Thrive Mortgage Partners with Homebot Client for Life Portal



Homebot has announced a partnership with Thrive Mortgage Corporation in the hopes of improving the company’s customer experience and helping Thrive loan officers develop strong customer relationships.

“Thrive Mortgage’s mission is to provide our clients with a legendary lending experience,” said James Duncan, Chief Marketing Officer for Thrive Mortgage. “To achieve this goal, we use the best technology and a world-class manufacturing process. Our partnership with Homebot addresses three major challenges we set for every technology platform we adopt. First, providing personalized home finance information to every existing Thrive customer. The second is to connect with existing or potential homeowners who can benefit from a relationship with Thrive and our experts. And third, seamless integration with all other platforms within our existing technology ecosystem. “

Homebot technology can be used to educate customers with personalized content about the home finance situation and integrate with other platforms and services.

Thrive is actively pushing Homebot integration with productivity tools like Mortgage Coach, leadPops, and BombBomb, with future integrations on the horizon. The company says innovation is at the heart of its values, and an integrated technology ecosystem that optimizes customer acquisition, engagement and retention is a top priority for Thrive.


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