Through the San Antonio Emergency Housing Assistance program, 37,000 families received rent and mortgage assistance over the past year, officials said.



SAN ANTONIOSan Antonio Emergency Housing Assistance Program The city says it helped 37,000 households rent, mortgage and pay utility bills during the pandemic.

The city created the program in April 2020 in response to job losses during widespread shutdowns.

“We continue to feel the need for families who are suffering and cannot really pay rent, mortgage or utility bills,” said Edward Gonzalez, assistant director of the city’s neighborhoods and housing department.

Gonzalez said the program received $ 133.5 million in fundingand the city has about $ 19.5 million left to help families.


To be eligible for the program, applicants must prove difficult and earn less than 80% of the regional median income. Gonzalez said that’s about $ 57,000 a year for a family of four.

“We look forward to receiving additional funds, and we hope to see these funds and transfer them to the council in early June,” said Gonzalez.

San Antonio resident Rene Hill, who says the program changed his life, had a lot of work before the pandemic began. He worked on plumbing, car detailing, pressure washing, but the shutdown changed everything.

Hill said he could not find a job and turned to the program for help.

“They helped me pay my rent. I was given $ 9,000. Seven thousand for my homeowner, a thousand dollars for my light, and the rest went to the water, ”said Hillier.

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