Thursday: St. Louis real estate boom continues as auction wars continue



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A couple of months ago, 36-year-old Brentwood resident Jordan Mandel made an offer to buy a home in the Franz Park area of ​​St. Louis. He offered $ 35,000 more than the asking price, but received only the fourth best offer.

Mandel continues to search for his first home, and his experience resonates with what is happening in real estate across the country. The number of homes on the market remains low, house prices are rising and tender wars continue.

On Thursdays Saint Louis on the air, we learn about the experience of buying a home from locals and talk to two real estate agents. We will also consider that this is not a sellers’ market for everyone. In parts of the region that have long been subject to divestiture and red lines, the effects of discriminatory housing practices persist.

Gail Brown, president of Brown-Kortkamp Realty, and Creighton Brinson, real estate agent for Re / Max Gold, will join the conversation.

Housing prices in the St. Louis area are rising and supply is decreasing. Are you a competitive buyer or a seller with multiple bids? Email us on Twitter (@STLonAir), send an email to or share your thoughts through our Saint Louis on the air Facebook groupand help inform about our coverage.

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