Tyson Kline Says Texas Luxury Real Estate Market Is Still Thriving



Over the past few months, several REALTORS have told me that the current real estate market is not like the one they have seen before. In many cities, low inventories, bidding wars and skyrocketing house prices have become the norm. No one knows exactly how long this will continue, but many in the industry say they see signs that the trend may end soon. According to the latest figures from the REALTORS® San Antonio Council, a total of 4,024 homes were sold in and around San Antonio in June, up from 3,885 in July. While home sales were down slightly, realtor Tyson Kline, representing luxury clients in San Antonio, Houston and the Woodlands, said those markets remain hot.

Kline is the founder and leader of The Group, a leading luxury real estate team with Real Brokerage. He’s no stranger to the industry, and the Louisiana native has owned a residential and commercial building company for over 40 years. The former mortgage lender started selling properties in 2014. He holds several titles, including Certified Luxury Homes Marketer, Certified Home Marketer, and the Texas Realtor Leadership Program. Tyson recently shared his thoughts on the current luxury real estate market in San Antonio, which he says starts at $ 600,000.

Q. What’s going on in the luxury real estate market?

A: In the second half of April, May and June, stock levels began to rise across North America. This compensated for multi-bid situations and allowed some markets to achieve greater stability and more normal buying and selling rates. Make no mistake, the luxury real estate market is still a seller’s market. However, the intensity of demand is expected to decrease, leading to a gradual but ongoing transition to more typical rates.

Q: Are stock levels the same across all price ranges?

A: No, we have less inventory in non-luxury price ranges. For example, Dominion has an inventory of homes worth between $ 600,000 and $ 800,000 for 4+ months. compared to other areas of San Antonio, where stocks are less than 2.5 months.

Q: Where do most home buyers come from?

A: Most of the buyers come from California, New York and Mexico. We also work with buyers moving out of the Houston area.

Q: What design features are buyers requesting?

A: COVID places great emphasis on how homes are built, how they are priced, and what homeowners see as essential in their homes. So we began to see new designs dramatically changing direction towards an integrated home environment in which people can live, work and play. Rather, it is a balanced lifestyle that offers solutions for both indoor and outdoor living. Design and functionality primarily focus on flexible space, more square footage, more open space, extra rooms, and fast data transfers. Some of the technical specifications include HVAC solutions, water filtration systems, and home automation.

Q: What are the most popular neighborhoods in San Antonio?

A: Alamo Heights, Terrell Hills and Olmos Park. These areas have attracted high net worth buyers for years and continue to serve the needs of most families.

Q: Do your clients also buy investment properties?

A: Yes, I have clients who buy fix / flip and Airbnb investment properties in Houston, San Antonio and Woodlands.

Q: Where do people buy vacation homes?

A: The Galveston area is bustling with life. Wealthy people buy resort-style properties for family travel and entertainment. During peak seasonal periods, some use their property as short term rentals to generate additional income.

Q: Do most of your clients prefer to build or do they want to buy an existing home?

A: People just need houses right now. We see both. People who move from outside the area, if they can come and find a property that suits their needs, they will buy it. Otherwise, they rent out the property and consider building. The market is just as competitive for both construction and resale.

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