This is why Muskoka is Canada’s best-kept secret of luxury real estate



New York has the Hamptons, and Los Angeles has Malibu or Palm Springs. When it comes to the equivalent of high-end summer vacation spots in Toronto, Muskoka is the top choice. If you’ve never heard of Muskoka, now is the time to find out: Located two hours north of Toronto, the area has long been a getaway for privileged Canadians and Americans, according to Wanda Cowie, Canada Trade Representative with Royal LePage, Johnston & Daniel Division.

According to her, the Carnegie and Mellons vacationed here at the turn of the 20th century, and today Steven Spielberg, Tom Hanks, Cindy Crawford and Randy Gerber are just a few of those who own or rent homes in the area. …

These houses are called cottages, but that’s the wrong name, says Cowie. “This is a huge property with all the luxuries possible,” she says.

The upscale lifestyle in Muskoka revolves around three lakes: Muskoka, Rosso and Joseph. Cowie says the appeal is the seclusion, outdoor activities like boating, numerous golf clubs, and the fact that most homes are on the waterfront. The low-key atmosphere in which people are not interested in brightness is also key to why Muskoka is so attractive.

Below are the five waterfront cottages currently on sale in the Muskoka market. Our overview features a wide variety of properties, from 18,000 square feet of properties designed by internationally renowned interior designers to a modern home with many amenities with a floating staircase.


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