(TRMT), (WMC) – 5 value shares in the real estate sector



What is share price?

Share prices have traditionally been defined in terms of how market investors assess the prospects for a company’s future growth. Low P / E ratios are good basic indicators that a company is undervalued and likely to be categorized as a value stock.

Benzinga Insights has compiled a list of real estate securities worth looking out for:

  1. Mortgage Tremont (NASDAQ:TRMT) – P / E: 5.65
  2. Western Asset Mortgage (NYSE:WMC) – P / E: 2.53
  3. AG Mortgage Investment (NYSE:MITT) – P / E: 1.29
  4. NexPoint Real Estate (NYSE:NREF) – P / E: 5.11
  5. Redwood trust (NYSE:RWT) – P / E: 3.09

According to Tremont Mortgage, Q1 earnings per share were 0.27, down 3.57% from Q4 when they were 0.28. Tremont Mortgage does not have a dividend yield that investors should be aware of when considering owning such shares.

Western Asset Mortgage reported first-quarter earnings per share of 0.1, down 16.67% from Q4, which was 0.12. The company’s latest dividend yield is 7.1%, down 0.04% from 7.14% in the previous quarter.

AG Mortgage Investment’s earnings per share in the first quarter were 0.08 compared to 0.22 in the fourth quarter. Its latest dividend yield is 5.41%, down 6.05% from 11.46% in the previous quarter.

NexPoint Real Estate’s earnings per share fell from 0.55 in Q4 to 0.53 today. The company most recently reported a 9.19% dividend yield, down 1.6% from a 10.79% yield in the prior quarter.

Most recently, the Redwood Trust reported earnings per share of 0.72 compared to Q4 earnings per share of 0.42. The company most recently reported a 6.01% dividend yield, down 0.48% from a 6.49% yield in the prior quarter.

Value: It may take some time for a value stock to rebound from an undervalued position. The risk of investing in securities is that this appearance may never materialize.


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