offices and over 11,400 agents.

About United Real Estate Group

United Real Estate Group (UREG) operates United Real Estate, Charles Rutenberg Realty Fort Lauderdale, Reference real estate, Virtual Property Real Estate and United Country Real Estatemeeting the unique market needs of suburban, large urban and rural markets. Using the Bullseye ™ cloud-based agent and broker productivity platform, UREG offers the latest training, marketing and technology tools to provide a significant competitive advantage. The platform realizes a decade of investment in virtual agent services and brokerage technology and is powered by 1.8+ million data warehouses generating over 3 million visitors per month and 30,000 leads per year. Together, United Real Estate Group supports over 600 offices and 15,000 real estate and auction professionals on four continents. Through its own advertising agency, UREG offers differentiated marketing support and provisioning for specialized real estate websites, as well as access to a customer database with over 650,000 subscriptions. For more information on United Real Estate or United Country Real Estate visit UnitedRealEstate.com or UnitedCountry.com

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