Top Originator on How to Communicate Sincerely with Customers



“I remember closing my first deal, which still gave me goosebumps. I thought to myself, “This is what I had to do: help others.” The feeling of helping someone acquire a home ownership is very helpful. Walking with them and sharing their personal experiences so that they feel comfortable and confident working with me, ”Knuf said.

Knuf also considers it important to educate his clients, especially novice buyers, in the mortgage lending process and provide them with a full cost analysis to ensure transparency. He also attends open houses and distributes loan product kits to realtors. While they don’t need to know all the details, Knuf noted that the more knowledge they have, the better they will be able to serve their customers.

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At Churchill, Knough and another lead producer run a course for new loan officers called The Next Generation. The 12-month program covers the basics of the mortgage process and provides “income-generating” activities to help them grow their business.

“Proactiveness is the short answer for both new and experienced loan officers. When you first start out in this business, you have a lot to learn. Don’t get in your way. Go out and talk to people online. Be who you are to the core and you will attract like-minded people. Be sincere. Once you relate to people, you connect. People want to do business with people they genuinely care about and with whom they can communicate, ”Knuf said.


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