Tuchel denies loan rumors and challenges Hudson-Odoi to influence Chelsea



In one of the very first scenes we saw on the training ground this summer, when Chelsea got together again to begin preparations for the new season, head coach Thomas Tuchel jokingly told Callum Hudson-Odoi that there is “Don’t hide anymore” – a joke, because the tournament was attended by only three players. that very first session (and 18 trainers). But a lot of the truth is being told as a joke.

Incidentally, Hudson-Odoi is the only one of this trio still at Chelsea at the moment, with Tammy Abraham after moving to Roma and Tino Angorin, perhaps doing the same with Lokomotiv (or, at least by leasing).

Hudson-Odoi’s name has also been mentioned in potential rumors, but Tuchel has so far denied such talk in an un-televised portion of yesterday’s pre-match press conference.

“I have a feeling Callum has decided to compete for his place here. He fights for offensive positions, and of course, if you do the math, you get a lot of guys in three offensive positions. So this is a huge problem for him, but the door is always open to sneak in and get through, and it can happen at any time for the attackers.

“There is no credit at the moment.”

What Callum has a lot right now is expectations. And problems.


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Tuchel talked about them beforelike frank Lampard… This is a common topic for any young player, but especially for those who are excited and under scrutiny.

Hudson-Odoi played more minutes last season than ever before in his entire career. But his involvement was inconsistent. This is also unsurprising for a young player (especially one who is seriously injured), but these expectations only increase the pressure in the situation.

The task for a 20-year-old won’t get any easier.

“It’s hard to argue with the opinion that he needs regular playing time to improve his personal level. At the same time, it’s not just about letting the players go. [If] we want to participate in all competitions, these are also numbers. In a squad, you need a squad of 20-21 players to compensate for injuries, compensate for yellow cards, or whatever. “

-Thomas Tuchel; a source: Telegraph

For now, Hudson-Odoi is a fair way down the hierarchy, and no one is going to like this situation.

He declined the call the England U21 national team for the upcoming international hiatus, ostensibly to continue working at Cobham and focus on Chelsea. (But Maybe because he switching to Ghana anyway?)

“Callum is a player we really like. I had some really good conversations with him and his advisor and Callum felt that this was not the right time for him to come from England. He stayed at Chelsea to work on his development there.

“I respected this decision, and it really was.”

– Lee Carsley, England U21 head coach; a source: Evening standard

Tuchel is not worried about this and called it Callum’s personal decision, and it’s true.

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Tuchela worries that Callum is making good use of the opportunities that open up for him at Chelsea, even if they are full-backs.

“He started every friendly match and in the Super Cup he started as a wing-back. Sometimes these are such small moments where you can completely turn your career around if you perform, if he could perform the same way as in training.

“To be honest, I have to say that sometimes we use him as a full-back on the right flank, which is not the best position for me. He is waiting for a regular chance in the left-handed striker position, but he is fighting Mason (Mount), he is fighting Kai (Havertz), he is fighting Hakim (Ziyech), he is fighting Christian Pulisic. He fights a lot of guys with more quality, with slightly more regular playing times and more consistency.

“It’s very hard for him, but we don’t need to feel sorry for him. As soon as the door opens, we demand that he put his feet between it and leave his mark. It can happen at any time, and it happened last season when we put him on 20 minutes in a Manchester City game. He really changed the rules of the game in this game. The next time we do this, he should be ready. This is what we demand from him. “

-Thomas Tuchel; a source: Telegraph

Change the game, change the narrative, change your future. The expectations and demands are high, and they will not get smaller.

Don’t hide anymore

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