tZERO joins forces with real estate crowdfunding company NYCE to digitize and sell $ 18 million of the company’s common stock



NEW YORK–() –tZERO, a leader in blockchain innovation and digital asset liquidity, today announced a partnership with NYCE Group, Inc. (NYCE), a fintech real estate crowdfunding company, to digitize approximately $ 18 million in NYCE shares upon issue, subject to regulatory approvals as part of the company’s forthcoming Proposition A + offer. Founded by FC Barcelona footballer Martin Braithwaite and award-winning entrepreneur Philip Michael, NYCE is committed to creating 100,000 generation-to-generation wealthy stakeholders by 2030 by accessing its robust portfolio of real estate assets, currently valued at over $ 260 million. managed through an investment application.

TZERO CEO Saum Nursalehi said: “We are excited to partner with NYCE, a pioneer in real estate crowdfunding, and support the secondary trading of its digital security. ”

NYCE’s digital security will leverage tZERO smart contract technology and is expected to be admitted to trading on tZERO ATS subject to legal, regulatory and securities laws compliance, offering investors secondary liquidity.

NYCE CEO Philip Michael said: “Through our partnership with the leader in digital securities liquidity, tZERO, we are delighted to provide investors with liquidity choices. ”

In October 2020, NYCE closed its Regulatory Crowdfunding (Reg CF) offer. The company raised $ 1 million in gross revenue from investment platforms Wefunder and Republic, setting a record for the fastest real estate company to raise $ 1 million through a Reg CF offer. NYCE reopened the WeFunder offering in March 2021 and is in the process of raising additional capital. To date, over 5,000 investors have taken part in NYCE’s initial and subsequent offerings.

About tZERO

tZERO Group, Inc. and its subsidiary brokerage and dealer companies (tZERO) provide an innovative liquidity platform for private companies and assets. We offer institutional grade solutions for issuers looking to digitize their capital table using blockchain technology and trade on a regulated alternative trading system. tZERO democratizes access to private assets by providing a simple, automated and efficient trading platform for broker-dealers, institutions and investors. For more information on tZERO visit

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About NYCE

NYCE Group, Inc. A New York City fintech company with a mission to help create 100,000 millionaires of color by 2030. The New York Real Estate Exchange, the new leader in real estate crowdfunding, manages over $ 260 million in assets and recently became the fastest Reg CF company with $ 1 million raised. Since its launch in 2020, NYCE has helped attract over 2,000 new investors to BIPOC. For more information visit

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