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Wholesale negotiations

Wholesale real estate has a controversial reputation among real estate professionals: some see it as a good way to get started in real estate and remodel houses with little risk, while others see it as something akin to acting as an unlicensed real estate agent. what is clean listing

However, no matter what you think about wholesale in general, it often makes sense to buy from wholesalers. And if you going to buy from wholesalersThere are a few things to keep in mind.

What you need to know about buying from wholesalers

The first thing to remember is that, generally speaking, you are not going to get a big helmet from a wholesaler. Remember, the wholesaler must pay the purchase price to the seller first, then cover their marketing and administrative costs, and then make a profit. In addition, there are many other buyers, so if there is a large profit to be gained from a small increase in price, they will usually do so instead of passing that profit on to the end customer. This is especially true in an extremely hot market such as the one we currently operate in, where even Wall street buys houses as if there is no tomorrow.

In other words, there is usually not much meat left on the bone.

At the same time, we received quite a few good offers from wholesalers. We had to deal with a lot of bad things to get those few, and rarely did we get a lot. But we have a lot of good ones.

It’s also important to remember that most wholesalers want a quick closure, so it’s important to have cash or private funding to post offers.

Where to find wholesalers

Wholesalers are not hiding, so fortunately it is not difficult to find them. Indeed, they will often search for you and ask you to be included in their customer list. While this will generate a lot of spam, overall it’s worth it.

I would recommend going to a meeting with your local REIA (Real Estate Investors Association) and chatting with as many people as possible. You will meet many wholesalers there, and they tend to be more serious. Make sure to get on their lists.

Many wholesalers also advertise all over the place. If you come across one that you are not receiving emails from, ask to add it to the list (especially if it is very active in the market). Usually, however, if you are an active buyer, they will already include you on their list, whether you like it or not.

Planting tips from wholesalers

As noted above, many wholesalers want a quick closure. Therefore, it is very important to arrange your funding in advance, if at all possible. This will be of great benefit as many wholesalers will accept the offer for cash versus the higher funding offer.

It’s also important to follow through. Wholesalers want end customers who can close down and quickly stop paying attention to offers from customers who refuse. If, with your due diligence, you find something that makes the transaction insolvent, abandon the transaction (or ask for a price reduction). But don’t make it a habit. Remember that most wholesale homes are in poor condition, so you will need to plan ahead for renovations (and budget for additional costs as home restoration tends to increase when unforeseen problems arise after opening walls and the like).

It is also important to try to appraise a property before visiting it. These trips can be time-consuming, and most of what wholesalers send you is junk. Compare real estate to find out its value, and try to estimate renovations from photographs. Of course, you will need to check by visiting it, but this will filter out a lot of deals that are not even worth the offer.

Finally, the best way to get good deals from a wholesaler is to contact them before the deal moves on to the rest of their listing and the market in general. If you can become a regular customer for a wholesaler, that can be a huge benefit. You will need to close at least one, and possibly several, from the same wholesaler and tell the wholesaler that you can close constantly and quickly and have a lot of appetite. If all of this is happening, sometimes you can get wholesalers to send you leads ahead of the rest of their list, since most wholesalers are looking for volume rather than squeezing as much profit out of every trade as possible.

So while most wholesale deals aren’t particularly good, there are some that are very good and worth checking out if you’re on the right track.

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