Union Home Mortgage Wins Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Square Name



Union Home Mortgage got the right to the name Rock and Roll Hall of Famean open-air space after an undisclosed gift to a non-profit organization.

On Thursday, June 24, Rock Hall announced that its area will now be called Union Home Mortgage Plaza.

The name will appear above the main entrance to the museum and on a new digital display added to the corner of the plaza next to the stone boxes to showcase events and exhibitions in the plaza. These displays will debut later this summer.

Part of the gift from Union Home will go towards the museum’s capital campaign, which Rock Hall says is a multi-year project to renovate, expand and transform the museum and its plaza.

Union Home is also now the official sponsor of the museum for the next five years. This means that the Union Home logo will be displayed on all digital tickets for museums and events in the square.

“We are delighted to begin this partnership with UHM, which shares our commitment to the region,” said Rock Hall President and CEO Greg Harris. statement… “We look forward to bringing the community together at Union Home Mortgage Plaza this summer as we launch an incredible series of events to create a stronger, more vibrant community.”

“We are proud to have joined the world famous Rock Hall, and now we are its permanent address, and we support this educational entertainment establishment for visitors from Cleveland and around the world to enjoy this summer and beyond,” added Union Home. President and CEO Bill Cosgrove.

Union Home, one of the largest privately held companies in northeastern Ohio, has seen tremendous growth in recent years. revenue grew 152% in 2020 to $ 488 million.… The company said it expects lending to exceed $ 13 billion this year.

Along with Cleveland Indians and Cleveland Marathon, Rock Hall ownership is one of many that Union Home has secured over the years. Union Home is the official mortgage sponsor of the baseball team and the title sponsor of the marathon. The business also gives back to the community through its Union Home Mortgage Foundation.

The renovation work at Rock Hall, which generates an economic impact of $ 199 million annually to Cleveland, will create indoor and outdoor meeting spaces and add more space to interact with visitors. This includes hosting more concerts and social events at the Union Home Mortgage Plaza. Construction is scheduled to begin in 2022.

A recent gift to Rock Hall follows a donation made to him in December. Union Home said its practice did not disclose the cost of the multi-year gifts.


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