“This is my home”: Fredrickson is grateful for being named the best real estate agent



When Doreena Fredrickson was in Moffat County High School, she already knew what she wanted to make a living: work at Country Living Realty, LLC in her hometown and sell real estate.

Twelve years later – eight years as a licensed real estate agent – Fredrickson is living a dream in Moffat County, teaming up with Yvonne Gustin and Andrea Camp to form Craig’s premier real estate agency.

Her hard work, her positive attitude and the passion with which she represents potential clients in the area she calls home, Fredrickson has been voted top real estate agent by Craig Press’s Top Highways 13 & 40.

“I really appreciate that,” Fredrickson said after learning that she was voted the best real estate agent. “It means a lot to me. Obviously, this is testimony from my clients, but I really appreciate it; it’s an honor. “

Fredrickson continues the tradition of winning Moffat County’s top real estate agent at Country Living Realty, continuing Gustin’s 2018 and 2019 wins with his own win this year.

According to Fredrickson, the key to her daily passion and love for work is her home.

“I love that it’s in my hometown; I don’t know if I would like to sell the property somewhere else, ”said Fredrickson. “Here, this is my home. I know the area and the local community very well and it has always worked well for me and I love it. You can’t complain a lot if you have a job that you love to do every day. “

Fredrickson first started with Country Living Realty in 2009 while in high school, working in the summer, answering phone calls, running errands and posting ads throughout the community.

She got her real estate license four years later and hasn’t looked back since, selling hundreds of properties in her hometown, helping people experience the love she holds so dear.

“We are seeing more and more people moving to the area, which is great,” Fredrickson said. “Now more than ever, our community is growing. Craig is a great place to live and I love living here; I don’t think I’ll ever want to leave here.

“I just love seeing people come here and realizing how wonderful this place is; it’s our own little well-kept secret here in Northwest Colorado, ”she added.

Winning the title of Best Real Estate Agent, Fredrickson is excited to continue her hard work selling properties across Craig and Moffat County, giving families the chance to reach their goal of owning a home right here in their backyard.

“Hard work definitely pays off; the end is very helpful when you can help someone get into the house, ”said Fredrickson. “I just want to say a huge thank you to those who voted for me; it means a lot. “


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